Bow and Arrow for a 12-Year-old Boy

Archery is an amazing sport, many people pick up this hobby from a tender age; as parents, if you want to pass this great tradition to your kid, or you notice them showing keen interest in archery, you should get them a bow. Not just any bow, but the best bow and arrow for a 12-year-old boy.

Before you pick a bow for your kid, it is important to consider the brand, draw weight, performance, age of the kid, bow weight, and brace height.

There is so much information about bows out there, so many options to pick from; you can spend hours going through reviews upon reviews and still not find the perfect bow for your kid. 

You don’t have to waste your time; this article contains a lot of information that will help you pick the perfect bow.

Best Bow and Arrows Set for 12-year-old Boy

Here are the best 5 bows we have identified that are perfect for 12-year-old boys.

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Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear is a tested and trusted brand for bow and arrow set for kids; the brand has existed for more than 80 years and is regarded as America’s No. 1 brand in youth and institutional archery. This bow is a perfect choice for kids who want to take archery to the next level; it’s not just a toy but a replica of real-life archery. 

The bow features include: 26″ axle-to-axle and 15 to 25 lb. peak draw weight, it can be used by kids for ages eight and older. The Brave has a brace height of 5.5” and a draw length range of 13.5 inches. The let-off is 65%. 

What makes the Bear Youth Bow Set unique is it comes ready to shoot with two Safetyglass arrows, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest – the safest rest in the archery industry and a $40 arrow quiver, a 1-pin sight, and armguard. The bow is designed for right-handed uses only. You can make your choice among the six different color options. What are you waiting for? Introduce your kid to the amazing sport of archery today. 

TIDEWE Recurve Bow and Arrow Set for Adult & Youths

TideWe’s Recurve Bow is designed with a reliable wooden core and strong fiberglass & wooden limbs.  The set also comes with 16 string strands of fabric bowstring.  With these features, you won’t have difficulty hitting your target. 

The bow features include a riser that’s designed with finely rounded edges and a cool finished handle. This makes it very comfortable when you hold it. This means you can shoot for hours without discomfort. The overall design makes it looks beautiful. 

The manufacturers put a lot of thought into young users. That’s why they made it friendly to put together; the instruction is easy to understand and will take only 5 minutes to assemble. The bow is pre-installed with brass bushings for various attachments and upgrades like the sight, stabilizers, bow fishing reels, and quiver. 

Other features include arrow rest, target, bow stringer, 6 pcs carbon arrows finger guard with removable field tips, and more. Since its limbs are removable, storing the bow wouldn’t be a problem. 


There are many reasons you should get your kid the ActiveMVP bow and arrow set; one reason is that it will help keep boredom away. It will help keep your kids and grandkids active and entertained at the same time. 

The bow will help your kids improve their shooting skills while igniting their imagination through role-playing. Most kids play hunting games where they pretend to be real hunters. This boosts their confidence. 

The ActiveMVP bow and arrow set stands out for its premium quality design and stable, safe, and strong features. This bow also serves as a kid’s toy; that’s why they place importance on safety. Thus it is made out of high-quality non-toxic plastic that’s sturdy and would serve your kids for a long time. The arrows are lightweight in order to keep your kids safe. 


ActiveMVP comes with an eye mask for your kids to play with; it gives them the chance to explore their imagination. The eye masks give them a character. If they are role-playing, you might as well help them give the character a name. 

The bow set also comes with an easy-to-wear Quiver with a 3-Way Belt. This belt has a unique quiver design with a 3-way belt that holds the quiver and arrows on kids’ backs. 

It also has a stunning light effect created by its cool LED lighting effects when you pull up the string. This makes playing with the arrow more intriguing and fun, especially when they play at night. 

The bow comes with: 1xBow, 1xMask, 1xQuiver+Belt, 6xArrows, 1xTarget (9.4″ dia). 

The quality of the ActiveMVP bow and arrow set is next to none; the premium bow offers users a  1-yr manufacturer-free replacement warranty to serve as a guarantee. If a user is not happy with the product, it will easily be replaced. 

CAPTAIN CHAOWING Bow and Arrow for Kids

If your kids are obsessed with a green arrow or any superhero that shoots an arrow, then the Captain Chaowing bow is a perfect gift to give them; this cool bow and arrow set is desired with shining lights; it has a total of 3 models of lighting making it great at night. 

This bow and arrow set gives your kids newer ways to have fun while ensuring that they play safe; that’s why it has a high-quality suction cup. This means the arrows would not drop. The entire package is made from high-quality materials. Other features include:

  • Stand target ×1
  • Handle bow ×1
  • Lighting bow ×1
  • Blowing bow
  • Arrow bag ×2
  • Arrows×12(2 kinds of color)
  • Quiver ×5

Finally, it has three different types of bow and arrow, and it is easy to use and carry, truly a great choice for your kid. 

UTeCiA 30 Pcs Complete Archery Set for Kids & Beginners

The Utecia Archery Set is a hand-crafted, solid wooden bow designed for your kid. It comes with 2 Camo arm guards,4 pcs 16” diameter target sheets, Camo quiver, 20 pcs 18” safety glued rubber tip Arrows, Handcrafted solid wooden bow, and two-finger Gloves. 

The package arrow comes in 29 pieces; each is 18-inch, specially designed for kids and beginners. The arrows put safety in mind. That’s why the arrow tip is flexible, glued, and rubber; this ensures that your kids and everyone around is safe. So you don’t have to worry each time your kid is out playing. 

This set had a lot of challenges that will keep your kids entertained for hours. We all know how careless kids be with their toys; they end up smashing and breaking them in a matter of days; that’s why the UteCiA bow strives to produce bows that have maximum durability; your kid can end up passing it down to your grandkids. The bow is made from solid wood and handcrafted the 34” bow with attention to detail; this means your bow and arrow set can last forever. 

In conclusion, UteCiA works hard to produce the most reliable archery kit you’ll find in the market; they are so confident of their product that’s probably why they offer a 100% refund if you are satisfied with the product. 

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