Best Recurve Bow for Competition

For those of us that are thinking of entering recurve bow competitions, you’ll want to get your hands on one of the best recurve bows for competitions.

Not all bows are built the same. Some are built for competition, some are built for hunting, and some are built for nothing more than target shooting. A few rare bows can be used for all three.

First, you need to first define competition. Are you competing against friends or family? Or do you looking for a recurve bow to take to local, regional, or international competitions?

At a certain level, you’ll want to consider an Olympic recurve bow. These bows are built for optimal accuracy. They may be difficult to go hunting with but are a perfect recurve bow for competition.

If, like me, you enjoy target shooting and my want to entertain the notion of entering competitive shooting, then there are a handful of bows that are great for competition that won’t empty your pockets.

Best Recurve Bow for Competition

Here are the best recurve bows on Amazon that can be used for the most accurate archery.

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TopArchery Takedown Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for Competition

The TopArchery Takedown Recurve Bow is likely the most atheistically pleasing bow on this list. The brown and black wood riser makes the bow look beautiful. This is one of two wood bows on this list with the remaining being metal.

This bow also has great accuracy. With enough practice, you can absolutely compete with this bow. It may not be an Olympic bow but it more than does the job for local or regional competitions.

This bow offers between 30-50lb draw weight allowing you to use the bow no matter what age or size you are. This bow may not be an option for young archers. If you are a young archer or have a smaller build, 30lb of draw weight might be too much for you.

If that’s the case, you may want to consider the SinoArt brand which offers draw weight as low as 20lb.

The smooth fast release allows you to shoot arrows more accurately over long distances. Although this bow is not considered a competitive bow in most circles, it sure does shoot like one.

Like most recurve bows, this bow is only available in right-hand orientation. If your left hand is your dominant hand, you may want to consider the Samick Sage Recurve Bow.

This bow comes in a full set allowing you to get started as soon as the kit arrives. Everything from arrows to string silencer to arm guard, this packages provides everything you need to start preparing for competitions.

The only complaint I have about this kit is that the accessories are kind of cheap. They are fine with target practice but if you are going into a competition, you’ll want better accessories.


  • Beautiful wood riser
  • Good range of draw weights
  • Accurate shot
  • Good for competing, hunting, and target practice
  • Comes with all accessories


  • Not suitable for professional archery competitions

SinoArt Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow

The SinoArt Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow is a great budget bow for people that are interested in getting into competitive recurve archery.

This recurve bow offers a metal riser with fiberglass limbs which is perfect for target practice and competitive shooting. Most bows used in competitions have a metal riser because it is less likely to warp over time. More simply, the riser is less likely to bend over time so that you can maintain accuracy.

The metal riser is also more comfortable than it looks. It fits in your hand comfortably allowing you to increase accuracy through steady handling.

This package offers a white, blue, and black riser allowing you to pick the color that best suits you. This package offers everything you need to get started right away. With one purchase you get:

For a bit over $100, you get a full archery set. If you were to purchase everything separately, this package would run you nearly $200.

This is also a right-handed bow so if your left hand is dominant you may want to look for alternatives.


  • Great for target practice and competitions
  • Comfortably high-quality metal riser
  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Very affordable package
  • Multiple color variations


  • Right-hand only
  • Not suitable at the professional level

Sanlida Archery Miracle X10 Olympic ILF Recurve Bow

This is the only Olympic Recurve bow on this list. The Sanlida Archery Miracle Recurve Bow is the sole Olympic level recurve bow on Amazon. As you can tell by the price point, this bow is no joke. It’s made for people that are interested in taking archery to the next level.

If you’re considering taking archery to a professional level, you’ll need a bow of this caliber.

Everything about this bow is designed for precision. If you’ll notice this is the only recurve bow on this list that comes with a professional stabilizer. You’ll get a set of Olympic grade equipment from one purchase.

This bow offers between 18-46lb of draw weight in 2lb increments allowing you to pinpoint the exact draw weight you need for the most accurate shot. Remember when competitive shooting it’s not about draw weight, it’s about accuracy.

The limbs foam interior with carbon exterior makes the bow both light and precise.

This bow is actually the national archery team’s bow of choice. If you have any considerations of taking recurve archery to high-level professional competition, you’ll need an Olympic bow.

This bow is substantially more expensive than the other bows on this list for good reason. Sanlida is known to manufacture some of the most precise and lightweight bows that Olympic archers use today.


  • One of the most accurate bows available today
  • Made for professional archers
  • Full set that includes stabilizer and sight
  • Huge variety in draw weight
  • Multiple color options


  • Pricey

XGeek Takedown Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for Competition

XGeek is one of the newer manufactures in the recurve bow industry, recently they came out with the XGeek Takedown Recurve Bow. This bow is excellent for target practice and is more than accurate enough for competitions.

One of my favorite details about this bow is how well it fits in your hand. This is one of the most comfortable bows I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Comfort is important when it comes to competitive shooting. Especially if you are practicing hours every day.

