The Best Mongolian Recurve Bows

The Mongolian bow enjoys a rich and unique history, lots of ancient heroes have used it, and lots of heroes have died by it. 

It was first used in Manchuria, then spread across China, Mongolia, and Tibet during the Qing dynasty. 

Do you want to share this rich history? Then you can buy any Mongolian recurve bow of your choice. 

There are diverse Mongolian recurve bows out there, so you have to take your time to pick out the bow that best suits your need. Luckily we have come up with a list of the top five Mongolian recurve bows

Best Mongolian Recurve Bow

This ranking is based on the following factors:

  • Riser
  • Limbs
  • Draw Weights
  • Performance
  • Arrows
  • Accessories

5 Best Mongolian Recurve Bows

Taking everything in mind, here are the best Mongolian recurve bows available on Amazon today.

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1. Brand: I-Sport Traditional Handmade Mongolian Horsebow

This traditional handmade Mongolian horse bow tops my list because of its sleek design. Made from sophora japonica wood bow tips, this makes it very strong and reliable. The bow limbs can’t easily be broken. It is durable and lightweight with a black leather decoration. 

The bow length stands at about 30lb: 124cm / 48.8inch, and 35-50lb: 144cm / 56.6inch, while the string length is 139cm / 54.7inch, it’s weight is 3.3lb. It has a safe draw length of 29 inches and a brace height of 7 inches. 

What makes this bow stand from other traditional bows is its durable materials, delicately crafted, specifically for hunting and shooting. 


  • Designed with topnotch quality materials 
  • It comes at a relatively low price 
  • It allows hand orientations
  • 100% handmade 
  • Durable, comfortable and perfect for hunting and shooting 


  • No instruction Manual, you’ll have to use Youtube videos.

2. Traditional Mongolian Bow Recurve Horsebow

This Mongolian Bow by LongBowMaker is traditionally crafted with fine quality materials, making the bow both beautiful and efficient. It has low hand shock and good speed.

Its Limbs are also designed with fiberglass making it strong and free from wear. The riser is made with comfort in mind. Overall the bow is thin, however, this doesn’t affect the performance. It comes with:

  • 1×1 black cloth bag for protecting the Bow 
  • 1x Mongolian Longbow
  • 1 Instruction for bow and how to string
  • 1x Bowstring

It has a draw weight of 20-110LBS you can choose between the LBS rang. It also comes with a bow body length of 137cm, the string length of 132cm, and a draw length of 28 inches. 

Its safe draw length stands at 33 inches. 

Material: Cow leather, Glass steel, Wood, Beech, Pigskin. 



  • Need a little technical skill to operate 

3. TOPARCHERY Archery 53” Mongolian Recurve Bow

This traditional recurve bow is a handmade Mongolian Horsebow Hunting bow, made purely from wood, the longbow is for adult hunting practice and an arm guard finger tabs set. 

The TOPARCHERY Archery 53” bow‘s length is precisely 136cm or 53 inches, it’s weight stands at 500g, which makes it very easy to carry around.

The bow allows users to draw up to 31.5 inches, and a draw weight of 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs. 

Its brace height is about 16-18cm. 

It is made from Handmade wooden that makes it a high strength bow with Epoxy Resin and traditional print.

This mongolian recurve bow is also designed with a leather limb surface (Its limbs are laminated with Epoxy Resin and are tough and wear-resistant) 

The bow is lightweight with a reinforced handle design, it allows users a comfortable grip for better handling while offering optimal performance when using it. It is a perfect choice for hunting and shooting, easy for beginners to use, professionals will also enjoy shooting, targeting, and practicing. 

The bow was designed for both left-handed and right-handed shooters. It has a soft feather area for holding and is comfortable. 

Packages include 1pcs recurve bow, 1pcs finger tabs, 1pcs arm guard, 1pcs bowstring. 

When it comes to the TOPARCHERY Archery, every twist and turn matters. It was handcrafted all the way from China just for you. 


  • It is manufactured with top-notch materials 
  • They are affordable despite their topnotch design. 
  • Allow both hand orientations
  • It is 100% handmade 
  • A perfect hunting and shooting tool


  • It’s not as sleek as the rest of the traditional bows on the list 

4. IRQ Traditional Handmade Recurve Bow

The IRQ Lamination handmade traditional longbow is a single-piece recurve bow pigskin Mongolian set. 

This amazing bow is handmade with quality. It has proven to be reliable and trusted.

The bow is made from; wooden and top intensity resin material as well as pigskin leather.

What stood out for me is it’s a beautiful design built to deliver high performance.

It is a great option for both professionals and amateurs when hunting or during target practice.

It has good performance, low hand shock with good speed.

Comfortable Wooden riser, It is designed for both left and right-hand hunters.

It allows for great comfort, stability, and more precise shooting with excellent arrow speed.

It offers great performance, good speed, a comfortable wooden riser, and hand shock.

The pure handmade wooden bow was designed by craftsmen who are known for their exquisite bow and arrows for more than 20 years. 


  • Draw weight: 30-65 Ibs
  • Draw length: 32”
  • Bow length: 55”


  • Made with top-notch materials 
  • It is very affordable 
  • Hand made traditional bow
  • It is durable 
  • Ideal for shooting and hunting 


  • Little instruction on stringing and unstringing

5. Huntingdoor Archery 55” Mongolian Recurve Bow

The Huntingdoor Archery recurve bow is a great option for hunting, targeting, shooting, and practice. 

It was designed by China’s most famous craftsmen, as a handmade traditional, smooth, and sleek, combined together to give a classical beauty.

It was designed for both left-hand and right-handed people and an integrated composite center shot riser.

The bow allows users to enjoy amazing comfort, stability, and more accurate shooting with fast arrow speed.

The Huntingdoor Archery recurve bow body is made with transparent resin bow sheet, durable, high quality, and covered with pigskin. 

My favorite spec here is its design. It is designed to give users an almost accurate Chinese warrior replication. 


  • Durable and comfortable for hunting 
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Allow both hand orientations
  • Affordable in price 
  • Pure handmade by Chinese famous craftsman 


  • Lack of instruction about stringing and unstringing

Final Thoughts on Mongolian Recurve Bows

The best Mongolian recurve bows are amazing hunting, targeting practice, and shooting tools. They have a rich history and are designed with unique wooden string rest. 

They are user-friendly and they almost don’t have any cons. The best part of using the best Mongolian recurve bows is that they are designed not to be heavy to carry without compromising the strength which is essential for archery

Are you a fan of bows, then you should definitely pick out one of the five bows listed above? They are efficient and beautiful in every way. 

If you get the perfect bow, there are numerous advantages, a good Mongolian bow will certainly meet your expectations to a great extent. Its major advantage is that it offers quality for an affordable price. 

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