Best Arrows for the Samick Sage Recurve Bow

There is no such thing as a perfect arrow, so don’t get obsessed with looking for a perfect one. What makes an arrow better than another depends on how it suits (your perception of aesthetics and what you are using it for). More specifically what are the best arrows for the Samick Sage Recurve bow?

Whether as a hobby or as a professional sport, Archery needs you to choose the perfect arrow based on the bow you are using. If the bow and arrow are mismatched, it can cause severe damage to your bow, which is dangerous during shooting. 

Arrows for the Samick Sage

Here are five arrows that are a good fit for your Sage recurve bow. 

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1. TIGER ARCHERY Carbon Arrows

The Tiger Archery is a 30-inch carbon arrow specifically designed for hunting, with removable tips, and is a perfect choice for compound and recurve bows. 


It is made with carbon, with a full length of 31.5″, its spine stands at 500, GPI measures 13.0 grain. Other features include an outer shaft diameter of 7.85 mm, an inner shaft diameter of 6.2mm; it weighs about 35g each and has an aluminum seat convertible and a variety of inch thread arrows. 

Suitable for recurve bows 40-60 pounds and a perfect choice for compound bows also. 

The bow comes with a dozen arrows in a pack, six freeze nocks, fletching with just two orange and one white vane.

It is built solid and made with precision. This means it will serve you for a long time. Its fletching has amazing colors making it fancy, while the plastic material (of the fletching) means its flight always pointed the right way. The arrow tip is plated with stainless steel making it a perfect choice for practice & outdoor shooting.

Finally, it comes with a free nock that’s not fixed permanently by glue and can easily be adjusted on your bow. Overall the arrow is well packed with quality. 

2. Pointdo 30inch Carbon Arrow

The Pointdo is a 30-inch carbon arrow designed with fluorescence colors, making it easy to find even if you are shooting at night. A great choice for target practice and hunting, suitable for recurve bow and designed with removable tips. Overall it is a beautiful arrow manufactured to stand the test of time.


Designed with carbon fiber, it has a full length of about 31.5 inches, an outer shaft diameter of 7.85mm and inner of about 6.2mm, a spine of 500, and GPI: 13.0 grains. Other features include; the total weight of 35g, 3-inch peltate vanes. It has two yellow and one white. Its Bohning is double lock and rotatable even without glue. 

It comes with 12 pieces of carbon arrows and six pieces of nocks for free.

To sum it up, the arrow is an amazing multi-purpose arrow designed with a permanently attached nock. However, you can adjust the pointdo arrow for your bow. It has  12pcs O-Ring for Locking the screw tip. It comes well packaged and has the quality needed. 

3. PANDARUS 31-Inch Carbon Hunting Arrows

The Pandarus Hunting Arrows are designed for professional use, made specifically to create a perfect archery experience for consumers. It can be used by both amateurs (under supervision) and professional archers. This is another amazing product from Pandarus and an ultra-high-cost performance safety practice arrow. Must be used carefully 

It is designed with topnotch braided winding technology that combines to give it a strong explosion-proof shaft. It can also be used in the composite bow, recurve bow, slingshot, children’s bow, fields, entertainment place, archery hall, school, and other places. 

The Pandarus arrow is a 21-inch hunting arrow, its fletching is made with turkey feathers, and it has a replaceable point, a good choice for recurve bow, longbow, and traditional bows. It can be used for targeting practice. 

The Pandarus has this traditional hunting look that makes it look adventurous. For safety reasons, the nocks and the arrow are not stuck together. 


This arrow shaft size is about 6.2mm (I.D.), 7.8mm (O.D.), its spine is 500, GPI: 13 grain, and its straightness measures at about +/- 0.006-inches. A multipurpose arrow that can be used with recurve & compound bow, longbow, traditional bow. It has an average draw weight 20-50 pounds, 100-grain replaceable arrow broadheads perfect for target practice. It comes with 12 pieces of carbon arrows and a free 6 Nock. 

Don’t shoot your Pandarus against a wall or hard substance, as this will easily damage the arrow. If your fletching gets bent, strengthen it by soaking it in hot water or an air dryer. 

PANDARUS Turkey Fletching Arrows

This is different from the pandoras arrow above; it is a 31-inch carbon hunting arrow with a 4-inch turkey feather, fletching, and replaceable points. It can be used for targeting practice and is compatible with recurve and traditional bows. 

It has adjustable nocks; its nocks were deliberately designed separately from the arrow to ensure the shooter’s safety. The arrow allows users to use a key or coin to put it in the recess of the nock and twist it to adjust to the direction of their nock. 

If you notice a bend in your arrow, you can easily straighten it by soaking it in hot water or an air dryer. Don’t target concrete walls or any hard substances, as hard surfaces will cause damage to your arrow. 


The shaft is made of carbon; it has an arrow shaft size of 6.2mm (I.D.), 7.8mm (O.D.). Its GPI is about 13 grain and measured with straightness of about  +/- 0.006-inches. The arrows point is 100 grain, the broadhead is replaceable and perfect for target practice. It is packaged with 12 pieces of Carbon Arrows. (6 Nock for free.)

The Pandarus arrow is a professional archery arrow designed specifically to give users a great archery experience. It is designed with topnotch, durable materials braided winding technology to improve its overall strength. 

It can be used on children’s bow, recurve bow, slingshot, and composite bow. It can be used in fields, entertainment places, schools families, archery halls, parent-child entertainment, and other places. It can also be used as a hobby or for professional sport. 

Pinals Archery Carbon Arrows

The Pinals arrow is a 300 – 600 spine carbon arrow suitable for compound bows, longbow, and traditional recurve bows. It is perfect for hunting and practice shooting.


Its shaft straightness measures at +/-0.006(Black), +/- 0.003(Orange). The arrow is made from pure carbon with a shaft diameter ID 6.2mm (.244)

Spine measurements of 300 340 400 500 600. The arrow fleches have 3-inch plastic or 4-inch right-wing turkey feather and arrow points of 100 grain. The arrow nock is adjustable and is not permanently fixed by glue. 

Its shaft length is about 30 inches (Spine 300 340 400)

32 inch (Spine 400 500 600). The arrow can be used for archery practice, competition, and outdoor hunting. This package includes 12 Arrows and 12 replacement aluminum inserts. 

Final Thought 

A good arrow can be used both for hunting and target practice. All the arrows on this list of capable of both. Durability and aesthetics are other factors to consider. Feel free to browse around on amazon to find all kinds of arrows suitable for your budget as well.

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