Full-Length Archery Arm Guard

We’ve all be slapped by a bowstring before. People think stubbing their toe hurts. You should feel taking a string to the forearm. The good news is there are some full-length archery armguards to protect your forearm from your bow’s vicious string.

With enough practice, you can fire accurately without worrying about the string hitting your arm most of the time. This will take days of practice and you’ll still hit your arm every once in a while. We need an armguard to protect our arms till we get it down. Most armguards available today are pretty flimsy in design and only cover a small portion of your arm. For full protection, you’ll want a full-length armguard that protects everything from your wrist to your elbow.

A decent armguard will also protect your hand from the strain the bow puts on it. If you’ve ever shot a bow for an extended period of time then you know the pressure the bow places on your inner palm will begin to hurt over time. You may think you can handle the pain but it is common to see archer’s accuracy take a dip because the strain on their hand is causing shaking or imbalance.

If you are left-handed then you’ll need the arm guard on your right hand. If you are right-handed you’ll need the armguard on your left-hand. Be sure to get the correct arm guard for your hand orientation.

By protecting your palm and wrist you are making sure you can have a pain free archery experience.

Best Full-Length Archery Arm Guard

From thousands of archery armguards, here are the 5 that are the most effective in protecting your wrist and palm.

1. Tophunter Full-Length Archery Armguard

This first archery armguard looks like something out of a movie. It is a two-piece with an armguard and hand glove to protect both your forearm and wrist. This beautiful armguard can be adjusted using the string that lace around it.

The Tophunting full-length archery armguard provides complete protection of your arm by wrapping all the way around your arm. With this level of coverage, you won’t even be able to tell that the string touched you at all. The thick leather is not just comfortable, it’s also breathable. This armguard’s design allows air in while keeping the string out.

The attention to detail on this product is surprising. Because the armguard is handstitched, every detail has been closely attended to.

Tophunter is so confident in the quality of their armguard and hand glove that they offer a 1-year guarantee on all their products. So if you are not happy with it or have any questions, you can reach out to Tophunter.


  • Full protection armguard
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Highly adjustable
  • Comfortable


  • Arm sweat after long use

2. KRATARC Archery Leather Arm Guard

This archery armguard by KRATARC is great for avid archers on a budget. Whether you are target shooting, hunting, or competing, you’ll get the protection you need for your hand and arm. This armguard is made with thick scratch-resistant leather providing great protection.

You can tighten and loosen the armguard using the laces along the top. For your grip this arm guard comes with double layered protection to prevent fatigue from holding the bow.

If you are looking for an affordable full-length archery armguard that’s going to last you years, you must check out this armguard by KRATARC.


  • Highly protective
  • Scratch resistant leather
  • Easily adjustable using lace
  • Affordable


  • Loose string can get annoying

3. Nachvorn Handmade Leather Arm Guard

This full leather armguard by Nachvorn has everything you need in an armguard. Its easily adjustable sleek design makes it a great armguard for recurve bows and compound bows alike. This armguard reminds me of the one Oliver Queen uses in the show Arrow.

Overall this is a great arm guard. The only issue I really have with it is that it seems like it was built for average-sized men. If you are a small-framed woman or a larger man (6’1″) you’re going to have trouble using this arm guard.

It comes in two colors, black and brown. This arm guard does not just look good, it provides more than enough protection. My string has hit my arm many times with this armguard and I haven’t felt a thing (on an 70lb compound bow).


  • Great design
  • Adequate protection
  • Reasonable price


  • Not for small or large people

4. ArcheryMax Handmade Leather Arm Guard

If you are looking for a solid armguard that is for both right and left-handed archers, you should check out the ArcheryMax Handmade Leather Armguard. This full-length archery armguard provides all the protection you need with brown and black options.

My favorite detail about this armguard is that there are no loose strings that can get distracting. Most lace armguards have an extra string on the end that can get in your way or tickle you (which obviously affects accuracy). This armguard also has great airflow allowing you to shoot for hours before being concerned about getting your arm sweaty.

The double-layered leather on your palm protects you from strain from the bow and from the arrow sliding on top of your hand. If you are a left-handed archer or are looking for a quality armguard, you must check this one out.


  • Breathable leather
  • Two color options
  • Both right-hand and left-hand orientation
  • Short string


  • A bit pricier than other armguards

5. KRATARC Archery Full-Length Arm Guard

Full-Length Archery Arm Guard

Although this is technically not a full-length armguard, it does do a great job protecting your arm. If you are looking for an armguard at a ridiculously low price, this is the one for you. It does not offer any hand protection from the riser but it protects your forearm just fine.

The openings in the arm guard make it breathable. You no longer have to worry about sweaty arms during extended practice or hunting.

KRATARC Arm Guard comes in 3 colors, blue, red, and black. I never thought you’d be able to find a half-decent armguard for such a low price but here it is. This armguard is fine for newer or younger archers but if you plan on going hunting you’ll need one of the full-length armguards that also covers your hand.


  • Affordable
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Breathable


  • Only covers wrist

How to Find the Best Full-Length Armguard

Here are some details to keep an eye out for when looking for the best armguard.

Armguard Protection

The first and most important detail of an archery armguard is protection from the string. A full-length armguard is more likely to provide the protection you need to keep your arm safe from the string. Leather is the best material for a full-length archery armguard because it keeps your hand protected while still providing flexibility.

Also, be sure that the grip protection feels natural. It always feels awkward when you first put it on but after an hour or so of use, it should start feeling like part of your hand. This portion of the armguard can directly affect the quality of your shot.

The only downside to leather armguards is that they make your arm sweat after prolonged use.


How comfortable your armguard feels is an important detail to consider. the more comfortable your armguard, the less likely it is to affect your shot. Especially if you plan to practice for long stretches of time, you’ll want something comfortable.


Price is obviously important when purchasing any of your archery gear. Full-length armguards should not cost an arm and a leg. Find a protective, flexible, armguard at a reasonable price. Check out the 3 armguards above as examples.

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