Best Recurve Bow Draw Weight Scale

You might not need gadgets like a draw weight scale initially, but down the road, such accessories can help you improve your performance. The scale for your recurve bow comes in handy when you want to measure its draw weight. As the saying goes, safety is in numbers, so knowing the exact metric can be useful in your practices.

The accessory’s price varies depending on manufacturer, quality, and other features which we’ll discuss later, but as a rule of thumb, recurve bow draw weight scales cost around $10-$40. The main difference between high-end draw weight scales and poor ones is accuracy. Technologically, it’s difficult to capture the exact draw weight of a bow, but the margin of error shouldn’t exceed 0.5 pounds.

Best Recurve Bow Draw Weight Scale

There are a lot of draw-weight scales for recurve bows. To make your selection easier, we have narrowed it down to the three draw weight scales that are perfect for any recurve bow owner. We choose these draw weight scales based on durability and accuracy. These scales will last you years with the best accuracy available on the market today.

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Luoyer Archery Recurve Bow Scale

Thanks to the high precision strain gauge sensor system, Luoyer’s draw weight scale for recurve bows is one of, if not the most accurate tool of its kind. The manufacturer went the extra mile to make this scale as accurate as it can be and reduce the margin of error to a minimum of a quarter pound. Needless to say, you need to restrain your hand from shaking if you want this gadget to work properly. Other than its accuracy, this draw weight scale has a smart and convenient design. Luoyer is loved by the owners of recurve bows because of its durability and ease of use.

Why we like it

The maximum draw weight that you can measure is limited to 110lbs, but you won’t find many recurve bows that are even close to that limit. The lower limit is 50 grams (or 0.1lb), which makes this gadget useful for measuring luggage or shopping cart as well. The best thing about the Luoyer scale is that you can set it to display weight in grams, ounces, pounds, or kilograms. Having many different units of measurement allows you to measure lots of things, besides the draw weight of your recurve bow.

This scale works on batteries, which takes a lot of time to run out of juice, but when they do, you’ll get the warning sign on the display. A high-quality LCD screen ensures that everything on the screen is eligible to read. This scale is more accurate than most in its category, thanks to the high technology sensors. Once you get it out of the box, it’s not hard to figure it out, but it would still be nice if the manufacturer included step-by-step instructions to make everything clear.


  • Extremely accurate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Support for four units of measurement


  • Unclear instructions

Prettyia Digital Recurve Bow Scale

This mini electric digital scale by Prettyia is one of the best tools for finding out the draw weight of your recurve bow. It is very small, so you can stick it in the pocket of your backpack and it’ll be there when you need it. This product is very intuitive to use and doesn’t take much time to get used to it. The scale is built well, so it won’t break after a little bit of use.

Why we like it:

What distinguishes Prettyia scale is that it can measure both – peak weight or holding weight, depending on your preferences. It has the same draw weight limit as other scales on this list – 110lbs. One more thing that sets this scale apart is the option to choose between four different units of measurement – kg, g, lb, and oz. The feature to see the weight in different units is very useful if you’re going to use this scale for other purposes as well.

It can be a very useful gadget when you’re fishing, hunting, or measuring the draw weight of other types of bows. It is very easy to switch between measurement units, you just have to click the power button again shortly after you turn it on. The package comes with instructions, which aren’t very clear. Lacking proper instruction manuals is a noticeable pattern in this product category. The illuminated digital screen is not the most advanced display technology, but it gets the job done.


  • Portable Size
  • Intuitive
  • Multi-purpose
  • Four measurement units


  • None

Votono Digital Archery Scale

This draw weight scale deserves to be on this list because it is a perfect combination of practicality and functionality. It’s easy to figure out how to use Votono Scale right out of the box. This little gadget can calculate the draw weight of your bow very accurately, with an acceptable margin of error – 0.5lbs. It doesn’t feel flimsy in your hand as you hold it and people who use it report satisfaction with the longevity and durability of the product.

Why we like it:

Votono draw weight scale has a very smart ergonomic design that is easy to understand. The power button (a.k.a on/off button) is prominently placed and besides turning it on, clicking it will also allow you to switch between measuring units, from kilogram to pounds and vice versa. Those are the only two units supported at this time, and you can switch between them by clicking the power button after you turn on the scale. Votono has a maximum draw weight capacity of 110lbs, which is more than enough to measure most bows.

With a margin of error as small as 0.5lbs, this is one of the most accurate scales on the market. It uses a built-in strain gauge sensor system to calculate draw weight accurately. The measurement results are displayed on the LCD screen, which is backlit. This ensures that the contents of the screen are easy to read, even while standing in the sun. While you’re not shooting targets with your recurve bow, you can alternatively use this scale to measure your luggage weight or the weight of the various products when you’re shopping.


  • Simple, effective design
  • Little margin of error
  • Backlit LCD screen


  • Only two units of measurement

Things to keep in mind

When you’re measuring the draw weight of a bow, your hands must not be shaking or the results won’t be accurate. It’s not easy to draw a recurve bow, so choose the one that you’ve practiced with.

One should be careful when buying draw weight scales, because flimsy and low-quality products can break and as a result, the bowstring might do serious damage to your hand. Use caution when shopping for these tools.

Recurve Bow Draw Weight Scale


Measuring the draw weight of a recurve bow is an important part of training and allows you to make the best use of your equipment. Hopefully, our guide has made some things a little clearer and helped you make the decision.  

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