3 High Poundage Recurve Bows

Do you have the strength or build to pull back a high poundage recurve bow? Some people do.

Recurve bows in general are much harder to pull back than compound bows. My teen is able to pull back a 60 lb compound bow but would stand no chance against a 60 lb recurve bow.

Even at 60 pounds, you’re ready to launch quite a bit of power. A 60-pound recurve bow will launch an arrow at approximately 190 to 220 feet per second. That’s enough to take out buffalo, moose, and even a bear. There’s really no need to go above 60 lb of draw weight but if you are crazy enough to I’m going to go over the few recurve bows out there that actually go up to 70 pounds of draw weight.

Before you go out and purchase a bow with a high draw weight, take the time to be sure you can actually pull back the string. I’m not calling you weak, I’m just trying to explain the difficulty of drawing a bow of that magnitude.

I actually wrote a whole article on how hard it is to draw a 70 lb recurve bow.

3 High Poundage Recurve Bows

Here are 3 recurve bows that have draw weights of up to 70 lbs.

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1. Deerseeker 54″ 20-70lbs Traditional Hunting Bow

The Deerseeker recurve bow is one of these high-poundage hard-hitting recurve bows. This bow offers draw weights from 20lb to 70lbs. So whether you are a beginner or advanced archer, this recurve bow has the draw weight you need.

This bow is called the “Deerseeker” for a reason, it’s a great recurve bow for hunting. This bow is quiet, powerful, and weighs less than a pound making it perfect for bringing home game. If you plan on moving from target practice to hunting this is a great bow to make that transition with.

This bow comes with an arrow rest, stringer, finger tab, and armguard. All you need are some decent arrows and you’re ready to go.

Also, this is a personal preference but I think this bow incredibly is aesthetically pleasing. It’s pretty good for blending in on hunts and has a great brown and black patterned design.

Deerseeker also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your bow, you can contact the manufacture and they will make it right.

Unlike most other recurve bows this bow comes in both right-hand and left-hand orientation.

Personally, my Deerseeker works great but my friend’s cracked after a few weeks. They sent him a brand new one but I thought it was worth mentioning.

If you’re looking for a high-poundage recurve bow that looks great, you got to checkout the Deerseeker.

2. SinoArt Falcon 60″ Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

SinoArt is one of the largest manufactures of recurve bows in the industry. A few years ago, they came out with their high poundage Falcon Takedown Recurve Bow. This bow was specifically made for hunting large or small game (depending on your selected draw weight).

So what does it take for a recurve bow to be “made for hunting”? The first is that the SinoArt Falcon is made with a metal riser that is less likely to be affected by the elements. The second is draw weight. This recurve bow offers 30lb to 70lb of draw weight in 5lb increments. You can get the exact draw weight you’d like for the game of your choice.

This recurve bow comes in a green camo design or solid black making it great for concealing yourself outdoors.

SinoArt also has a great customer service department. If after purchasing the bow you have any questions or concerns about your purchase you can reach out to them for help.

Unfortunately, if you are a left-handed archer, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

3. AMEYXGS Archery Traditional Bow

This last bow is a 67 inch longbow that goes up to 70 pounds of draw weight. The AMEYXGS longbow offers a traditional-style bow with quite some power. This bow is similar in design to what people used in the middle ages.

Because of how long the bow is, it’s able to deliver much more power. Finding recurve bows that go up to 70 pounds of draw weight is hard, but longbows not so much.

Also, this bow might look fragile because of its length, it’s actually quite durable. The glass steel limbs can last you a lifetime if the bow is cleaned and maintained properly.

This bow is primarily used for target practice. Although it has more than enough draw weight to take hunting, it would be difficult to maneuver 67 inches through any terrain.

This bow does not offer any spots for attachments so you’ll be shooting instinctively. This high poundage longbow also comes in right-hand and left-hand orientation.

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