3 Bowfishing Accessories You’ll Need for Bowfishing

People who have tried hunting with a bow probably know how much fun it is. If you have this weapon and enjoy hunting with it, you’re probably going to like bow fishing as well. It is just another way to hunt with your bow. 

The good news is, people who already have a quality bow can easily transform it into a bow fishing bow. Most risers feature inserts where you can install additional accessories, such as a fishing reel, arrows, and special bowfishing rest. In total, bow fishing accessories cost no more than a few hundred dollars.

Individuals interested in bow fishing don’t need to buy a separate bow. They can use their own bow, assuming it has the inserts on the riser. It’s okay to go fishing with your regular bow from time to time. However, if you notice that you’re passionate about this sport and want to seriously pursue it, it’s better to invest in a separate piece for bowfishing.

Bowfishing Accessories

The good news is, sturdy and accurate bows don’t have to be expensive. You can buy a separate fishing bow for a few hundred dollars. Bow fishing is a dirty sport, it will expose your equipment to dirt, blood, and other substances that can damage your bow. For this reason, it makes sense to invest in a separate bow for bowfishing. This is especially true if your primary bow is well-crafted. You can look for bows on Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, or your local archery shop. The type of bow doesn’t make much difference. You can use either recurve or compound bows.

Fishing bows may look complex, but they’re fairly easy to put together. You can either buy all the necessary gadgets (reel, rest, arrows) together or buy them separately. Beginners should go for an entire set because it’s easier to buy everything at once. More experienced fishermen can buy bow fishing accessories on their own. 

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Buying All-in-one Bowfishing option

The easiest way to transform a regular bow into a fishing one is by getting an all-in-one accessory package. These accessory sets are also cheaper than the cost of separate gadgets combined. 

AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Combo Kit

Buying an entire kit is a perfect option for hunters who don’t have any fishing accessories. The AMS Bowfishing Retriever Combo Kit contains everything you need to get started in bow fishing. The risers on most bows contain brass bushings, which you can use to install and remove accessories when necessary. The same principle applies to installing bow fishing gadgets. If you decide to upgrade your fishing bow, you can easily transfer all the accessories.

The line is 25 yards long, which is more than enough for bow fishing. Also, the string fiber is strong enough to handle even the wildest type of fish. The arrow rest is made specifically for shooting fast-moving targets in the water. Regular arrow rests can’t compete with the strength and accuracy of the arrow rest included in this set.  

The set also includes two pcs of Chaos FX arrows, which are considered one of the best in the category. Thanks to the excellent fiberglass shaft material, these arrows fly straight to the target. Arrowheads are efficiently designed to pierce through even the toughest scales of the fish

If you live near the ocean, you should know that these accessories are compatible with saltwater fishing. You can use them with compound bows as well as recurve bows. The accessories in this set are made in the USA. AMS brand has been making high-quality hunting and fishing products for the past 40 years.

Buying accessories separately

People who have strong preferences for certain features can buy bow fishing accessories separately. If you go with this route, you should have prior experience in the sport.

Cajun Winch Pro Bowfishing Reel

In 2021, the Cajun Winch is the most balanced and well-designed bow fishing reel on the market. Its unique design allows you to brake and reel at the same time. This is a really convenient feature for novices as well as experienced fishermen. When fishing, having one hand free to grab something or give directions can help you catch the fish. 

The fishing reel is built with extremely strong materials, yet it weighs only 1.5 lbs. The overall frame is made of aluminum, which provides protection from drops and other accidental damages. The string guide is made of durable ceramic materials. Thanks to this decision, the string feed is smooth and reliable. Thanks to its strong build, this Cajun bowfishing reel allows you to make very difficult shots. Yet it is lightweight enough to allow you to take aim and shoot without much delay. Thanks to its versatility, it is also easy to carry. 

The shooters have the freedom to adjust the positioning and alignment of the reel. 

Muzzy Mantis Bowfishing Rest

People who’re looking to get the best shooting performance from their bow should consider Muzzy Mantis rest. It is specifically designed to facilitate shooting underwater targets. Once released, the arrows fly off smoothly and retain a high degree of accuracy, even for long-distance shots. More importantly, the shots fired with this rest are also straighter. 

A smooth launch ensures that the rest isn’t put under much pressure and lasts longer. The manufacturer picked low friction materials to ensure its longevity. Both frame and mount are made of aluminum and can be firmly attached to the bow. They’re unlikely to bend and even less likely to break.

Bow Fishing Arrow Heads

These simple barbed arrowheads are a perfect choice for beginners. They’re affordable, effective, and easy to use. As we previously mentioned, bow fishing is not an exact science. Some of your shots might hit a rock or go into the ground. These arrowheads are perfect for those who are just starting out and learning by making mistakes. 

Each arrowhead features a hole that must be attached to the fishing line. Make sure to choose a strong fishing line. The heads are designed to pierce tough surfaces, but sometimes they can be difficult to get out.

Before you buy any arrow shafts, make sure they’re compatible with the 225-grain design of these arrowheads. Otherwise, you might struggle with connecting the two to each other.

The entire set includes 12 arrowheads, which should be enough for at least half a year. You can buy a set of excellent arrow shafts for under 100$ as well. 


Bow fishing can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re well-prepared for it. In addition to basic hunting gear, you’ll need a few accessories like a fishing reel, bow rest, and arrowheads. In this article, we went over multiple options at your disposal. Hopefully, we helped you choose options best suited for your needs.

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