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Best 70 – 72 Inch Recurve Bows

The length of recurve bows varies from about 45 inches to 72 inches long. Today, we’re going to review recurve bows on the upper end of that range. Such bows are designed for very tall people. Let’s look into the actual differences. Average sized vs Long recurve bows Regardless of their size, all recurve bows …

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3 High Poundage Recurve Bows

high poundage recurve bow

Do you have the strength or build to pull back a high poundage recurve bow? Some people do. Recurve bows in general are much harder to pull back than compound bows. My teen is able to pull back a 60 lb compound bow but would stand no chance against a 60 lb recurve bow. Even …

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Compound Recurve Bow Hybrid

Believe it or not, there is actually a hybrid between a compound bow and a recurve bow. There aren’t many out there. In reality, there is only one company that makes these kinds of bows, Oneida Archery. Both recurve bows and compound bows have their own pros and cons. A compound recurve hybrid bow, takes …

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