5 Best Feathered Arrows for Recurve Bow

Arrows are one of the two key instruments necessary for hunting. When shooting a recurve bow, the fletching can have a significant impact on the overall quality of the shot. A lot of members of the community disagree about the two fletching choices available: plastic and feather. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but in this guide, we’ll devote all the attention to feathered arrows. If you’re not concerned about the price, feathered arrows are arguably the better type. We’ll try to help you pick the best-feathered arrows for your recurve bow.

Pros and Cons of Feathered Arrows:

It’s apparent that people who like to hunt traditionally prefer feathered arrows over the ones with plastic vanes. Once you account for numerous advantages of feathered arrows, it’s easy to understand why some archers love them. We decided to write down the most obvious advantages below:

Best Feathered Arrows for Recurve Bow


  • Accuracy: As a rule of thumb, feathered arrows tend to be more accurate than their all-plastic alternative. Once released from the recurve bow, these arrows tend to fly further and straight. Because of their accuracy, feathered arrows are particularly useful for beginners who haven’t tuned their shooting skills yet. Professionals, on the other hand, will enjoy the benefits of straighter shots and supreme accuracy.
  • Power/speed of the shot: There is evidence to suggest that feathered arrows reach higher speeds after being shot. Obviously, faster speed means more power to the shot. Coupled with accuracy, these two factors are one of the most advantageous for hunting. So if you’re looking for perfect hunting arrows, you’ll want to check out our suggestions below.
  • Stability: Feathered arrows are also considered to deliver more consistent shots. Perhaps this is due to a combination of feathered arrows’ favorable peculiarities, like straighter and powerful shots.
  • Aesthetic look: When you’re choosing an arrow, it shouldn’t be your primary concern, but you should consider its looks and aesthetics. It’s hard to deny that arrows with feather fletching look much better than plastic. The choice of synthetic material may be practical, perhaps because of the lower cost, but some people are willing to pay a premium for style. If you’re at least a little bit nostalgic, you’re going to hate shooting arrows with plastic vanes.
  • Value: Despite their slightly higher price, feathered arrows aren’t overpriced. Nowadays, everywhere you look you see plastic products. For a lot of people, the traditional look and feel of feathered arrows would be enough to justify the slightly higher price. If you’re more concerned about functionality, feathered arrows are arguably better in terms of practical use as well. It’s hard to find highly functional products that also look great. So it shouldn’t be surprising that feathered arrows cost a little bit more than their plastic alternatives.


Price: Occasional archers might not care about the higher cost of feathered arrows, but regular marksmen probably will. If you have to frequently buy a new set of arrows, a slight price difference becomes considerable. Despite the significant advantages of feathered arrows, if you get used to shooting arrows with plastic vanes, you can achieve nearly the same performance. Ultimately, the choice between plastic vanes and feathered fletching comes down to how much you value the traditional look and the feel of having aesthetically superior materials. If you’re on a tight budget or have to buy a lot of arrows, it is understandable if you’re nervous about paying the higher price for feathered arrows.

5 Best Feathered Arrows for Recurve Bow:

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1. TTAD 12PCS Red Turkey Feather

 It is difficult to find arrows that have high-quality fiberglass shaft, real turkey feather fletching, and cost very little. TTAD arrow set is exactly what every archer needs, regardless of their skill level. The arrows weigh 33 grams and are 31 inches long.

These fiberglass arrows are extremely strong, so they’re perfect for any purpose – hunting or simple practice. Because of their fiberglass shaft, these arrows never bend. Carbon fiber arrows are also distinguished by their accuracy. TTAD arrows can be used with recurve bows that have 30-50lbs of draw weight. These cost about the same as some plastic alternatives, so if you prefer arrows with real feather fletching, look no further.

2. Letszhu Carbon Archery Arrows

If you’re willing to pay a premium for high-quality goods that last a lifetime, Letzshu Carbon Arrow set is perfect for you. The optimal draw weight for shooting these arrows is between 30 to 50 pounds. The multi-layer carbon construction of these arrows makes them tougher and safer than most arrows found in stores today.

Letszhu arrows are also distinct for their impeccable straight flight. Feather fletching is properly cut, feels great to the touch, and doesn’t get distorted easily. The 12 arrows you get are more expensive than arrows with plastic vanes, but considering their longevity, they’re worth every cent.

3. JIANZD 30″ Carbon Fiber Arrows

Beginners who are looking for perfect feathered arrows for target shooting will really like the JIANZD carbon fiber arrow set. These are designed to be used with bows with a draw weight of approximately 30 pounds. It is not a great idea to shoot JIANZD arrows out of a powerful hunting bow.

The 12 arrows that are included in this set aren’t intended for hunting; Still, they’re an amazing choice for beginner archers who want to practice with feathered arrows. We must also mention the affordable price of JIANZD arrows. Considering all the aforementioned features, this arrow set is an unbeatable value.

4. PG1ARCHERY Archery Bamboo Arrows

feathered arrow for recurve bow

Nowadays handmade feathered arrows are hard to come by. That’s why the PG1ARCHERY arrow set deserves an honorable mention on this list. The set includes 12 arrows as you’d expect. Individual pieces are masterfully crafted. Bamboo arrows like these should last you for at least a few months, so the cost is minimal.

To shoot these 32” long PG1ARCHERY arrows, you’ll need a recurve bow with a draw weight of approximately 50lbs (between 40 and 60). Because of the high-quality shaft and excellent feather design, these arrows can have a positive impact on your overall performance. If you’re looking for excellent target-shooting arrows, look no further. This arrow set is available in three design variations, so you can pick the aesthetic that works for you.

5. MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows

Most arrow sets tend to include 12 arrows, but that’s not the case for MS Jumpper set, as it includes only six pieces. Still, due to their top-notch quality and practical design, these arrows are extremely popular. If you consider the longevity of these arrows, paying a slightly higher price might be a good idea.

MS Jumpper arrows can be used for hunting as well as practice shooting. Due to feather fletching, as well as shaft design, MS Jumpper arrows can be very powerful and fly straight to the target. To shoot these arrows, you’re going to need a recurve bow that has under 65lbs of draw weight. Normally, that’s more than enough for casual archers.


In this article, we’ve looked at feathered arrows and listed their most distinct advantages. Choosing any of the five great sets of arrows on our list will ensure that you have a great experience shooting feathered arrows on your recurve bow.

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