Best Arrow for 50 lb Recurve Bow

At 50lb pounds of draw weight, you’re working with a fairly powerful bow. You’ll be firing your arrow at over 200 feet per second (fps) and you’ll need an arrow that can handle that kind of velocity. Not all arrows are created equal. At higher draw weights, I personally recommend you stick with carbon arrows as they are less likely to get damaged from the power of your bow. As an archer that uses a 50 lb recurve bow myself, I’ve put together a list of the best arrows for a 50 lb recurve bow.

Best Arrow for 50 lb Recurve Bow

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1. Tiger Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow

tiger arrow recurve bow

The Tiger Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow is, as the name implies, made from carbon fiber. The result is a lightweight arrow with excellent durability.  

They are designed and marketed as hunting or target practice arrows. The arrow shaft is made of layered carbon fiber. This reduces the risk of splintering and extends the life of the arrow.

The fletchings are made of plastic. They are a little more rigid than feathers. This may cause the arrow to deviate a little as the fletchings pass over the rest. This doesn’t materially affect the overall performance of the arrow though. The flip side is that the fletchings are tough and weatherproof and might last somewhat longer than feathers.

The tip is nickel-plated stainless steel and, at just under 100 grains, puts the total arrow weight at a shade over 500 grains. This is securely in the mid-weight range and makes the arrow a very versatile choice. With a 500 spine, the arrow is ideally suited to a 50 lb. recurve bow at a 28-inch draw length. For a shorter draw, the weight can go as high as 60 lbs.  

With an outer diameter of more than 0.3 inches, this is not a skinny arrow. The jury is still out on the modern hype of thin shafted arrows being so much better. This is a well-proportioned arrow and a very good choice for any application.

What we liked

  • Tough carbon fiber construction
  • Free replacement nocks
  • Excellent dynamics even in bad weather
  • Made entirely from corrosion-resistant and weatherproof materials
  • Great after-sales customer service

What we didn’t like

  • The nocks are not fixed and can come off quite easily.

2. Pointdo 30 Inch Carbon Arrow

Coming in at the lower end of the price scale for arrows, the Pointdo 30 Inch Carbon Arrow is a good addition to any quiver. The carbon fiber shaft measures 30 inches and fully assembled the arrow is 31.5 inches in length.

At 35 grams, or approximately 540 grains this arrow is slightly on the heavier side. The 100-grain tip gives the arrow an almost ideal Front Center weight distribution. Used at the correct draw weight, this arrow is sure to perform very well.

The fletchings are made from a tough rubber-like material. They have been very securely bonded to the shaft. In case they do become deformed, dip them in boiling water for a few seconds and they straighten out quite perfectly.

The rear half of the shaft and the fletchings are a bright luminous color making them very easy to find. This is a very useful feature when practicing in the field. The package also contains some spare nocks as these can sometimes break with normal use.

What we liked

  • Sturdy construction. Everything fits tightly
  • Fluorescent shafts make recovery easy
  • Great arrow at a pocket-friendly price
  • Replacement nocks included for usual wear and tear
  • Flies straight and true.

What we didn’t like

  • Not ideal for hunting due to the bright colors.

3. Musen 28 Inch/30 Inch Carbon Arrow, Spine 500

50 recurve bow arrow

Although one of the cheaper options currently available in the market, the Musen Carbon Arrow is a great arrow for a 50lb recurve bow.

The shaft is carbon fiber available in 28 inch and 30-inch lengths. The assembled length is 1.5 inches longer in both cases. With a 100-grain stainless steel tip, the complete arrow weighs in at 34 grams.

The fletchings are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). This substance is sometimes referred to as “the bridge between rubber and plastic”. The fletchings are highly flexible but also very durable and soft to the touch and they perform very much like real feather fletchings.  

With all the materials being highly resistant to impact and fluids, these arrows are suitable for use in the harshest conditions. Together with the plain black color, they’re well suited to hunting

What we liked

  • Durable carbon fiber shaft
  • Very flexible TPU fletchings
  • Adjustable nock for use with recurve or compound bow
  • Excellent value for money
  • O ring on the arrow tip ensures that the tip does not loosen after every shot

What we didn’t like

  • Arrow tips sometimes come out when extracting from a hard target.

