Best 70 – 72 Inch Recurve Bows

The length of recurve bows varies from about 45 inches to 72 inches long. Today, we’re going to review recurve bows on the upper end of that range. Such bows are designed for very tall people. Let’s look into the actual differences.

Average sized vs Long recurve bows

Regardless of their size, all recurve bows are constructed in more or less the same way. The biggest difference between average-sized and long recurve bows lies in their respective draw lengths. The longer the recurve bow is, the higher its draw length.

On the other hand, draw length can influence draw weight and other important characteristics of a weapon. When buying a recurve bow, the first thing you have to do is to check your arm span and make sure to get a compatible weapon. Taller individuals tend to have longer arm span, so they’re usually the ones who end up using extra-long recurve bows. 

If you plan to go hunting, you need a bow that is easy to shoot. To find such a bow, you must pay attention to its draw length, and by extension, overall length. If you end up buying a recurve bow that is too short for your height, your accuracy will suffer.

72 Inch Recurve Bows

The decision to buy a 72 recurve bow will also affect your choice of arrows. Long recurve bows usually have a draw length of 28-30 inches. Archers who shoot with a 72” recurve bow must also pick arrows that are longer than the draw length of the bow. Just to be safe, aim for arrows that are at least 31 inches long. 

There’s also an important concern about transporting your weapon. Unless you take them apart, 72 recurve bows are not easy to transport. For that reason, if you decide to get such a long recurve bow, you must make sure it has a takedown design. In the ideal scenario, it should also include a separate bag for storing the limbs and the riser. If you buy the storage bag separately, keep in mind that the components of a 72” recurve bow are larger as well.

When choosing a 70”+ bow, you must pay attention to its physical weight. Large weapons are bound to weigh a lot more. You must make sure that your recurve bow is not uncomfortable to carry around. Choose the one that is made of lightweight, yet powerful materials. Ideally, it should be lighter than 2kgs. This way, you can carry it around on your hunting trips or anywhere you go.

Best 72 Inch Recurve Bow

These are the best recurve bows between 70 and 72 inches.

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SinoArt 72 Inch Takedown Recurve Bow

This is an updated version of one of the best-selling recurve bows on the market. SinoArt 70” recurve bow is a perfect affordable option for beginners. It has a solid riser and a pair of strong fiberglass limbs. The draw weight range varies from 20 to 40lbs, which is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level archers. 

 Considering its size, the bow is very mobile. It is a takedown bow, so you can take it apart for easy transportation. The total weight of the bow is 2.3lbs, which is incredibly lightweight for any bow. You can easily carry it around on your shoulder for extended periods.

The bow includes inserts for accessories. Not only that, but the package also includes some valuable add-ons like a finger tab, sight, and many more. The beginners who like to shoot with accessories installed can get started right away. Overall, this is one of the most affordable and solid 70” recurve bows on the market. The fact that it also includes accessories makes it a fantastic value for the money. 

The draw length of this bow measures 31”, so you’ll need to buy extra-long arrows. 

The only downside of the SinoArt recurve bow is that it is only made for right-handed shooters only. 

Ragim Archery Matrix 70” Recurve Bow

Ragim Recurve bow is an extremely well-made recurve bow for tall people. It is manufactured in Italy and has ISO certificates to back up the lifetime guarantee. When building this bow, the manufacturer decided to use only top-shelf materials. Because it is made of multiple layers of wood, the riser is excellent in every way. More importantly, despite its strength, the material is very lightweight, so you won’t get tired even if you have to carry this bow on your shoulder for multiple hours. 

Ragim recurve bow is a perfect weapon for anyone who’s still learning to shoot. It is designed to promote good form and enhance the effectiveness of practice. The only downside is that since it has 35 pounds of draw weight, which may be too much for complete beginners. Still, as long as the individual is healthy, adult, and fit, he or she could be able to shoot this bow. 

It has a draw length of 28inch, which is normal for tall individuals. 

Unlike many other bows, this bow features a bow tuning system, which shields limbs from twisting. With a draw weight of 35lbs, the fiberglass limbs can produce fairly powerful shots. This bow is a good fit for hunting trips.  

The riser of Ragim recurves bow features multiple inserts. Archers can use these spaces to install additional accessories and extend the basic functionality of the bow. 

Overall, this bow has many beginner-friendly features and it is made of strong materials. Because of its extended features, the Ragim recurve bow is a perfect option for beginners and intermediate archers.

YHF Takedown Recurve Bow

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or shoot targets at a high level, the YHF Takedown bow is one of the best you can find on the market. Its components are made of powerful, yet lightweight materials. The riser, which is 25 inches long, is made of strong magnesium-aluminum alloy. It has the strength to hold a lot of pressure and release powerful shots. The handle on the riser is comfortable to hold, even when the bow is drawn at full length. 

The limbs and the riser are connected with ILF pockets. You can trust this technology to securely hold the strong laminated limbs.

YHF offers many different variations of this bow. You can choose the overall length of the bow from 66 to 70 inches. Draw weight options are even more diverse, from 16 to 44 pounds. 16 pounds are great for teenage boys and girls whose primary motivation is to shoot at targets. Hunters can get one with a draw weight of 35lbs or more. The limbs are interchangeable and easy to install. You can remove them for easy transportation.  

Unfortunately, the diversity of options doesn’t extend to left-handed archers. This bow is only available for right-handed target shooters. 

Overall, this is a fantastic high-end bow. It is not cheap, especially compared to other beginners’ bows. However, if you compare it with other bows in the same class, it’s fairly affordable. The package also contains a cover for the riser, which somewhat justifies the cost. 


When choosing a 70 – 72 inch recurve bow, there are some important factors that should be kept in mind. In this article, we reviewed how the length of a bow can influence its overall performance. 

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