PSE Stalker Recurve Bow Review

Recurve bows have very specific characteristics that directly affect their performance in the field. When unstrung, a recurve bow curves away from the archer. Because of this, it is able to store more energy and deliver it more efficiently than a straight bow. Recurved bows can often deliver the same amount of force in a much shorter package.

This makes them easy to carry around and very user-friendly. Recurve bows are widely used in target archery and are the only style of bow allowed in Olympic competition.

If you’re a beginner looking for a bow to get into archery or bowhunting, you can’t do much better than the PSE Stalker Recurve Bow to make sure that each and every arrow is on the money every time. Welcome to the world of PSE archery.

Reading a PSE Stalker Recurve Bow Review before buying is recommended.


First of all, let’s go over what comes in the package when you buy. You’ll get the bow itself, a carrying case, riser, limbs, and bow string. You’ll also get an assembly manual and warranty information.

It’s important to note that you do not get a stringer so make sure you get on separately.


Recurve bow assembly is pretty standard and the PSE Stalker fits the profile. First, attach the limbs to the riser. Use the Allen wrench to tighten the bolts. Don’t overtighten the bolts.

Because this bow is suitable for beginners, having the bolts too tight would result in fatigue or even damage to the bow. Next, use a bow stringer to attach the string to the limbs. That’s it! You’re ready to start shooting!


Technically, there’s no actual grip on the PSE Stalker. That is to say, there’s not leather, rubber, or other designated surface to put your hand on. If this is an issue, you can always buy gloves to wear to help make you more comfortable, lessening the risk of blisters.

It could also improve your performance by improving your aim. One thing to note here is that the grip is on the small side and might not be the best fit for someone with really large hands.

A PSE Stalker Recurve Bow is great for many different aspects of archery.


The hardwood riser is ergonomic and still, manages to be suitable for both right and left handed archers. It’s comfortable to use so you’ll be able to get some long practice sessions in without feeling the fatigue. This bow is durable and accurate and can handle weights between 35 – 50 pounds pretty well.

Go much higher than that and you’re PSE Stalker probably won’t last as long. The riser is drilled and pre-threaded so it’s easy to add accessories if you choose to. Plus, limb pockets are made of metal, which is a nice feature for a bow in this price range.


Unlike other bows in the same price range, the limbs of the PSE Stalker are not made of plastic. They’re made of hardened maple and wood.

Wooden limbs need a little more maintenance than plastic ones but are much better at coping with strenuous use and will last much longer. That said, wooden limbs are also a little unpredictable. Every piece of wood has a unique grain and other characteristics.

Like snowflakes, no two are the same. So, there is always a possibility that there will be some variations in performance from bow to bow. The length of the bow is 60” and a good range for draw length is 27 – 30”. High draw lengths place more tension on the bow and can also shorten the lifespan.


You’re most likely going to start by using the string included with the bow. This string will work just fine, but we recommend upgrading. You can do this whenever you need to replace the factory string when you run out, or right away.

It might be better, though, to get a feel for the bow with the included string before upgrading to something a little more involved. For the best performance, the string should be redone after every session or at least once a week.

Tuning your instrument will give you better results. This applies whether you’re talking about your PSE Stalker Bow or an acoustic guitar.


This is an easy bow to adjust to and accuracy will increase quickly. This is one reason why it’s so suitable for beginners. Long range shooting can be a little more inaccurate, though. This and the fact that it’s exceptionally quiet makes it a good choice for close range hunting.

It’s lightweight and not very bulky, which makes it easy to carry in the woods on long hunting trips if you are thinking about using it for hunting. It’s available in 40, 45, 50, and 55-pound draw weights and is a great and affordable choice for anyone who can handle a bow in this range.

While this is considered a beginner’s bow, it’s not a good match for every beginner. Because of the size and draw weight of this bow, it’s not a good choice for kids. That said, it would be the perfect bow for someone who has been away from shooting for a while and wants to get back into it.


All PSE bows come with a lifetime warranty that is contingent on changing the string at least once a year. As long as you perform proper maintenance, you should have nothing to worry about when it comes to having the warranty honored. If PSE decides that any damage done to the Stalker because you were using old string, you’re out of luck.


The PSE Stalker is a great bow for adults who are just beginning or who are returning to archery of bow hunting. It’s lightweight and not very bulky so it’s a good choice to take hunting.

Keep in mind that while it’s great for close range hunting, it’s not the best choice for long range.Assembly is easy and, while there is no grip, the ergonomic design will keep you comfortable, whether you’re left or right handed.

There’s no stringer included so make sure you get one separately. Also, make sure you maintain the string per the company’s specifications because that’s the only way to keep the lifetime warranty coverage.

If you don’t think the PSE Stalker is the best bow for you, why not take a look at our complete buying guide to the best recurve bows

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