Best Arrows for Recurve Target Shooting

Shooting at targets with your recurve bow can be a lot of fun. You need great skills to get good results, but the quality of archery gear can also be an important factor. Even if you’re an extremely skilled marksman, your accuracy will suffer if you’re using subpar equipment.

If you’re looking for information about arrows that can allow you to hit your marks more consistently, you’ve come to the right place. We decided to review five of the best arrows for recurve target shooting.

5 Best Arrows for Target Shooting

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1. Musen 28 Inch/30 Inch Carbon Archery Arrows

This set includes twelve 30″ long carbon arrows. Like most carbon arrows, these are light but capable of producing a powerful shot. Except for target shooting, you can also use these arrows to hunt small animals. To shoot these arrows, You’ll need a recurve bow with a draw weight that falls within the range of 30-55 pounds. These arrows have rubber fletching to ensure accuracy and a good balance of shots. Stainless steel field point tips have great penetrative abilities.

Musen arrows are remarkably well-made for their price. You can use high-quality Musen arrows for a long time, so don’t hesitate to invest in longevity.

2. Huntingdoor 12 Pcs Turkey Feather Fletching Wooden Arrows

Wooden arrows must have high-quality craftsmanship to properly function. The Huntingdoor Wooden Arrows more than exceeds the expectations in that regard. Each arrow is hand spined for optimal performance. Thanks to their design, these arrows fly in a straight trajectory and hit their targets with quite a punch.

Superb accuracy can also be attributed to natural turkey feather fletching. Huntingdoor feathered arrows are not only highly practical but also look great. You can use these arrows for target shooting as well as hunting. You’ll need a recurve bow with a draw weight of 40-60 pounds to shoot them.

3. VNAKER Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow Set

For a very reasonable price, the VNAKER arrow set offers great value. It includes 12 solid carbon arrows and storage. Arrows are 30 inches long and come with plastic vanes. Plastic fletching might not look as glamorous as a feather, but these arrows are still very accurate and fly straight to the target. They come with detachable field point tips.

Quiver is simple but very functional. Thanks to its telescopic design, you can use it to store arrows that are between 24 to 40 inches long.

4. Pure Carbon Arrows

It’s hard to design arrows that are as lightweight and functional as Pure Carbon Arrows. With their straightness tolerance of 0.006, you can depend on Pure carbon arrows to hit the mark. To shoot these, you must have a recurve bow with 30 pounds of draw weight or more. Each of the arrows has a shaft made of carbon, so they’re very unlikely to bend or break.

The set includes twelve 31.5” carbon arrows. The craftsmanship of these arrows is outstanding, so you can use these arrows for years to come. Pure Carbon Arrows are a great value, especially in the long term.

5. ARCHERY SHARLY 31Inch Carbon Arrows

It is rare to find powerful arrows that also look great. If you’ve been looking, stop the search because SHARLY carbon arrows are just what you need. Because of their lightweight material, these arrows tend to fly in a straight trajectory.

SHARLY arrows also have gorgeous turkey feather fletching for extra accuracy. Because of the before-mentioned accuracy, these arrows are equally great for target shooting and hunting. SHARLY arrows are great for beginners as well as experienced archers. It is necessary to have Recurve bow with 35 to 50 pounds of draw weight to shoot these arrows.

Most important features of target-shooting arrows

If you are shopping around for recurve bow arrows for target-shooting, here are the details you’ll want to take into consideration.


The substance used for making the shaft of your arrow can influence the overall quality of the shots. Wooden shafts are typically used by traditional archers. The quality of wooden arrows varies a lot, depending on craftsmanship and the type of wood. The best wooden arrows must be light and extremely powerful. Cedar is a great choice of material for arrow shafts.

A lot of casual archers shoot arrows with aluminum shafts as well. These are relatively cheap, but the performance is satisfactory. Aluminum arrows are prone to bending, but you can get them back into shape easily.

Shafts made of carbon are very lightweight and solid at the same time. Carbon arrows are fairly easy to shoot and fly straight to the target. Beginners, as well as experts, can make good use of arrows with carbon shafts.

The choice of arrow shaft material is the biggest factor that influences the arrow’s durability and accuracy. You can find great target shooting arrows with wooden, aluminum, or carbon shafts. Our list includes some of the best products in each category.


Before getting yourself a target shooting arrow, you should understand the basics of its structure. The arrow always has a point, also known as a tip. There are different types of points, but arrows with target tips are the only ones you should be concerned with. Based on their name, you can probably guess that these are the best arrow points for shooting at targets. Their design allows them to penetrate targets better.

Fletching can influence the flying trajectory and accuracy of an arrow. Some pieces have plastic vanes, while others use genuine feathers. Feathered arrows are more expensive, but they look better and can give you better results. 

Nock is arguably the most critical part of an arrow. The right nock will ensure that your arrow flies off to hit the target effortlessly. The strength and accuracy of your shot will largely depend on how well it is nocked.

Best Arrows for Recurve Target Shooting


This may not be true for most archers, some archers like equipment that looks cool. They pay a lot of attention to how their equipment looks, and how they look while they’re using a recurve bow. If you’re one of these people, you’ll appreciate good-looking equipment as much as they do.

Feathered arrows usually look much better than the ones with plastic vanes. There may be other aesthetic factors worth taking into account, but you’ll know a cool-looking arrow when you see one.


Make sure the target shooting arrows you get are compatible with your recurve bow. Make sure your recurve bow has enough draw weight or doesn’t exceed the draw weight limit to shoot your arrows. You should also consider arrow length and draw length to make a comparison.


Many factors can influence the accuracy of a target shooting arrow. Weight is arguably the most important. You want arrows that are neither too light nor too chunky. A solid target-shooting arrow should fly straight and promptly hit the target.


As a marksman, you’ll find that arrows are crucial to your success. The quality of arrows available on the market varies wildly, so it’s important to be informed when you’re shopping. Hopefully, we’ve helped you choose the right set of arrows for your target shooting practice.

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