best recurve bow for bowfishing – Full list

Although bowfishing is most commonly done with compound bows. Recurve bows can also be used for bowfishing. Unlike compound bows, there are not many recurve bowfishing bows available today. With some digging, I’ve been able to find the best recurve bow for bowfishing available on Amazon today.

Best Recurve bow for Bowfishing

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1. Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow Set

Another great option for recurve bowfishing is the Cajun Fish Stick Takedown Recurve Bow. This bow is powerful enough to take out most fish. Especially with he sharp broadhead that’s included with this bow, you’ll be able to take home large fish in no time.

This bow comes as a set and offers everything you need to get started with recurve bowfishing bow. This set includes:

  • Cajun Fish Bowfishing Bow
  • Drum Reel
  • Arrow with bowhunting broadhead
  • Dacron String

Unlike other bowfishing bows, you really don’t have to worry about what part of the fish you hit. Once the broadhead penetrates the skin, it latched on like nothing I’d seen before. The reel is also powerful making it easier to secure fish.


Overall, I was satisfied with the performance of this bow. It shoots straight and true and I was able to go home with fish my first time bowfishing. The only anecdotal drawback was that my arrow actually went through the fish and hit a rock beneath causing it to break. I’m not sure if that speaks to the quality of the arrow or how hard it hit the rock.

Nevertheless, I got new arrows and have been enjoying this bow for months.

Weight & Specs

This bowfishing bow offers up to 45 lb of draw weight at a 28inch draw making it more than powerful enough to take out any fish. The 50-yard string also makes it easier to target fish within a large distance of your station.

If you remove the drum reel you could use this bow as a normal recurve bow and even take it hunting on land if you’d like.

This bow comes in right-hand only. If you are looking for a left-handed recurve bow, check out my article best left-handed recurve bow fishing bows.


The price point of this bow is pretty standard compared to other recurve bows but offers significantly more features. You can use this bow for bowfishing and land hunting for the price of a regular recurve bow!

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  • Complete bowfishing kit
  • High quality arrow head
  • Very reasonable price
  • Easy setup


  • Will need additional arrows

2. AMS Bowfishing Water Moc Recurve Bowfishing Kit

If you plan on taking bowfishing as a serious hobby, the AMS Bowfishing Recurve bow is the one for you.

This bows incredible design combined with a strong build makes it the highest-quality recurve bowfishing bow available today. The arrows are strong and durable. Almost as durable as the reel that can hold up to 350lb of tension.

If you are considering hunting larger fish, you’ll need something at this level of quality. You’ll never have to worry about lines or arrows breaking. The only drawback I’ve been able to find with this bow is that it is more expensive than the others, which can be expected with this level of quality.


This bow is the kind of recurve bowfishing bow that’s built for large or aggressive fish. The reel, arrows, and general build trump other bows in its class. This bow is made for serious bow fishers. This bow is known as the fish-killing machine.

The water-resistant coating also eliminates the concern of getting your bow wet.

Weight & Specs

Like most bowfishing bows, this bow offers 45 pounds of draw weight at the standard 28-inch draw length. But unlike other bowfishing bows, this bow’s riser and limbs are dipped in water-resistant camo making it both aesthetic and water-resistant.

Bowfishing bows take a certain amount of abuse that regular recurve bows just don’t. The sturdy build of this bow ensures it’ll last you years.


The largest and only real drawback of this AMS bowfishing bow is that it is more expensive than most other bowfishing bows. The reason is obvious once you take a closer look at the quality it provides.

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  • Strong resistant build
  • We’ll built arrows
  • 350 lb grade reel
  • Great accuracy


  • Higher price point
  • Only 35 yeard of reel

3. PSE Kingfisher Recurve Fishing Bow

The PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bow is the right bow for those who are still beginners to bowfishing. This bowfishing package will enable you to use most of your time hunting to the fullest power and potential. The bow is built with a sturdy and solid look that is proven to be very durable. It also shoots precise with high speed and great delivery underwater.

Recurve Bowfishing Bows

Further, the Kingfisher bow is also lightweight at 2.7 pounds, while the entire bow measures 92.7 x 15.9 x 5.7 cm. Generally, with its size and weight, this device can be easily carried and transported anywhere you go. Hunters also love it for its dark grey and black finish!

