PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow Review

The PSE Optima Heritage recurve bow is a beautiful bow from Precision Shooting Equipment with a beautiful aluminum riser and interchangeable wooden limbs that allow you to modify the draw weight and performance of the bow over time.

A recurve bow is not just like any other bow, it is equipment that an archer needs to use so as to hit their mark. As much as choosing the right recurve can be a challenge due to the various aspects to consider, finding the perfect match is essential.

There are a number of bows in the market manufactured by various companies, creating them with different features depending on an individual’s taste.

Reading a PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow Review is important before purchase.

Choosing the right bow for oneself ensures that you will not be injured during the activity. More so, it ensures enjoyment of the sport in the time of use. Therefore, choosing the right bow, customized for your stature and experience in archery is vital rather than using a bow that you cannot handle.

This review can be used as a guideline for you to choose the bow that satisfies your needs. This creates a 100% satisfaction for the purchase of the bow, whether a newbie or professional. This type of bow has features that make it excellent for an individual who is to use it for a perfect bow for recreation or beginner’s target practice.

PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow Review

PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow product image

The recurve bow is only available for right hand orientation. It is manufactured by a company that has an expansive array of archery equipment and accessories.


  • Bow Length is 56 inches
  • Gorgeous machined aluminum riser
  • Draw weights of 15# and 20# available
  • Comes with interchangeable components


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Great for target practice or shooting at the range
  • Comes with accessories
  • Interchangeable lims allow the bow to grow with the owner
  • Available in red or blue


  • Has a small sight window
  • Lacks power for serious hunting

A Detailed Look at the PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow 

Design and Construction

The PSE Optima Heritage recurve bow has an ergonomically designed aluminum handle in order to prevent slippage when shooting. The machined aluminum riser comes in two colors: red and blue. The recurve bow bears the Optima logo on the limbs on top of an ash white color. It is one of the most versatile recurve bows manufactured by PSE in its heritage collection.

The manufacturer has made available two different sizes accepting two different sized limbs of the bow. This means that the bow can grow with the user especially if it is for a young beginner. However, it can be used by individuals who range from 6 to 66 years of age. The variety of exchangeable parts allows the shooter to find Optima’s ranging from 56 to 66 inches AMO lengthwise.

The interchangeable pockets on the aluminum riser leave room for adjustments, creating room for use of individuals with different limb sizes. The aluminum riser has a greatly advanced technology that is of strong and ergonomically design, held together by stainless steel bolts. The equipment therefore can be able to endure lengthy periods of use and random drops. This makes it the best product to consider for kids and young children who are beginners in archery.


PSE has designed the bow for target shooting by archers of all sizes and ages. Like most of the PSE equipment, it is easy and flexible to use. Its Optima power depends on the configuration used, depending on the draw weights that range from 15 to 35#.  More so, due to its interchangeability, it allows you to upgrade the draw weights as you grow older, till you reach a weight that is almost high enough for hunting activities.

The adaptability of the equipment makes it ideal for use by anyone getting started in archery. Whether you are shopping around for a target bow for the scout troop or your children, the Optima will be the perfect fit since it features interchangeable limbs and risers.

The material used by PSE for its construction is also a plus since the bow can drop on concrete without being damaged. The bow is also quite flexible for individuals with inadequate shooting techniques thus allowing learners to learn different techniques without getting frustrated with the recurve bow.

As much as it is made of aluminum, it has a plastic grip that feels natural to a shooter’s hand. To add to that, its lightweight makes it enjoyable and easy to hold and use the tool for extended hours throughout the day.

PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow works well in many weather conditions.


Just like most of the bows manufactured nowadays, the recurve bow will need to be assembled after receiving it. The manufacturer, therefore, has made sure to include a step-by-step instruction manual on how to assemble and use the tool.

The Optima Heritage is the easiest recurve bow to assemble since you only need to attach the limbs to the riser pockets, then stringing the bow. On the downside, the item does not come with a bow stringer, hence it is advisable to invest in one if you plan to perform the activity professionally.

Nevertheless, assemblage of the equipment is not a hassle especially if you have experience with assembling recurve bows. More so, these tools can be disassembled for safe packing and storage after use.


The kit received after purchase should include a PSE Optima Heritage recurve bow that includes limbs and risers as well as limb attachment components like one-piece stainless steel lib bolts and bowstrings. This set of accessories are of high quality tested and marked as great shooting targets.

Once the package is received and assembled, all the tools needed to upgrade the bow can be purchased. This includes accessories like Berger button, sight, quiver, and stabilizers. The bow comes with predrilled holes to facilitate easy and efficient addition of accessories.


If you are not completely satisfied with the PSE Optima Heritage Recurve bow, then we highly recommend the PSE Razorback. Not only does this bow facilitate practice shooting for beginners especially for kids and adult women, but the item is also made of a durable wood finish that makes it more appealing to archers.

The wooden design of the bow is manufactured by use of strong hardwood that includes oak, walnut, or maple trees. Not only does the equipment look great for use and display, it is also built to be extremely durable. Most of all, it has both left and right-hand orientations with a small grip fitting smaller palms.


As you can see, the Optima has a comfortable, easy to hold aluminum riser just like its wooden counterparts. The plastic grip feels natural on my hand with its lightweight making its use enjoyable and stress-free.  

The different limb sizes make it the best bow in town especially for growing kids since it saves cost over the years. This feature allows the bow to grow with the archer. It is an ideal choice for beginners and professionals in the archery world.

However, if you are not satisfied with the product, PSE offers a 100% return policy on their products. This is because they believe that the customer must be happy and satisfied with their purchase.

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