This bow by XGeek, if used properly, could last you a lifetime. Its fiberglass designed and strong build makes it capable of being shoot thousands of times without an effect on performance.

This bow also comes in a complete set. Literally everything you need to start preparing for recurve bow competitions is in this kit.

As part of this kit you’ll be getting:

Just the accessories alone are valued at over $100. If you are purchasing the accessories separate from the bow, the expenses can really start adding up. So if you can buy an all-in-one package, you’ll be saving a ton of money.

XGeek recurve bows are also great for hunting large or small game. From hunting deer, rabbit, or competing, this bow will do the trick. They also offer a 24-hour customer service line if you have any questions.

You can use this bow whether you are practicing in your backyard or competing at a professional level.


  • Full comprehensive kit
  • Comfortable grip
  • Bow made with durable material
  • 24-hour customer service line
  • Great bow for new or experienced archers


  • Some accessories will need an upgrade
  • Right-handed archers only

D&Q Archery Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

The D&Q Archery Recurve Bow is one of the most beautiful bows available on the market today. Its blue and black design means you’ll have the best-looking bow at your next archery competition.

D&Q makes their bows 100% hand made. Although this is great for aesthetics, it may have a minor effect on accuracy and performance. If you are looking to compete at a professional level, you’ll want a recurve bow with a metal riser than a wood one. If you are competing in local competitions or with friends, this bow will more than do the trick.

One thing the D&Q archery recurve bow stands out in is durability. I’ve taken this bow on countless hunting trips with nothing more than a few scratches on the riser. It still fires powerfully and accurately while maintaining aesthetics.

This bow also comes with a full set on Amazon providing you with everything you need to compete, target practice, or hunt right out of the box.

This bow, like many of the bows on this list, is designed for right-handed archers only. If you are a left-handed archer and are looking for a bow to compete with, you’ll want to check out the Samick Sage Recurve Bow as it comes in both right-handed and left-handed orientation.

The D&Q Recurve Bow offers 30lb, 40lb, or 50lb draw weight which is suitable for most competitions. If you need a very specific draw weight, look at some of the more competition friendly bows that have more variety.


  • Beautiful looking bow
  • Both accurate and durable
  • Comes as a full set
  • Durable long-lasting bow
  • Multi-use bow
  • Very accurate


  • Only 3 draw weight options
  • Right-hand archers only

How to Pick a Recurve Bow For Competition

Picking a recurve bow for competitions is a delicate matter. You want a bow that is going to provide the most accurate shot. You also don’t want to get a bow that is overkill.

If you are just competing with friends or in local competitions, there is no need to get an Olympic bow.

Competition Details

The first and most important metric to consider is the kind of competition you expect to be entering. The higher level the competition, the more you’ll need to invest in the quality of your bow.

If you want to compete at the Olympic level then you’ll need a bow as good as the Sanlida recurve bow. Recurve bows with wood risers are only recommended for local or competition among friends. Wood bows are more likely to warp over time and be damaged by external factors but are multi-use.


Another important factor to consider is what you plan on using the bow for. If you only plan on competing with the bow then you’ll want to go with a bow with a stabilizer and sight.

If you want to compete and hunt with the same bow then you’ll want to consider a recurve bow with more utility. Wood recurves are great for hunting and target shooting but are not a great option if you want to compete at a high level.

Which recurve bow you choose is heavily dependent on what you plan to use the bow for.

Draw Weight

If you’ve been competing before then, you know draw weight is a critical metric for recurve bow competitions. You want a recurve bow that is high enough in draw weight to fly straight.

You also don’t want a recurve bow that’s too heavy for you so that it causes shaking and decreases your accuracy.

Work with a trainer or archery shop to get the right draw weight for you.


Price is an important metric when purchasing any new bow. This is also heavily dependent on what you plan to use the bow for. Olympic bows can be quite expensive. If you plan on going to higher-level competitions, you’ll want to consider it.

Most regular recurve bows are significantly less than Olympic bows and with enough practice can offer similar accuracy.

Also, consider purchasing a bow that comes with accessories. Accessories can really add up over time. You can save over $100 by purchasing a bow that already includes accessories like:

  • Armguard
  • Stringer
  • Bow Sight
  • Stabilizer
  • Arrow Rest

Final Thoughts

Finding the right recurve bow for competitions can be a daunting task. You’ll want to consider the kind of competitions you’ll be entering, what you plan on using the bow for, and the price.

Accuracy is the name of the game. Chances are you’ll need a stabilizer and sight. Not all accessories are allowed at various competitions. To know what accessories are allowed, you’ll want to consult the competition rules.

Recurve bows have a wide variety of uses. You can use it for hunting, fun, or competition.

If you are using your recurve bow for competition, practice is significantly more important than the bow. Sure the bow can help but if your competitor has more hours of target shooting under his/her belt, they will win no matter the bow.

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