Best Arrows for 40lb Recurve Bow

If you intend to shoot with a powerful recurve bow, you must choose arrows carefully. Applying too much force on weak arrows might break them and lead to an accident. If you’re using a 40lb+ recurve bow then you’ll need arrows that can support that kind of force.

Drawing a powerful 40lb bow is not an easy task. It requires physical preparation and practice to master the form. Draw weight measures the kinetic force that is applied once the bow is fully stretched. 40lb recurve bows require strong arrows as well. Spine rating is used as a standard to measure arrow strength.

When shooting powerful recurve bows, you must get well-made arrows or risk potential injury. Flimsy arrows might snap in half once they’re released from the bow. The broken pieces might go flying in any direction. Using weak arrows is dangerous and impractical. If you’re hunting, you’ll need a strong arrow to take down a big game.

It is also important to consider other qualities of an arrow. For instance, materials used to make arrows. Materials used to build tips, the shaft and vanes can influence the arrow’s key qualities. Arrow accuracy is extremely important when you’re hunting or even target shooting. When hunting, you’re shooting at moving targets, which is difficult as it is. Your arrows should be accurate and fly straight to the point.

Best Arrows for a 40lb Recurve Bow

Here are the best arrows I’ve used on my Samick Sage.

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VNAKER Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow Set

With a spine rating of 450, VNAKER arrows are perfect for 40lb recurve bows. The set contains 12 high-quality carbon arrows. As a bonus, you also get a quiver for arrow storage. Quiver is telescopic, so it can store arrows of various lengths. It is compatible with arrows of 24-40 inches in length.

By default, VNAKER arrows come with stainless steel field points. However, you can customize the tips and install different points if necessary. Adjustable nocks give you the freedom to adjust your shooting performance as well.

Considering the quality of the arrows and the quiver, this set is a steal. It is surprising that the VNAKER set costs as little as it does.

TIGER ARCHERY 30” Carbon Arrow Practice Hunting Arrows

Tiger Archery set includes 12 extremely sturdy arrows that can last a lifetime. Because of their strength, these arrows are suitable for hunting and target shooting. They have the features to ensure a high degree of accuracy, which is essential for hunting. A spine rating of 500 is suitable for 40lb recurve bows.  

Plastic vanes don’t look luxurious but ensure that the arrows fly straight at the target. It seems like the manufacturer intentionally designed the arrows to be affordable, but strong and accurate. Overall, fantastic Carbon Arrow set for the price. 

Jocoo 12 Pack 30-inch Carbon Arrows

With a spine rating of 400, Jocoo arrows are probably the stiffest on this list. With a straightness rating of 0.003, they’re also incredibly accurate. The set contains twelve 30-inch arrows made of carbon. The high-quality material ensures their durability and long lifespan.

The arrows are compatible with recurve bows with a draw weight of 30 to 65 lb. They’re perfect for hunting as well as casual target shooting. Jocoo arrows are incredibly accurate, which is essential for hunting. The points have an arrow field design, but can be replaced If necessary.

If you consider their accuracy, strength, and customizable design, Jocoo arrows are more than worth the money.

PANDARUS Archery 31-Inch Carbon Hunting Arrows

If you’re looking for gorgeous and highly effective recurve bow arrows, look no further. PANDARUS arrows have a spine rating of 500, and a straightness measurement of 0.006. The arrows are 31 inches long, with a shaft diameter of 6.2mm. 

Because of the aforementioned features, PANDARUS arrows work well with 40lb recurve bows. Carbon is a durable material, so the arrows are suitable for hunting as well as casual practice. 

Thanks to 4” turkey feather vanes and wood camo color, PANDARUS arrows look great. They are a great choice for archers who value style and effectiveness equally.

TTAD 12PCS Red Turkey Feather 31 inches Carbon Arrows

Whether you’re shooting targets casually, or hunting a big game, you need a powerful recurve bow with high-quality arrows to shoot. Whatever your aspirations may be, these 31-inch arrows will be an adequate choice. As a hunter, you’ll appreciate high-quality craftsmanship and sturdy design. Target shooters will love TTAD arrows for their accuracy.

Thanks to beautiful turkey feathers, every individual arrow in the set looks luxurious. Despite how it may look, the set isn’t very expensive.

With a spine rating of 500, TTAD arrows are suitable for 40lb recurve bows. Considering all the features mentioned above, this arrow set is a great value for the money.

Buying arrows for 40lb recurve bow

Arrow strength is usually measured by spine rating. Low-poundage bows (20-25lb) don’t require any special arrows. To shoot recurve powerful recurve bows (with a draw weight of 40lb and higher), you must use stiffer arrows.

Arrows with a 300 spine rating are the stiffest. If you’re shooting recurve bows with a draw weight of 50lb or even higher, you must use arrows with a spine rating of 300.

Arrows compatible with 40lb recurve bows must have a spine rating of 400. In some cases, arrows rated 500 will also work. All manufacturers measure spine rating and draw weight slightly differently. Not all arrows with a spine rating of 500 will be compatible with 40lb recurve bows. The product label or company’s website should include the most accurate and specific information about compatibility. 

When choosing arrows for powerful bows, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations. To ensure the accuracy and power of your shots, you must shoot arrows that are just stiff enough for your bow. 

Arrows for 40lbs Recurve Bow

Let’s take a 40lb bow as an example. These bows are incompatible with arrows that have a spine rating of 600 for multiple reasons. First, such arrows are not designed to withstand the force of a high poundage bow. They might break or bend under pressure. Second, using weak arrows with a powerful recurve bow is dangerous. 

As a general rule, 40lb recurve bows work very well with arrows with a spine rating of 400. If you have arrows with a 500 rating, you can proceed to use them as long as you can verify their compatibility with 40lb bows.

When buying arrows, you must consider all of the factors mentioned above. The arrow must be accurate, strong, and well-built. Some people also prefer arrows with real feather fletchings, since they look much better. However, not all people pay attention to the appearance of the arrows. When choosing the arrows for a 40lb recurve bow, spine rating is the most important factor to consider. 


When choosing arrows for recurve bows, draw weight is an important factor to consider. Arrows for 40lb recurve bows must have a spine rating of 400 or 500. They should also be accurate and in the best-case scenario, look good as well. We hope our reviews helped you choose the best option.  


What is the range of a 40 lb recurve bow?

The effective range of a 40 lb recurve bow typically falls between 20 to 40 yards for most archers. While the arrow may travel further, accuracy and power diminish beyond this range, making it less suitable for hunting or target shooting at greater distances.

Is a 40lb recurve enough for deer?

Yes, a 40 lb recurve bow is generally considered sufficient for hunting deer. It provides enough power to achieve ethical and humane kills. However, your shooting skills, arrow choice, and shot placement are also critical factors for successful deer hunting. Always remember to check your local hunting regulations for any specific draw weight requirements.

How fast does an arrow travel from a 40 lb recurve bow?

The speed of an arrow shot from a 40 lb recurve bow can vary based on several factors including the arrow’s weight, fletching, and the bow’s design. However, you can generally expect arrow speeds between 150 to 190 feet per second (fps).

How hard is it to pull back a 40 pound bow?

Pulling back a 40 lb bow may require moderate effort, especially for beginners or those not used to archery. It’s advisable to build up your strength through regular practice or consider starting with a lower draw weight. The “hardness” to pull back the string is a measure of the bow’s draw weight, and a 40 lb bow requires 40 pounds of force to pull the string back to full draw.

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