4.   Huntingdoor 12 Pcs Turkey Feather Fletching Wooden Arrow

In this day and age, the world abounds with synthetic materials that outperform anything natural at a fraction of the cost. Although, there may be somewhat of a trade off in the area of environmental impact.

Nevertheless, for the nostalgic at heart, it’s great to see an arrow that takes us back to far simpler times. The Huntingdoor Wooden Arrow is as close to all natural as you will get in archery.

At 31 inches in length and with a diameter of 5/16” this arrow is a surprisingly light 35 grams. The tip is 100 grains of stainless steel and the fletchings are real turkey feather. The nock is a groove cut into the shaft. The fletchings and the nock are secured with silk thread. This arrow is entirely handmade and is pure and simple elegance.

All the natural elegance and sustainability benefits aside, there is one possible downside to this arrow. It’s quite easy to lose out in the field. In the summer the arrow shafts are almost impossible to see against the yellowish grass.

What we liked

  • Unadulterated natural elegance.
  • Real feather fletchings are great for shooting off the shelf
  • Natural grooved nock. No plastic parts to break.
  • Tips are easy to refit if they come off.
  • Very reasonable priced

What we didn’t like

  • Being a natural product, the shaft may be susceptible to warping. There are, however, lots of guides available online that show you how to straighten them.

5.   HYF 3K Pure Carbon Arrow

Arrow for 50 lb Recurve Bow

The HYF 3K has a pure carbon shaft with exceptional strength and durability. The shaft is rated at a straightness of +/-.006. Whilst this is the common entry-level parameter for straightness, the fact that it is rated provides a measure of assurance.

Add to that a 340 spine, and you have an arrow that will perform handsomely well beyond the 50 lb. draw weight on a recurve bow. The manufacturer claims that it’s good for 75 lb. In fact, then, at 50lb., you would expect this arrow to fly as straight as, well… an arrow.

The stainless steel tips are removable and can be interchanged with any other tips or broadheads with the same thread. Being available in various color options, including camo, this arrow is ideal for hunting.

A nice touch, which is not very common, is a collar around the base of the nock. This reduces the risk of the rear end of the shaft splitting or sustaining damage upon impact. The nock has also not been fixed in place so it can be rotated to use with recurves as well as compound bows.    

What we liked

  • Nock collar to reinforce a common weak point in arrows
  • Arrow tip interchangeable with broadheads or target tips
  • Rated straightness guarantees quality
  • Stiffer spine makes it suitable at higher draw weights
  • Excellent value at the lower end of the price scale

What we didn’t like

  • The stiffer spine may affect flight dynamics at lower draw weights.

Buyers Guide for Arrows on a 50lb Recurve Bow

Here are things you’ll want to consider when looking around for the perfect arrow for a 50 lb recurve.

1. Durability

The first a most important feature when looking for an arrow that’ll work well on a powerful bow is the durability of the arrow. Higher draw weight means higher arrow FPS so your arrow will hit the target with significantly more force.

I’m sure you’ve noticed almost all the arrows on this list are carbon arrows. Carbon arrows are known to be more durable than aluminum or wooden arrows but they do carry a slightly higher price tag. Getting improper arrows for a 50 lb recurve bow means you’ll go through arrows much faster.

2. Cost

Cost is obviously an important factor when purchasing any of your archery gear. Arrows for a high poundage recurve bow is going to cost you a bit more than a low poundage recurve bow but not by a lot.

Well crafted carbon arrows run $3-$4/arrow while aluminum arrows run $2.50/arrow and sometimes less. In the long run, you’ll actually be saving money because you’ll be purchasing arrows less often. I learned that the hard way.

3. Aesthetics

Everyone values aesthetics differently but personally, I like the black-on-black design of the Tiger Carbon Arrows. Look through the 5 arrows we suggest and find the one that best suits your personal preference as far as design and color.

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