Best Recurve Bow Plunger to Improve Accuracy

Anyone who’s ever held a bow understands the importance of archery equipment. To achieve supreme accuracy as an archer, you need both – high-quality equipment and hours of practice. You can not achieve excellence if you lack either of these two components. Not only that, high-quality archery equipment will allow you to get maximum enjoyment from your hobby.

In general, when getting started with archery, it’s better to spend as little as you can. In the early stages, you’re more susceptible to accidents and damaging your equipment. For this reason, try to stick with budget recurve bows and arrows while you practice shooting. It’s smart to invest in accessories that prevent you from making mistakes. In today’s article, we’ll discuss one of such gadgets.

Most recurve bows sold today don’t include accessories other than stringer and the bow itself. However, you can find one that comes with a plunger, a stabilizer, and other minor accessories that can make your shooting experience much more enjoyable. These additional gadgets cost very little, but can dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of your shots. A recurve bow plunger is an excellent example of an accessory that costs very little, but can significantly improve the quality of your shots. It is especially important for target shooters, who want to maximize their potential.

Best Recurve Bow Plunger

What is a Recurve bow plunger?

It is a tiny accessory for a recurve bow that can improve your aim.  Physically, it looks like a simple cylinder that you can insert into the riser in the hole near the arrow rest. Internally, it features a spring and a tip that touches the arrow shaft. This little tool has two primary purposes: to adjust the center shot, and correct pressure inconsistencies once the arrow is ready to take off.

Every archer who intends to take part in competition needs a plunger. This isn’t an issue at all, since the plunger doesn’t cost much and can last for multiple years. Using a plunger increases the consistency and accuracy of the shots. In general, it improves the forgiveness of a recurve bow. However, a new plunger isn’t a fix for every problem. To achieve optimal performance, you must hone your shooting forms all the time.

In general, plungers are made up of a tube that contains a spring. In traditional plunger design, this spring has a tip that sticks out of the metal case. In terms of appearance, the plunger is a lot like a spark plug. You must install it right above the arrow rest so that its head and the arrow are horizontally aligned. 

Through its contact, the plunger can prevent weak arrows from breaking. By doing so, also improves the accuracy of your shots. Unfortunately, even the best plunger will be unable to fix poorly matched arrows. 

Why is it necessary?

The recurve bow plunger is also often known by its another name – ‘cushion button’. It helps your aim in two ways: it aligns the arrow shaft with the bow’s centerline upon release and negates the flexing pressure applied to the arrow.

The release is an important part of the shooting experience. Unless you use a release aid, your arrow will be put under immense pressure from the string and flex. Your arrow will continue to vibrate while it’s flying to the target. This is unavoidable, the best you can hope for is to negate its effects by using a plunger. This neat little accessory can reduce the vibrations and flexing effect of the release. As a result, the arrow will fly straight to the target and hit the marks much more frequently. 

Once you’ve installed a plunger, you must configure its center shot and spring placement to maximize the accuracy. It takes no more than half an hour to find your sweet spot for both of these settings. Once you do, you’ll notice that the quality of your shots will dramatically improve. Plungers are particularly useful for people who make minor errors due to the nature of the process. It can’t fix a bad form or other serious problems of incompetency.

Best Recurve bow plungers

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To further increase the accuracy of your bow, you need to purchase the right bow plungers. These tiny gadgets can make your arrows less wobbly and launch straighter to the target.

Elong Archery Cushion Plunger

The primary purpose of the Elong Archery Cushion Plunger is to reduce the arrows while you’re shooting them. By improving the straightness of the shots, also improves the overall accuracy of your shots. It is specifically designed for takedown recurve bows. The riser must have an insert hole right above the arrow rest where you can install the plunger.

The steel accessory is fairly easy to install. The package includes a wrench and a screw, which are necessary to install the plunger. It also comes with a replacement spring, in case the one installed on the springer stops working.

Overall, this is a fantastic option for an affordable price. Customers who have tried this product compare it to other more expensive plungers. People seem to particularly enjoy the click mechanism, which, in addition to its normal function, also minimizes the arrow’s vibration. 

ZSHJG Rest and Cushion Plunger Set

In combination with the riser, the ZSHJG Rest and Cushion Plunger can significantly improve the accuracy of your arrow. This is largely achieved by making the arrows fly straighter by reducing the wobble. The plunger as well as the rest is made of aluminum alloy, an extremely strong material, which should last for years. The plunger gives you the freedom to adjust the arrow on both sides of the platform.

You can only install the plunger if the riser features a hole near the rest. Overall, it is fairly easy to install. It is suitable for recurve bows.

The set also includes magnetic rest suitable for the recurve bow risers. You can buy the plungers for both hand orientations. You can also choose from seven different color options.

ZERIRA Archery Cushion Plunger

The outer layer of the Zerira Archery Cushion Plunger is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. Side pads are made of extremely durable ceramics. Just like other plungers, it is intended to stop the arrow wobbling and vibration in the air.

The arrows released with this plunger fly straight to the target. The spring tension can be adjusted depending on the required setting. The package includes multiple spare springs and piston shapes.

This plunger can only be used if the riser has a hole near the rest. Most standard risers should be compatible with it. Overall, this is a great cushion plunger for people who don’t want to spend more than $20. Customers can choose between two colors. 

Final Thoughts

Recurve bow plungers are tiny but a very important accessory for your bow. They’re practically useful if you want to achieve optimal accuracy. When used in combination with the arrow rest, plungers can ensure that the arrows launch smoothly and don’t vibrate in the air. Most of the time, you can get one for under $50, which is a small price to pay for accurate shots.

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