Review of the Best PSE Archery Recurve Bows

Awesome designs, sleek and styling one piece fitting, amazing risers, strong limbs, and the name brand backing to go with it set PSE Archery Recurve Bows apart.

Founded by Pete and Jonathan Shepley back in the 1970s, PSE Archery has grown from a passion to a hobby to a small business and nowadays a thriving archery company. It’s based out of Tucson, Arizona, with enough offices and facilities to fill a whole city block!

So, when you buy one of PSE Archery’s special recurve bows, you’re getting a precisely crafted piece of equipment that comes from a company with over twenty patents of bow design.

They were a pioneer when it comes to making risers out of aluminum, which was definitely a game-changer! These bows have won tournaments, been the star in a hunting or fishing trip, and are an excellent choice for any archer of any age.

Let’s look at a few of the latest recurve bows that PSE proudly offers.

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PSE Razorback Recurve Bow

Reading a review of the Best PSE Archery Recurve Bows is recommended before buying.

This is the standard model offered by PSE Archery, their flagship recurve bow. Everything you’d want in an excellent recurve is to be found in this model. Although PSE Archery does have aluminum risers, you won’t find that here in their Razorback Recurve Bow model. The handsome riser is crafted from hand-selected woods and has a striated, striped appearance. The wood is laminated to make it water-resistant, so you can shoot out in the rain if you prefer.

The limbs can be either attached or detached to the riser and are white, which is unusual but striking. Lighter draw weights mean that this is one of the company’s best intro and beginner bow models for younger or beginner archers, especially those who have never shot an arrow before or are coming back into the archery field.

Having a takedown recurve bow is very convenient for traveling to and from target practice or the field. Would you like to add accessories to your bow, like a sight, a stabilizer, a quiver, or another item? The riser features inserts just for these purposes, so you can customize it to your liking. It also has a berger button hole for a cushion plunger. This particular bow is left-hand orientation only.

Draw Weights20#, 25#, 30#, 35#
Brace Height7″
AMO Lenght60″
Weight1 lb (shipping)

PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit

You will love bowfishing, even more, when you have the perfect recurve bow to help you snag your catch! This PSE Archery Kingfisher bow comes with a complete kit to get you started on such a fun outdoor hobby. This 56” longbow comes with one Fish Stick solid fiberglass arrow that’s specially designed for spearing fish with its AMS safety slide, AMS safety stop, and point and AMS nock. There’s also a drum reel, with up to 50 feet of 80-pound test line that won’t snap or break after you’ve caught your fish. A tide chaser reel and finger savers complete this excellent kit.

This PSE Kingfisher bow is for right hand orientation use only. The aluminum riser has been precision machined and created for both flexibility and strength. It won’t weigh you down, it’s easy to keep clean, and easy to dry after fishing, too.

It has a Snap Shot arrow rest that’s made of high grade aluminum and stainless steel for many years of hunting. The risers have been finished in a Flo Green DK’d pattern, which is a PSE company exclusive. You can camouflage yourself as you wait to catch a fish!

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Draw Weights35#, 40#, 45#, 50#
Brace Height7 1/4″ – 8 3/4″
AMO Lenght60″
Weight5 lbs (shipping)

PSE Stalker Recurve Bow

If you’ve always wanted to stalk a target with the right bow, then choose this PSE Stalker Recurve Bow. It’s handsomely made, with a wonderful curved wood riser that has a built-in arrow rest and long shaped limbs made out of maple wood. The riser is made out of beech wood, Burma white wood, and Bintangor wood, which makes it lightweight, flexible, and it can be used out in the rain as well.

The riser also contains preinstalled bushings that would fit any type of brand of bow sight, which will help you improve your aim out in the field. This bow was made for hunting, it’s a sleek and light weapon, and you’ll enjoy using it each time you do.

This bow is for a right-hand orientation only. It has a medium shaft length of 60”, which is of good size and recommended for both beginners and experienced archers. The draw weight is only 45 pounds, with a draw length of 28”.

With hunting bows, you want a draw weight of at least 40 pounds to create more power behind the shot. This Stalker Recurve Bow has a lower price point, which makes it attractive to archers on a budget, too. It doesn’t come with any accessories, but a stringer tool is recommended for proper assembly. As soon as you are able to get some good arrows, you’ll have great shots with this takedown bow.