The best part of this model is that it contains a camo design being able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. You also need to not assemble it whenever you want to go shooting as it comes as it is. The included spool also weighs 80 pounds test line allowing you to catch even large fish. You will also get a fiberglass arrow that’s 31 inches in length. This means that you can penetrate through the scales without any problem. This bow is made for both new and expert bowfishers with its arrow rest. The arrow rest is made from aluminum and stainless steel to ensure that it never chips or rusts even after a long time.


With all of its advanced features, you will not believe that this product also goes easily with your budget. The PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit is also durable enough to last even for longer years.


  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Can be used throughout the year
  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Pressure resistant
  • Good accuracy


  • Bow stringer not included
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Warranty for only 2 years
Best Recurve Bowfishing Bows

This PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit in Camo is known for having a nice and lightweight construction that can be easily stored and transported. At the same time, it contains a very impressive performance both for first-time hunters and professional hunters. With all of its advanced features, you will not believe that this product also comes at a low price.

Chosing a Recurve Bow For Bowfishing

Here are details you’ll want to consider when choosing a bow for bowfishing.

1. Draw Weight

The draw weight you should get highly depends on what you plan on bowfishing. I’d suggest not going below 40 lbs of draw weight so you can hunt pretty much whatever you’d like. Don’t make the same mistake I did by getting a 25 lb bowfishing bow and be only limited to smaller fish.

Also, be sure not to overextend yourself in draw weight. If you can’t comfortably pull back 40 lb don’t be one of those people that gets a recurve bow with too high a draw weight and has horrible accuracy. Bowhunting is a sport of accuracy, not power.

2. Reel Weight Capacity

Not all reels are created equal. Different reels can support different amounts of tension. A common mistake in bowfishing is that you use the max poundage of the reel to be the max poundage of the fish. Fish, especially large fish, can pull on your reel with hundreds of pounds of tension.

I would suggest not getting a reel below 250 lb of tension. Even up to 350 lb if you plan on fishing larger fish.

3. Design

Design is obviously an important detail when considering purchasing any recurve bow. Although not a primary factor, take aesthetics into account. Some bows are more appealing than others. There’s no shame in using the design of the bow as a buying decision.

4. Price

An important detail when purchasing any of your archery gear is price. Depending on what kind of fish you plan on bowfishing, you’ll need bows of different calliber. Don’t spend more than you need to on fancy gear but going cheap will also cost you in the long run. Bowfishing bows take a beating that other recurve bows do not so getting one of higher quality will be worth it in the longrun.


1. Are recurve bows good for bowfishing?

Recurve bows are indeed a great choice for bowfishing. When it comes to bowfishing, the best bowfishing bow is often a recurve bow. These bows are known for their simplicity, durability, and versatility. The design of a recurve bow allows for a smooth draw and quick shooting, making it an ideal option for targeting fish in various conditions. If you’re looking for the best recurve bow for bowfishing, you’ll want to consider factors like draw weight, accuracy, and the ability to attach bowfishing accessories for an optimal experience.

2. How strong of a bow do you need for bowfishing?

The strength or poundage of a bow for bowfishing is crucial. Ideally, a bow with a draw weight ranging from 30 to 50 pounds is suitable for bowfishing. This range provides the power needed to effectively penetrate the water and strike fish while still allowing for repeated shots without excessive fatigue. It’s essential to choose a bow with a poundage that matches your physical strength and skill level to ensure accuracy and successful bowfishing outings.

3. What is the best poundage for a bowfishing bow?

When searching for the best poundage for a bowfishing bow, it’s essential to find a balance between power and control. A draw weight of around 40 pounds is often considered ideal for most bowfishers. This poundage offers enough force to penetrate the water and take down fish while still allowing for accurate shots and quick follow-ups. However, the best poundage can vary based on your individual strength and experience, so it’s essential to find what works best for you.

4. Can any bow be used for bowfishing?

While technically any bow can be used for bowfishing with the right modifications, it’s highly recommended to use a dedicated bowfishing bow. Recurve bowfishing bows or compound bowfishing bows are purpose-built for this activity. They typically feature specialized reels and accessories designed to withstand the challenges of bowfishing. Using a dedicated bowfishing bow ensures better performance, safety, and success in your bowfishing endeavors.

5. Do you aim high or low when bowfishing?

When bowfishing, you should aim low. Due to the bending of light as it passes from air to water, fish appear higher in the water than they actually are. This phenomenon, known as refraction, causes fish to appear about four times closer to the surface than they are. To compensate for this optical illusion, aim below the fish you’re targeting. Aiming low increases your chances of hitting the fish rather than shooting above them.

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