3 Best Bows for Teenage Girls – Design and Quality!

If you’re someone who thoroughly enjoys shooting at targets, then there’s a chance that your kid will be interested in archery as well. Children love to imitate adults, especially those dearest to them. They are likely to show interest in your hobby as well. Archery, in particular, looks like a lot of fun. If you are looking for the best bow for teenage girls, you’ve come to the right place.

Starting to shoot arrows from an early age is a great idea. First of all, if a child decides to pursue the sport as an adult, he or she will have a head start compared to their peers. As a physically demanding hobby, archery can also form a habit of fitness and healthy living. 

Stereotypically, archery is supposed to be a male-dominated sport. In reality, the picture is a little different. Many girls practice this hobby recreationally. Some of them even have plans to pursue the sport professionally. Little girls interested in this sport need the proper equipment. It is particularly important to get a great bow. In this article, we’re going to give you advice on how to choose the best bow for a teenage girl. 

Best Bows for Teenage Girls

3 Best Bow for a Teenage Girls

Here are the best bows available that are perfect for a teenage girl.

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1. KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow

Keshes Takedown bow is one of the best recurve bow options for teens or even adults. The lowest draw weight version of Keshes Recurve bow is 15lbs, which is a perfect starting point for a teenage girl.

The riser is made of different types of wood. Because of the smart decision to use multiple kinds of wood, it feels extremely lightweight when you hold it. The riser also has rounded edges, which is both practical and a gorgeous feature of an otherwise beautiful bow. Because of the rounded edges, the bow is very comfortable to hold.   

With its fiberglass laminated limbs, the Keshes recurve bow is definitely a great starting point for teenage girls who are new to archery. Even if they have prior experience, they’ll thoroughly enjoy shooting at targets with this recurve bow. 

The great thing about the limbs is that they’re replaceable. You can unscrew one pair of limbs and install another on the same riser. It will work the same. This is particularly useful for young people, who are developing very fast. As a teenage girl, you’re likely to start at 15lbs draw weight, and gradually improve as months go by. Still, buying a new recurve bow every month wouldn’t be optimal. With Keshes recurve bow, you only have to buy a new pair of limbs, not the entire bow. 

This feature will also allow you to share the bow with the family. Maybe you already have a Keshes bow with higher draw weight limbs. If your teenage daughter decides to get into archery, you don’t have to buy a new bow, getting a new pair of limbs will suffice. 

Keshes bow is easy to use in every way. The riser comes with brass bushings so that the archer can install upgrades on your bow. Young people often use the additional accessories with a recurve bow. A teenage girl using Keshes recurve bow will be able to use upgrades when necessary. 

2. GENESIS Kit – RH Red

Considering its excellent performance, it is safe to assume that RH Red Compound Bow was specifically designed for teenagers. It is an excellent piece of equipment with versatile features. RH Red doesn’t have a fixed draw length. This feature ensures that the kids can use this bow even if they grow in height.

The riser, as well as most parts of the bow, are made of strong aluminum. Despite the use of such a durable material, the bow is very lightweight at 1.6kgs. This bow was chosen as the default kids bow by NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). The bow is made in the USA, which is one more testament to its quality.

The default draw weight of a bow is set to 20lbs. However, if the archer is in her early teens, the bow can be adjusted to 10lbs of draw weight. This convenient feature shows that RH Red bow was designed for kids of all ages, regardless of their fitness levels. 

This kit comes with many useful accessories. Besides the excellent bow, you also get extras like the quiver, an armguard, and five excellent arrows. The kit includes everything you need to start shooting at targets right away. 

3. JINGYUN Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

An excellent, well-built, and great-looking bow usually costs a lot of money. 

The JINGUIN Recurve Bow is an exception to that rule. It has all the features that you’d expect from a high-end bow.

It is an excellent choice for teens who are looking to practice target shooting. Its hard maple limbs can produce extremely powerful and accurate shots.

The JINGYUN recurve bow comes with everything you need to start shooting at targets. Most importantly, the set includes five beautiful feathered arrows. 

Choosing bow for a teenage girl

When it comes to choosing a bow for a teenage girl, first we must consider physical differences between teenage girls and adult women. Let’s start with the most obvious: weight and height.

Teenage girls usually weigh less than adult women, which means that they have less strength to pull the string. When choosing the best bow for a teenage girl, we must consider their comparative lack of strength and choose a bow with 15 or 20lbs of draw weight. We must also consider that they’re shorter, and make sure that their height won’t prevent them from using bows. Besides being shorter in height, the younger girls also tend to have shorter arms. Any bow designed for teenage girls must be made with these differences in mind. 

When choosing a bow for teenage girls we must also consider that young children tend to be inexperienced and more likely to get in accidents while using the bow. That’s why a good children’s bow must incorporate a safe, accident-proof design. It will prevent a lot of injuries and make archery more accessible to children.

Draw Weight

The most important detail to consider when shopping around is draw weight. You want to make sure the teen is going to be able to pull back the string comfortably. Draw weight is not something they should “grow into”. It’s difficult to learn the basics when you’re too concerned with holding the string back.

Depending on the age and size of your teen, you’ll want a draw weight 15-25 lbs on a recurve bow and maybe even up to 40 on a compound bow.

Many compound bows have adjustable draw weights. Recurve bows on the other hand do not. You can purchase multiple sets of limbs to adjust the draw weight but that’s the only way.


Bows come in all shapes and sizes. Especially when it comes to teenage girls, they’ll want a bow that fits their style. My daughter decided to cover her bow in stickers in order to make it “her own”. Shop around and take a look at the different kinds of bows and their different layouts.


The price is obviously an important metric when purchasing any archery equipment. A solid bow should not cost more than $200. Add in arrows and a target, you might spend around $250. This is not the time to get them a $500 compound bow.

As they get better at the sport and start developing a deeper interest, they can upgrade later.

Final Thoughts

When choosing archery equipment for teenage girls, parents should be very careful and make sure to do the proper research to find the perfect match. Hopefully, we’ve provided you with enough information to make this decision.

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