Rootmemory Recurve Bow Review

Archery is a great hobby: you get to spend time outdoors, breathe fresh air, and have fun. But it is important to choose the right bow, to avoid common problems that beginners face. In today’s article, we’ll judge Rootmemory recurve bow and arrow set.

Rootmemory Recurve Bow Review

Rootmemory Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set Review

With this bow, the manufacturer managed to pull off something very difficult: make the perfect recurve bow for beginners. It has many advantages over other bows in the category, but let’s start with the most obvious one: the price. This bow is cheap enough to be a safe investment for beginners. You don’t always know if you’re going to stick with a hobby when you start out, so spending a significant amount of money on the bow and the accessories wouldn’t be smart from a beginner’s point of view.

The kit, besides the bow itself, includes everything you need to start shooting. At the moment, three versions are being sold: one with 30lb draw weight and 6 arrows, 40lb with the same number of arrows, and a 30lb bow with 9 arrows. In my opinion, 6 arrows aren’t enough, especially for a beginner, so it’s worth paying a bit more for 9 arrows. Draw weight options are tailored to match the beginner’s capabilities. 30lb is perfect for people who are just starting to shoot with a bow. 40lbs is okay to start with if you’re a fit person.

If you’re worried about accidents, you should seriously consider buying this bow. Rootmemory designed bow limbs to have smooth edges. This little feature makes it much less likely for a beginner to hurt themselves after the release. And if you do hurt yourself, you’ll feel much less pain and have less damage to your skin.


  • Unbeatable Value – with all the extra accessories included in this set, it’s arguably the best beginners’ recurve bow set on the market.
  • Designed for Beginners – If an accident happens, recurve bows can cause a lot of damage. Rootmemory knew this and made limbs’ edges smooth so that even if accidents happen, they’ll inflict less damage.
  • Portable – this bow can be taken apart and put together very easily. Once dissembled, limbs and the riser can fit within a backpack. The whole bow is just 2.2lbs, which is extremely lightweight.
  • Customer Service – Rootmemory takes itself seriously and their customer service is very responsive and helpful.


  • Basic Materials – Not really a flaw, because the bow couldn’t be affordable if the manufacturer used high-end materials. I must note that this bow is solid and won’t break easily.

Structure of the bow – Riser, Limbs, String

As you may know, recurve bows consist of three parts: the riser, upper limb, and lower limb. Normally, it is preferable that the riser is made of metal, because it is the strongest material. Still, the wooden riser of this bow is surprisingly sturdy and doesn’t feel flimsy. Despite its weight, the bow feels powerful when you’re holding it. It gives you confidence that it’s not going to break during a draw.

The fiberglass limbs flex well and transfer maximum kinetic power after you release the string. The total distance from the upper to lower tip of the bow is 51 inches, which is a normal length for all recurve bows. The string itself is made of nylon, which is not the best material for recurve bowstring, but it gets the job done. String stretches and holds power really well. You can’t really ask for a better string at this price.

Portable Recurve Bow

Most takedown bows are very easy to carry around, but this bow takes that to another level. Rootmemory recurve bow is just 2.2lbs, which is extremely lightweight, even for beginners’ bow. The string length of the bow is 51 inches, which is quite long, but when taken apart, bow pieces are surprisingly small and can be carried around in a backpack.

The kit includes a simple wrench needed to take the bow apart and put it back together. If you’re looking for a portable recurve bow that you can carry around easily, this is it.

Is it Worth the Price?

This bow is more affordable than most recurves you’ll find on the market. it’s not as advanced as 500$+ bows, but for beginners, that makes no difference. Advanced features of expensive bows are difficult to use anyway. Even If you want to have the best recurve bow, I’d still recommend starting with this bow.

It is designed for practice and simple target shooting and does that extremely well. Once you get your basics right, you can move up to using more capable bows. This one can also be a perfect temporary replacement if your bow got damaged and you need something to shoot with until your bow is fixed.

It can’t be stressed enough how good of a value this set is. It includes not only the bow, which is decent and worth the money in itself but also many other accessories. Here’s the full list:

  • Bow
  • Arm Guard – This is used to prevent injuries to your arm caused by the string. As you may know, after the release, the string moves at an incredible speed so you don’t want it to hit your arm. The arm guard is invaluable when you’re just starting to shoot with bows.
  • Finger Guard – Recurve requires a lot of power to properly draw. There’s a lot of stress on your drawing fingers, so having some kind of layer between your digits and the string is extremely useful. Incredibly useful for beginners as well as experienced archery enthusiasts.
  • Arrow Rest – this one isn’t extraordinary, but it’s simple and gets the job done. The biggest disappointment with arrow rest is that you can’t carry it on your back. Only with your hands. In the long run, you’ll probably replace it, but for the time, it’s useful.
  • 6 Arrows – Okay for training, not for hunting. But it’s as good as you can expect at this price.
  • Target Paper (5 pcs)
  • Instruction Manual – you’re going to find it useful if it’s your first time assembling a recurve bow.


This bow is not going to help you win the Olympics, but “the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. It’s perfect for getting the taste of Archery. If you do decide that you want the best performance, you can upgrade to a better recurve bow without feeling sorry about the little money paid for this one. When it comes to shooting the targets, it is just as important to practice your grip, forms, and release as the technical capabilities of a bow. For practicing, Rootmemory recurves bow is as good as any.

The best part is, you don’t need any extra accessories after you buy this kit. Everything you need to start shooting arrows is included in the package.

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