5 Best Recurve Bows for Hunting Deer

A lot of people see recurve bows as a great way to go back to our roots and hunt with simple tools. With the development of technology, a lot of people have lost interest in hunting with rifles, because it seems unfair and too easy.

If you’re one of the people who feel that way, you might want to consider recurve bows as an alternative. Hunting deer with a recurve bow is an entirely different experience. When you’re hunting with this simple tool, your success mostly depends on your skills as an archer.

Speaking of experience, it is recommended to have at least some experience shooting a recurve bow before hunting deer. It takes a lot of practice and experience to take down an animal with a bow. If you’re a total beginner, it’s probably smart to get started with a static target and improve your technique first.

Once you feel competent enough, you can start shooting at animate objects. Additionally, in order to take down an animal, you must shoot a recurve bow that has a draw weight of 40lbs or more. For beginners, 40lbs is a very difficult draw weight. 30lbs is considered to be a more normal starting point for novices.

Best Recurve Bows for Hunting Deer

Beginners often make the mistake of blaming their incompetency on a recurve bow. There is a wide range of recurve bows out there, and while some of them might be terrible, if you use some sense when buying a recurve bow, the bow isn’t likely to hold you back from making progress.

It is common knowledge that practice makes perfect. That principle applies to becoming a better marksman as well.

5 Best Recurve Bows for Hunting Deer in 2021

Here are the best recurve bows for hunting deer that are available today.

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1. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

The most impressive thing about Samick Sage recurve bow is its efficient design. It was made for beginners and casual shooters, but it can also be a very effective weapon for hunting deer as well.  It is also a perfect option for archery enthusiasts who’ve never used a recurve bow before. The design of a Samick sage bow allows you to start with smaller draw weights and eventually upgrade.

The limb draw weight options range from 25lb to 60lb, which as long as it’s over 40 lb should be enough for hunting deer. Overall, the brand chose to give shooters a lot of flexibility to pick the best version for themselves. Samick Sage recurve bow is sold for both – left-handed and right-handed shooters.

Why we like it

Only a few manufacturers manage to incorporate superb functionality into a lightweight, user-friendly design. Samick managed to do so by using maple wood for manufacturing the riser.  The riser includes inserts that the shooter can use to improve the bow’s standard functionality. For example, you can use these inserts to install a stabilizer or a sight.

Using attachments often comes in handy when hunting large animals like deer. Another great thing about Samick Sage recurve bow is its versatility. One example of the bow’s versatility is the interchangeable limbs feature. The use of maple wood as a main material for the riser allows the marksman to use many different draw weights (60lbs maximum).


  • Great value
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to Setup


  • Inserts for extra attachments sometimes get loose
  • Bow stringer sold separately

2. KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

This is one of the best value recurve bows on the market. It is perfect for beginners who have never shot a bow before. KESHES offers these recurve bows with as little draw weight as 15lbs. That is the perfect place to start, even for teenagers or adults who aren’t super fit.

In order to take down a deer, you need to be shooting with a bow that has a draw weight of 40lbs or more. However, you can start with lighter draw weights and work your way up as you practice. Thanks to the interchangeable limbs feature, once you upgrade to heavier draw weights, you won’t have to buy an entirely new bow. Just replacement limbs that have a heavier draw weight.

Why we like it

These takedown bows offer a lot of flexibility. You can easily take down a deer with this recurve bow, but that’s only the tip of an iceberg. If you’re an absolute beginner, you can also practice shooting at targets to perfect your technique. This bow has a beautiful riser, which is also very comfortable to hold. It also includes inserts for attachments like a stabilizer or a sight. The limbs are layered with black fiberglass, which gives them more power and makes them durable. Left-handed people can also use this bow. The package includes many extra accessories like a stringer, arrow rest, and sight.


  • Interchangeable limbs
  • Attachment-friendly


  • None

3. Tongtu 60″ Archery Takedown Recurve Bow

It’s not easy to find a bow that can take down a deer. Tongtu recurve bow is one of those bows. With its powerful laminated limbs, it can shoot arrows with amazing speed and power. Draw weight options range from 30 to 60lbs, which isn’t very inviting to total beginners. You can choose between two different styles: bronze cyan and ebony red. This bow has all the features to help you take down a deer and other game.

Why we like it

Tongtu recurve bow is not only extremely powerful but also looks great and doesn’t cost much. The value proposition becomes even more attractive once you consider that there are many other accessories included in the price. Besides the bow itself, you also get 12 arrows for no extra cost. Tongtu recurve bow is also extremely silent. This is an extremely powerful weapon, which will surely be useful for hunting game.


  • Efficient technology
  • Powerful
  • Stylish design


  • Only for right-handed

4. SNOW MONSTER 60″ Takedown Archery Recurve Bow

Snow Monster is a reputable brand in the category. It shouldn’t be surprising that their prominent recurve bow model is supremely durable and well-crafted. You can tell that the manufacturer put a lot of effort into designing a perfect recurve bow for hunting. The wooden riser is made of multiple different kinds of wood for increased stability. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the riser, the bow is comfortable to hold and feels great in your hands. The bow itself is extraordinary, not to mention all the additional accessories you get. All things considered, SNOW MONSTER 60” Recurve Bow is one of the best values on the market.

recurve bow for hunting deer

Why we like it

Thanks to high-quality craftsmanship and its smart design, this is one of the most powerful recurve bows out there. The limbs are laminated, which makes them much less likely to crack and twist. Thanks to these limbs, the SNOW MONSTER bow can produce consistent and accurate shots. The maximum draw weight is 50lbs. With a 50lbs bow, limbs will unleash an immense amount of kinetic power onto the arrow. The SNOW MONSTER recurve bow has plenty of power for hunting deer. It is conveniently designed in a lot of ways. First of all, the user doesn’t need any tools to assemble the bow. This is also a takedown bow, so it doesn’t require a lot of storage space.


