Carbon or Aluminum arrows for a Recurve Bow

Whether you’re just shooting at targets or hunting with a recurve bow, it is hard to precisely hit your targets without a good set of arrows. You must choose the arrows carefully. Even the best marksman would struggle with hitting the target if he was using arrows that were too heavy or even slightly bent. Some arrows are more expensive than others, but all of them are affordable compared to other hunting gear. Arrows are also reusable, so you shouldn’t try to save money. Instead, invest in a high-quality pack of arrows once and enjoy the results. Two materials are commonly used to manufacture the shafts of recurve bow arrows: carbon and aluminum.

People have their preferences and the community can’t agree on which one’s the better. You’ll hear a lot of opinions saying that carbon or aluminum arrows are better for recurve bows. Truthfully, both materials have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between the two is just a matter of figuring out your priorities. Both carbon and aluminum arrows also have weaknesses, so you should decide what kind of flaws you are willing to accept.

Carbon or Aluminum arrows for a Recurve Bow

Whatever your preferences are, you should be able to find an excellent set of arrows that suits your taste. Carbon arrows are typically considered to be more expensive, but you can find affordable options as well. Similarly, aluminum arrows are thought to be more affordable and basic, but there are some high-end units as well.

Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows have a lot of advantages, but their weight has to be the biggest. Carbon arrows are extremely light because of two factors: small shaft diameter and the lighter weight of the material itself. Because of their thinner nature, arrows with a carbon shaft also have better penetration capabilities. Unlike the arrows that are made of aluminum, they are less likely to bend and break. Because of their speed, carbon arrows are less likely to drift. This is an amazing feature that allows you to hit far-away targets.

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Carbon arrows are also more forgiving when it comes to incorrectly estimated range. The only drawback of using these arrows is the high price. Functionally, the only drawback is that carbon arrows accelerate fast, but also quickly slow down during the flight. Still, typically, carbon arrows will be the fastest of all arrow types that are available on market.

Aluminum Arrows

Because of their affordable price and other practical features, aluminum arrows remain popular to this day. They might not be as precise as carbon arrows, but that disadvantage is made up for by the affordable price. Aluminum arrows are heavier, which can be seen as positive or as negative, depending on your perspective. Some people like shooting heavier aluminum arrows because the kinetic energy released from the bow can be fully transferred to the weighty arrows.

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One more great thing about these arrows is that they make very little noise after you release the arrow. This can be particularly useful when you’re hunting. Aluminum arrows are prone to bending, but it is possible to straighten them. The bigger issue with aluminum arrows is that their trajectory seems to be less flat, so it is more difficult to hit the marks that are far away.

Carbon vs Aluminum Arrows for Hunting

Using your hunting skills and a simple tool to take down a large animal is an appealing activity to many. But before you enjoy the fruits of your labor, you need proper hunting gear. Choosing the right set of arrows is no less important for your success than getting a proper recurve bow. Do you prefer arrows that are quiet when after being shot? Do you prioritize silence or the power and accuracy of the shots? These are important questions you need to answer before you choose the right arrows to use on your recurve bow.

Traditionally, aluminum arrows have always been the hunter’s favorite. The aluminum XX75 shaft is said to have been most commonly used for hunting arrows. After the introduction of carbon arrows, despite losing some of the popularity, aluminum arrows continue to be used by hunters everywhere. One of the biggest advantages of aluminum arrows is that they’re deadly quiet after being released from the bow. This is useful if you’re hunting a large game and don’t want to give away your location.

Even though some hunters like aluminum arrows for their relative heaviness, others see this as a flaw and prefer to shoot carbon arrows instead. They are lighter and also less likely to bend. Because of these features, arrows with a shaft made of carbon tend to fly straighter and are more likely to hit the target accurately. If you are hunting a large game like deer or elk, you must hit the wild animal in a certain spot to take it down.

You’ll need the most accurate arrows to use with your recurve bow. That’s where carbon arrows come in. They are perceived to be the most accurate and perfect solution for hunters. One more distinctive feature they have is the smaller diameter shaft. It is because of this trait that carbon arrows can pierce through the thick leather skin of wild animals. They are also more durable and can be reused in the long run.

Carbon vs Aluminum Arrows for Beginners

If you’re a total beginner to the world of archery, you should buy the arrows that are on the cheaper side but also perform very well. This will allow you to develop as a marksman and figure out your tastes and preferences concerning equipment. Aluminum arrows usually tend to be the cheaper option, but that’s not always the case.  When you’re just getting started, it’s unwise to spend too much on flashy, high-end arrows for two reasons: 1. You won’t have enough skill as an archer to properly make use of them, and 2. You can put that money towards better use 3. They’ll probably end up breaking anyway because you’re still learning the basics.

At this stage, you have an opportunity to get both – aluminum and carbon arrows and compare which one feels better to shoot. Some retailers sell arrow sets that include multiple kinds of arrows. Take advantage of such offers and try out as many different arrows as you can, before settling down on one. Then all you have to do is to practice frequently and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Once you notice the inadequacies in affordable arrows, you should consider yourself ready to upgrade and get the best arrows that money can buy. Once you’ve reached that level, you have probably realized what your preferences are. After reading our comparison, you’ll have enough information to decide which of the two materials suits you the best.

Final Thoughts

We can compare and contrast these two types of arrows forever, but no one can decide which one is going to be better for you. Every archer has his/her unique preferences and quirks. Some of you won’t mind the slightly higher price of carbon arrows, while others will appreciate the heavier weight of aluminum arrows. Any type of arrow that you can get used to and shoot effectively is the best choice for you. You should experiment with few different arrows as a beginner to find out which one’s perfect for you.

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