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Draw Weights45#
Brace Height7 1/4″ – 7 1/2″
AMO Lenght60″
Weight4.5 lbs (shipping)

PSE Razorback Jr Recurve Bow

Have you been thrilled with the PSE Archery Razorback model? Then you’ll also love this Razorback Junior edition, which is the exact same bow, just in a smaller size for teens and kids. It has a perfect five star rating due to how well made it is, how well it handles, and how perfect it is for a shorter and lighter archer. It’s also a takedown recurve bow, so you can disassemble it for easy transport to new locations.

Some of the Best PSE Archery Recurve Bows are cost friendly.

The gently curved center riser, made specifically for smaller hands, is made out of quality hardwoods, and it has preinstalled and threaded bushings that are perfect for adding a stabilizer or a bow sight. It also has a bigger button hole that’s threaded for a cushion plunger. Even the youngest archer can get started using accessories properly. An arrow rest is built into the riser, too.

Quality wood laminate limbs attach easily. This smaller bow is recommended for archers who are up to 5 feet in height. It’s 54” in length, with a draw weight of only 15 pounds. This particular bow is only for those of a left-hand orientation.

It’s a great way to introduce younger archers to the joys of using a recurve bow. Are you looking for more accessories to go along with your Razorback Jr Recurve Bow? Below, there’s the option to purchase it in a complete kit.

Draw Weights15#
Brace Height6 1/2″ – 7 “
AMO Lenght54″
Weight3 lbs (shipping)

PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow

When it’s time to invest in your first aluminum riser bow, then let us suggest this attractive model from PSE Archery. The Optima Heritage Recurve Bow has a lightweight aluminum riser that’s colored a bright, attractive blue. The limbs are white, and, due to the bow’s design, are interchangeable, so that the bow can grow with the shooter. You are advised to get a stringer tool (not included) to help with stringing. It comes with all the hardware needed to attach the limbs, and the limb bolts are of one piece and stainless steel. This bow was built well and built to last.

This bow has excellent accuracy, which makes it ideal for target shooting. Within the first few hours of use, you’ll be able to shoot small groupings from at least 25 yards away. It comes with a lighter selection of draw weights that only go up to 35 pounds, so keep that in mind for shooting.

It’s not as good for hunting due to this lower draw weight, which is recommended to start at 40 pounds. Overall, it’s sturdy, attractive, and in a great price range for beginning archers.

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Draw Weights15#, 20#, 25#, 30#, 35#
Brace HeightN/A
AMO Lenght62″
Weight2 lbs

PSE Youth Explorer Recurve Bow

Many of the top archers in the world get their start shooting PSE Archery bows, and that’s because their junior models are so good. This PSE Youth Explorer bow is definitely one of the best. It’s recommended for children ages five and up. One of its amazing features is that it’s ambidextrous, which means that either a right- or left-hand orientation shooter can try it out. That makes it a great gift, too. The bow itself measures only 45.5” from tip to tip, and it has a small draw weight of 15 pounds. The riser is made out of flexible plastic, which is made for smaller hands to grip and hold onto.

 This is a complete recurve bow set for a youth shooter, so it comes with a target quiver, a protective armguard, two fiberglass arrows, three finger rollers, its own pin sight, and an arrow rest. You get all the benefits of a high quality, American-made recurve bow in a smaller package. It’s a fantastic beginner’s kit for one low price.

Draw Weights15#
Brace HeightN/A
AMO Lenght33″
Weight2.3 lbs (shipping)

PSE Razorback Jr Takedown Recurve Bow – Full Kit

The Razorback Junior Takedown Recurve Bow is sold just by itself above, but it’s also a fantastic bow to go into a kit of its own. This full and complete package comes with a 54” left hand orientation Razorback Jr recurve bow, three feathered arrows, an armguard, a finger tab, and a small target specification that can help even the youngest shooter learn.

The bow itself has a riser that’s designed for smaller hands, so this kit would be great for a beginner. The riser is made of quality hardwoods, while the limbs are constructed from quality wood laminate. You can disassemble this bow and take it with you to target practice.

This recurve bow is also perfect for customization, with its inserts for mounting stabilizers, quivers, or a bow sight. A recommended shooter height is up to 5 feet.

Draw Weights20#
Brace Height6 1/2″ – 7″
AMO Lenght54″
Weight<1 lb


PSE Archery offers a range of traditional recurve takedown bows that so many archers, both beginning and experienced, have enjoyed using. Their lighter draw weights, hardwood or aluminum risers, wood limbs, and options for adding accessories make them fast, quiet, and versatile.

For those looking for a beginner’s bow, the youth and junior options at PSE are second to none. You can definitely find a child’s or teenager’s bow for an exceptionally low price, too. It won’t sacrifice any quality, either. Choose your next bow from PSE Archery – and have fun at the target or out in the field!  

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