  • Efficient design
  • Beautiful construction
  • Laminated limbs


  • Only for right-handed

5. OEELINE Airobow Deer Hunting Recurve Bow

If you’re looking for a recurve bow designed specifically for hunting, look no further. OEELINE decided to use Hard Ebony and High Strength fiber glass when manufacturing this bow. These are great materials and as a result, this is an excellent bow. Being 54 inches long, the bow is slightly shorter than its alternatives. For hunting purposes, shorter length could be considered an advantage, because it’s easier to carry wherever you go.

Why we like it

It is rare to find a recurve bow that combines the stylish appearance and superb functionality so well. OEELINE is also very comfortable to hold, which is important when you’re out in the forest hunting for deer. This bow was specifically designed to be convenient for hunting. It weighs only 2.2lb, which is considered very lightweight for a recurve bow. Draw weight options range from 30 to 50lbs, which is a perfect range for hunting different kinds of animals. A large game like deer requires at least 40 pounds of draw weight.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design easier to maneuver
  • Available for left-handed


  • Riser can get tiring to hold after a while

Commonly Asked Recurve Deer Hunting Questions

Here are some of the most common questions in the archery industry about recurve deer hunting.

1. Can You Hunt Deer With a Recurve Bow?

Of course you can hunt deer with a recurve bow! Although wielding a recurve bow will make it more challenging compared to a firearm or compound bow but the more challenging the more rewarding.

2. Can you hunt deer with a 50 lb recurve bow?

50 lb is more than enough to hunt deer. Be sure you are comfortable with the weight before you take it hunting. Any recurve 40 lb and above will take down a deer if shot properly.

My advice before taking 50 lb hunting would be to get comfortable with 40 lb then move up to 50 lb. Specific muscles in your back and shoulder are worked out when you go shoot that need to get stronger.

3. How old do you need to be to hunt deer with a recurve bow?

Different states have different minimum age requirements to take someone hunting. You can see a table of the different states and their age requirements here.

Make sure that the person taking the shit is wielding enough draw weight to kill the deer ethically. (40 lb+)

Factors to Consider When Buying a Recurve Bow for Hunting Deer

Here are a few things to consider when shopping around for a recurve bow.

Draw Weight

First and foremost, the most important factor to consider is draw weight. As we’ve mentioned before, the bow needs to have a draw weight of at least 40lbs to be effective against a big game like deer. However, if you’re a total beginner, you should get a recurve bow with a draw weight of 20-30lbs, depending on your level of fitness. In some cases, you can later upgrade to limbs with a higher draw weight. You won’t have to pay for the entire bow, only the new limbs. That may be a smart idea if you’re a beginner now but your goal is to hunt deer once you’re experienced enough.

It is also important to consider the maximum draw length of a recurve bow. It largely depends on the length of a recurve bow itself. The average length of a recurve bow is 62 inches and the average draw length is about 28 inches. If you’re looking at a recurve bow that deviates from these norms, make sure that there’s a good reason for having extraordinary dimensions.


Drawing a bow puts a lot of pressure on the riser and the limbs. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the manufacturer uses high-quality materials when making a bow. The elasticity or stiffness of material will have a lot of impact on the overall performance and longevity of a recurve bow. Some great bows are made of wood as well as steel, so it’s hard to draw a line between those two materials. It is smarter to judge every bow individually. 


When designing a recurve bow, every decision that the manufacturer makes can have a big impact. For example, recurve bows that are made for beginners are usually very user-friendly. If you’re an expert and have mastered the technique of shooting a bow, ease of use might not be your top priority. Versatility is also an important factor. Some bows have interchangeable limbs. Most recurve bows are takedown, which means that they need to be assembled. On the other hand, they can be stored very easily and are convenient for traveling. Some of the brands are trying to make bows that are extremely easy to assemble. The easy assembly process might be useful to you when you’re hunting. Maybe you’ll need to change limbs to increase draw weight, you shouldn’t have to struggle while doing so. 

Extra features

If you’re the kind of marksman who likes to use the help of accessories, you’re going to need a specific type of recurve bow. Typically, recurve bows will have inserts in the riser which are used for attaching stabilizers and other kinds of gadgets. However, not all bows support the installation of upgrades.


It shouldn’t be your primary concern when looking for a bow, but it’s always a thrill to snatch a good bow for a very little price. You’ll find a lot of bows that cost thousands of dollars.

The craftsmanship and overall quality of these recurve bows are amazing. However, other bows are nearly as good but cost only a fraction of the price. Unless you’re very selective when it comes to recurve bows, it doesn’t make sense to pay huge amounts of money to get one, especially if you’re getting your first bow.


Deer hunting is not easy. It will take hours or even days of work before you get a deer in your sights. But when you do, make sure you have the right recurve bow to finish the job. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a recurve bow for deer hunting.

The reality is, no matter what bow you choose, none of it will make a difference if you aren’t target practicing. Some bows will give you small advantages over others but the truth is, the archer is what makes the difference, not the bow.

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