What Can a 30 lb Recurve Bow Kill?

When deciding what draw weight to get, you need to know what that draw weight is capable of. 30 lb draw weight is one of the more common draw weights available in the recurve bow industry. If you want to take that recurve bow hunting, you need to know what can a 30 lb recurve bow kill.

a 30 lb recurve bow can kill small game effectively. When it comes to larger game, arrow placement becomes more and more important. If you want to take out a deer or elk with 30 pounds of draw weight, you’ll need to hit the vital organs. Be sure to check local county and state laws for draw weight requirements.

30 lb is a good starting point for most beginner archers because it allows them to work on the basics of using a recurve bow with light draw weight. So even though in most situations 30-pound draw weight is not lethal to large game, it is great for learning recurve bow basics. You’ll need hours of target practice before you can even consider hunting.

Animals That a 30 lb Recurve Bow Can Kill

Here are some small animals that recurve bows could kill.

Before you go hunting any game, make sure you have the appropriate tag/licenses. Always make sure you have an ethical kill shot before releasing the string.

1. Rabbit

If you only have a 30 lb recurve bow available but still want to put some food on the table, rabbits are a great option. Recurve bows as low as 20 lb of draw weight can take out rabbits. As a reminder, the placement of the arrow is more important than the draw weight.

My favorite detail about hunting rabbits is because they are everywhere. If you are new to recurve bow hunting, hunting rabbits is a great place to start. It requires very little bow poundage and you’ll get many opportunities.

2. Squirrels

Squirrels provide great hunting opportunities at a bit higher skill cap. Most people are surprised to hear that you can eat squirrels but they’re actually pretty good! Because squirrels move so quickly, they can be difficult to hit with a recurve bow. In many places all over the world, squirrels are quite abundant giving you lots of opportunities to catch dinner.

Also, in most places you can hunt as many as 10 day. They are everywhere and are great for getting some food on the table while also improving your hunting skills.

3. Turkey

Turkey is delicious. Luckily, you can hunt turkey with 30 lb of draw weight. Turkeys have great eyes and ears making them a challenge to hunt. I consider them training wheels for larger animals like deer or elk.

4. Deer (In Some Places)

Most places require that you have a draw weight of at least 40 lb to hunt deer. Surprisingly in a select few places, you can hunt deer with only 30 pounds of draw weight. To find out what you can hunt in your location. Type in “Deer Draw Weight + Location” into google. For example, here in Ohio, state law requires at least 40 lb of draw weight for larget game like deer. I was able to find that out with a quick Google search.

What Can a 30 lb Recurve Bow Kill

5. Waterfowl

Waterfowl birds have some of the best meat in my opinion. Most states do not have a minimum draw weight requirement when it comes to hunting them. Just be sure to land a kill shot because they can fly away if that shot is not fatal.

6. Raccoon

Racoons meat is not as bad as most people would imagine. The meat is tough but completely edible. If you are ever inclined to eat raccoon, a 30 lb recurve bow will more than do the trick.

Tips to Hunting with a 30 lb Recurve Bow

Here are some tips when hunting with a lower draw weight recurve bow.

Focus on Accuracy

When using lower draw weights, accuracy becomes more and more important. Because the arrow will not travel with as much speed, the placement of the arrow is that much more important. Heavy draw weights can be forgiving because they land with much more power.

If you want to hunt with a 30 lb recurve bow, you’ll need to spend more time working on your accuracy. Just like anything, the more you practice the better your accuracy will get and the better chance you’ll bring back some food.

Most new archers make the mistake of focusing on how strong their bow is. It is common to see a new archer use too much draw weight. In reality, bow hunting is a sport of accuracy, not power. If you can get highly accurate on your 30 lb recurve bow, you can deliver a deadly shot to about any animal.

Creative Target Practice

A tip I always give archers that are preparing to go recurve bow hunting is to get creative with your target practice. Take your foam archery target and head to the same terrain you plan on hunting. I personally hunt in the Angeles national forest. So I’ll take my archery target and set it up in different spots. I’m trying to emulate the same situation in which I’ll actually be when I run into game.

Does not make sense to practice in an archery range when you’re trying to get ready for a hunt. Get familiar with the territory and landing shots on that specific terrain.

Another great tip is to change the distance and angles from your target. Personally, I like to make up hunting scenarios in my head and set up the target accordingly. By doing this you are building specific practice for your next hunting trip.

Plan Your Hunt

When hunting with a 30 lb recurve bow, you need to pay close attention to other factors that could influence your hunt. Checking for things like weather and animal patterns increases your chances of a successful hunt.

Only Take Ethical Shots

Taking ethical shots because much more important when using a lower draw weight recurve bow. Unless you are 100% confident that your arrow is going to hit the vital organs of your target, do not take the shot. Here are the important points to make sure you are taking an ethical shot.

  • Always hunt with new broadheads.
  • Only take a shot at a distance you are comfortable with.
  • Only take kill shots.
  • Never hunt with a weapon you are not familiar with.

Final Thoughts

A 30 lb recurve bow can kill just about anything if the arrow makes it to the right spot. Recurve bow hunting is a sport of accuracy not power. As long as your arrow hits a vital organ you can take down any animal. Many states have rules of the minimum draw weight required for hunting specific game. Be sure to check with your local state laws before your next hunting trip.

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