Compound Recurve Bow Hybrid

Believe it or not, there is actually a hybrid between a compound bow and a recurve bow. There aren’t many out there. In reality, there is only one company that makes these kinds of bows, Oneida Archery.

Both recurve bows and compound bows have their own pros and cons. A compound recurve hybrid bow, takes many of the features from each kind of bow. You’ll get the power of a compound bow with the smooth draw of a recurve bow.

I’ve fired both recurve bows and compound bows extensively. I’ve hunted, competed, and shot thousands of arrows with each. A compound recurve bow fires more like a recurve bow but with the power of a compound bow.

Let me explain. If you’ve ever pulled back the string of a 50lb recurve bow, then you know, it’s hard. On the other hand, pulling the string back on a 50lb compound bow is fairly easy but it’s not as smooth. With a compound recurve bow hybrid, you can pull a 50# recurve bow back as easily as you would a compound bow and as smooth as you would a recurve bow.

Only one company really manufactures them so if you’re interested in purchasing one of these bows, you have no choice but to look at Oneida Bows.

Compound Recurve Bow Hybrid Options

There are only 2 options when it comes to looking for compound recurve hybrids, all made by the same company.

1. Phoenix Hybrid Bow

Compound Recurve Bow Hybrid

The first and most popular of these kinds of bows is the Phoenix Compound Recurve Hybrid Bow. This bow is probably the most widely used hybrid bow available today.

This bow was made with hunting in mind. The durable riser was made to take a beating. Also, I’m not sure if it was just the particular bow I was shooting but this bow is ridiculously quiet. I thought my Samick Sage was quiet but this bow barely made a sound.

Its draw weight is adjustable from 30 lb to 50 lb of draw weight making it capable of hunting large game.

Feel free to use a release or your fingers, the choice is yours.

So you might be asking, what’s the catch. Here it is, this bow costs about $1,200 bucks and takes approximately 6-8 weeks to get to you. I’m pretty sure they only make the bow when you order it because that is a ridiculous lead time.

I’ve been using my hunting partner’s phoenix for the longest time until I decided to place an order for one of my own. Still waiting for it…

If you don’t mind spending the money, this is a great bow for hunting and target practice.

2. American Pride Osprey

American Pride Osprey

I can’t start going into detail about the American Pride Osprey without talking about how freaken beautiful it is. Talk about attention to detail, even the string is red, white, and blue. Nothing says American pride like this bow. The “made in USA” engravement on the side gives the bow an even more authentic look.

If the aesthetics aren’t enough, this bow can still deliver quite a punch.

You have the pully system we are accustomed to seeing on compound bows on this hybrid bow. Just like the Phoenix, the riser is made with Aluminum metal making it perfect for hunting or bowfishing. It weighs approximately 3 1/2 pounds so you’ll have no issue carrying it around.

The draw weight can be adjusted from 30 lb to 50 lbs and the draw length ranges from 25 inches – 31 inches.

Although this bow is mostly known for bowfishing you can take it hunting if you’d prefer. It certainly has the power and accuracy to do so.

So what are the drawbacks? This bow is also on the higher end price-wise coming in at $1,299.00. So it’s going to make a dent in your bank account for sure. Another con is that although this bow is gorgeous, it’s not ideal for hunting. When hunting you want to be as stealthy as possible. This bow will make you stand out with the bright red, white, and blue.

Luckily if the red, white, and blue is not exactly what you’re looking for the Osprey does come in a few other designs like the one below.

Final Thoughts on Compound Recurve Hybrid Bows

The reason these kinds of bows are so rare is because they cost a lot to manufature. You can get a compound bow that has the same power for 1/5 of the price.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the asthetics of this bow. The pullies combined with the recurve style string gives these bows a mean look. I’m excited for my Phoenix Hybrid Bow to come in the mail so I can have one of my very own.

If you are ready to take your archery to the next level, pick up one of these unique bows that combine compound and recurve bows together.

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