PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit Review

Summer is right around the corner, and the countdown to long, lazy days filled with lots of fun outdoor activities has begun! However, at times, it can be really challenging to keep yourself busy without a plan for action without an adventure buddy.

An increasingly popular hobby among children and adults that can be done alone, in pairs, or with a group is fishing. What you just need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the fish to come to you. But what if you wanted to add some action to that? Is there a more proactive way to fish? It turns out there is.

We’ve found the perfect solution for you! Meet the PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit. The manufacturer claims that it gives you just what you need to have a great bow fishing experience with the right bang for your buck. With a solid amount of positive feedback from users, this kit has a lot to offer to someone who’s looking for a way to energize and relax at the same time.

A PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit Review is important.

The PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit comes with many different items that, when constructed and used together correctly, greatly increase the accuracy and success of the shot.

The bow in the kit comes disassembled and requires some light work to get it into shooting shape. Let’s have a quick overview of what you should expect when you purchase this product.

PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit

The PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit is a product that has built a very good reputation among the archery community. The kit contains a sturdy and durable bow that has a length of 62 inches and draw weight of 45 pounds. This bow has a camouflage finish and right-hand orientation.

Along with the bow, this kit also comes with a front mounting reel, 50 feet of an 80-pound test line, and the real show stopper, a 31-inch fiberglass arrow with a sharp point and Snap Shot arrow rest that has been constructed using a combination of stainless steel and aluminum materials. Think of it as combining two sports together: fishing and archery.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle and shoot with precision
  • Comes with many items
  • Cost-efficient
  • Effortless retrieval
  • Powerful and accurate shot, even at great distances
  • Multiple draw weights to choose from
  • Sleek and bold look


  • Can only be effectively used by right-handed archers
  • Inexperienced or beginner archers might have difficulty handling the bow
  • No clear instructions included on how to assemble the bow

A Closer Look at the Bow

The PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit has lots to offer to archers. With an overall length of 62 inches and a weight of nearly five pounds, the bow gives all the power a more massive bow would need without nearly as much weight. The arrow is made of solid fiberglass and already comes with a point, an item you would normally purchase separately.

The front mounting reel comes with 50 feet of an 80-pound line, which brings more convenience. This allows you to have all of the required materials for fishing and archery in one place. A Snap Shot arrow rest is also included, which gives an added level of support and an increased level of accuracy of the arrow.

The PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit is meant for right-handed archers, so lefties won’t be able to use it comfortably. Nonetheless, the all-season camo finish on the bow gives it a sleek and daring look but also makes it perfect for use during rainy or sunny conditions.

The bow has a high draw weight, and if you’re unfamiliar with what that is, it is actually the amount of force needed to pull back the arrow once it’s been placed. This force then translates to the power, speed, and precision of the shot. The higher the draw weight is, the more strength needed to come from your part to make sure the arrow is drawn and shot correctly.

However, as with many things, practice makes perfect, so even if you don’t have lots of upper strength, starting on a bow with less draw weight (think 25 to 30 lbs.) helps you build the strength you need. When you feel comfortable, increase the draw weight.

PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit is great for hunting.


Though the PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing kit is an excellent choice, we understand you also might be looking at other brands. One such option is the Cajun Fish Stick Bowfishing Bow.

This bow is a bit more expensive than the PSE Kingfisher, but it also has slightly higher reviews and seems to be made of slightly better materials. For a beginner or someone who bow fishes as a casual hobby, either bow is an excellent choice.


We think that the PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit is a good fit if you know your way around a bow and arrow or have more upper body strength. This is also perfect for intermediate and expert level archers or fishers, but with practice, beginners can also benefit from using it.

Although there are some skill level restrictions, the price point for the PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit is impeccable. We haven’t seen many other kits that include these many items at a price this low. Thus, this kit is also perfect when you want to practice your shots without breaking the bank in the process. Or you could use this kit to get yourself started and save up for a more expensive set later down the line.

Regardless, the PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit is worth investing in, and will definitely keep you busy during the summer days when you just don’t know how to pass the time. Finally, the quality of the PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit is one that is backed by the positive feedback of many users. Rarely have we seen such a unanimous vote on the excellent quality of this kind of product. The reviews don’t lie, and that’s exactly why this kit excels compared to other products. Take it from us, the PSE Kingfisher Bow Fishing Kit gives you all you need to ensure you have a fun packed, exciting, and fruitful (or should we say ‘fishful’) summer!

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