Best Strung Recurve Bow Cases

Archery is one of the most popular sports when it comes to health benefits. As an archer, you must be familiar with the number of benefits it adds to your life; better hand-eye coordination, patience, focus, and upper body strength to name a few. However, you are not here to learn about archery but to find out which are the best strung recurve bow cases available in the market. You will find many types of recurve bow cases including hard and soft shells, padded leather, plastic, so on and so forth.

Types of strung recurve bow cases

Broadly speaking, there are two types of cases, hard and soft. The buying decision totally depends on the archers and their needs.

Soft cases work fine when you are traveling within the neighborhood or shooting in your backyard. However, when you travel to cities or countries for competition or hunting trips, a hard case is recommended as it gives you an additional layer of protection.

It does not matter if you use soft or hard case; we have gathered the best strung recurve bow cases for you that are worth your investment.

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case (Black)

The first in the list is the bow case from the manufacturer, Plano. It is lightweight and sturdy at the same time, including velcro straps to add an extra layer of hold. It also features an inch thick of high-density foam for adequate protection.

The four latches work fine and locks the case perfectly. The plus point is that it is airline approved and you can fly with your bow conveniently. There is a storage space under the lid that can hold parallel limb bows.

Its dimensions of 43.25 inches x 19 inches x 6.75 inches make it compact and easy to handle. The fun part about this case is, you can assemble it within a few minutes. Besides, it can hold up to half a dozen both thick and thin carbon arrows, enough for your next hunting trip.  

Why We Like This Bow Case

  • First of all, it is very handy and durable.
  • It comes with an instruction manual, making it easy to assemble.
  • It may look thin in design, but the case is very firm, and that is the beauty of it. 
  • There is high-density foam, velcro straps, and arrow holders.
  • Very budget-friendly and easy to carry.

Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case, Black, 41

This Plano Parallel Limb Hard bow case is different and bigger than the previous one. It features an adjustable pillar lock system and is highly customizable. It comes with foam for pillar placement and three velcro ties.

Another plus point is a bunch of on-screw mounting points for adjusting and making space to add accessories and much more. At first sight, it looks bulky and heavy, but the amount of protection and handling it gives is unmatched.

The dimensions of 41”x 17”x 7” allow you to store more than just arrows and a bow. You can place your gloves, release, etc.

Why We Like This Bow Case

  • Its ability to customize is unparalleled.
  • Bows and arrows are highly secure and protected.
  • It is easy to carry around because of its handling.
  • You can adjust pillars and velcro according to your bow.
  • Well-designed for putting spare gear.
  • Sturdy and suitable for heavy duty. 

Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Safe Shot Bow Case

The colossal size does justice to the protection it provides. This bow case from Flambeau is exceptionally sturdy and made from a rugged plastic shell. The internal lid and foamy base protects your bow from crushing and are impact resistant.

The hook and velcro tie-downs inside help the bow keep in place. The case also features a 12-arrow rack made from rubber. For carrying it around easily, the case has got 4 lock holes and 4 latches.

The design of pillar gives a stable support and storage, adjusting all the necessary accessories. For additional feasibility, it has a built-in 3 and 4 blade changer. Those who travel frequently prefer Flambeau Outdoors. 

Why we Like This Bow Case

  • It has a big frame and gets the job done.
  • If you travel a lot to the ranges and need a durable bow case, Flambeau Outdoors is for you.
  • Easy accessibility and a large storing capacity.
  • Built-in blade changer saves time.
  • You can carry a dozen arrows in this case.

Legend Bowarmor 92 Soft Recurve Strung Bow Case

Soft Recurve Strung Bow Case

This bow case is from the other category of a soft case. Legend Bowarmor 92 soft recurve case is a practical and durable case. It is crafted from thick nylon fabric externally and for the interior soft tricot lining is used. For additional protection, it features extra padding safeguarding your recurve bow.

Along with a bow, you can store arrows in the tube and other accessories in the pocket. For carrying, it comes with options, one is a shoulder strap and the other is through robust carry handles.

Due to its oversized zippers, you will have no problem in taking or putting your favorite bows. To back the credibility, this bow case is designed and built after the consultation from the archery and hunting experts.

Why We Like This Bow Case

  • It is lightweight, and simple even kids can use this bow case.
  • The design is quite handy.
  • It provides extra firm padding to protect the bows.
  • It fits almost all the bows and opens in a butterfly shape, making it convenient for usage.

How Long You Can Keep a Bow Strung?

We went over the best strung recurve bow cases you can get without breaking the bank. But before that we would like to share some tips on when and how often you must unstring your recurve bows.

Although you can leave your recurve bow unstrung for an unlimited time, but it is not recommended. By doing so, you can damage the bow, wear the strings, or even break your beloved recurve bow.

We understand that you are aware of the limits of your bow, for instance, its fragility, durability, and capacity to bear the pressure. You can definitely find a higher and lesser quality of bows, but it goes without saying that even the best recurve bows get broken.

Even though bows are now made from fiberglass and the best thing about this material is, you can string the bow for an unlimited time, unlike wooden bows, which could not take the constant tension.

Nevertheless, even fiberglass bows need protection from humidity, high-temperature, rain and water. If you leave it unprotected, it will wear down, or even worse, lead to dry fire. Therefore, not unstringing a recurve bow can be hurtful.

So, what to do in this situation?

How to protect your favorite recurve bow from breaking?

Where to store it, so you can reuse it time after time?

There is only one way to enjoy, keeping it in a bow case.

Why You Should Have a Bow Case?

There are several reasons to own a bow case. But the two most common reasons are travelling and storing.

Traveling – archery requires an open or controlled indoor environment. When you are going from one point to another, you are in need of a case. Having a case can protect your bow from breaking and makes it easier to carry around the shaft, arrows, and bow.

Storing – by protecting and storing a strung recurve bow maintains its health. In a case, it is safe from scratches, dents, and nicks. Another point of storing it is to protect your loved ones around. Maybe you are the expert but not everyone knows archery and they can harm themselves if a strung bow is lying around or even on a bow stand. 

Best Strung Recurve Bow Cases


As an archer, protecting your bow is a priority and to maintain the shape while safeguarding it from damages, a well-designed and well-built bow case is necessary. It is a one-time investment that is worth making. Choosing the best strung recurve bow case is a tough decision to make, and we have presented you with the best budget-friendly options.

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