5 Best Archery Targets for Broadheads

We all want to start trying our broadheads as soon as we get them. The issue is, most archery targets are not build to take the impact broadheads. A quality broadhead will tear through most archery targets. Finding an archery target for breadheads is not easy either.

The good news is there are archery targets for broadheads. Meaning there are archery targets that are specifically designed to take the hit that a broadhead delivers. This means that you can start practicing your accuracy with a broadhead attached.

Archery Targets for Broadheads

Broadheads add weight to the arrow and change the trajectory of the arrow. Being able to practice with your broadhead gives you a massive advantage when hunting. Being able to actually practice with the exact setup you’ll actually hunt with.

Many make the mistake of only putting on broadheads when hunting. This causes them to have little to no practice with the now heavier arrow. Having archery targets made for broadheads allows you to practice your hunting skills.

5 Best Archery Targets for Broadheads

There are hundreds of archery targets out there but only a few can handle the punch of a broadhead. Here are 3 targets that can be used with a broadhead.

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1. Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target

If you plan on taking your recurve bow hunting, this is the kind of target you want to get your hands on. This life-like deer archery target is great for working on your big game hunting while using broadheads.

The best part is, even the sharpest broadheads only leave a small mark on this buck target. Like with any archery target, after a few thousand shots you’ll need to replace the core. This target actually comes with a core replacement already. So you can use this target for thousands and thousands of shots with broadheads.

Surprisingly, it’s actually the most affordable target on this list. So you’ll get target and hunting practice at a great price.

The only real concern I have with this target is that it’s a bit smaller than I was hoping. This can be a blessing and a curse. It’ll help you get your accuracy spot on but you’ll spend more time chasing arrows that missed your target completely.

My favorite activity with this target is to take it out and place it in different spots around my backyard and pretend I’m hunting with my kids. Great activity for us to bond over.

If you are looking for a realistic broadhead to prepare yourself for the upcoming hunting season, you’ve got to check out this 3D Deer archery target for broadheads.


  • Life-like target
  • Durable inserts that can handle broadheads
  • Center of target is replacable
  • Affordable target


  • Very high draw weights will go through target (75lb+)

2. Morrell Yellow Jacket Archery Target

If you’re looking for something tough, then look no further than the Morrell Yellow Hacket Archery Target. This target can stop broadheads at up to 380 fps. That’s over 100 lb draw weight. The point is this target is nearly impenetrable.

You can also leave this target outside for days on end. Rain, snow, or sunshine you can take this target with you anywhere. This target also weighs under 15 lbs so you can take it anywhere. Because it’s so light, you can also set it up in different places all around your backyard.

This thick target can stand up against any broadhead.

Each of the six sides of this target has a different layout making it a great option for beginner and advanced archers.

I use a 50 lb recurve bow and a 70 lb compound bow on this target and it has held up nicely for over a year now. I’ve never been able to knock it over. Even at 20 yards.

My only issue with it is that when using my 70 lb compound bow it can get really hard to take the arrow out. This just shows how thick the target is but it can get annoying.


  • Easily portable target
  • Thick target built for broadheads
  • Weatherproof
  • 6 different target layouts


  • Hard to take arrows out

3. Field Logic Block 6-Sided Archery Target

This last one is probably the toughest of them all. The Field Logic Block Archery Target is one tough cookie.

Although not much in the way of aesthetics, this archery target seemed to be designed to handle broadheads without an issue. I’ve taken over 10,000 shots on this target and just now am I having issues with the core. Most targets only last me 4,000-5,000 shots.

This block offers 6 sides of different layouts allowing you to practice different groupings.

The only issue I have with this target is that it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. The dull brown does not really compare to the vibrate colors and designs of the other target. But if like me, your primary concern is durability, this is the archery target for you.


  • Durable than most targets
  • 6 different targets
  • Light, easily portible
  • Great for broadheads


  • Dull Design

How to Choose an archery Target for Broadheads

There are thousands of archery targets out there that work for broadheads. Here are the things you’re going to want to keep an eye out for when choosing the best one for you.


The first and obviously the most important factor when choosing an archery target to use a broadhead on is the durability of the target. Not all targets are built the same. I’ve tried using broadheads on a regular target and it obliterated it.

Read the description of the product to make sure the manufacture states that broadheads can be used on the target.

No matter how good an archery target is, using broadheads will wear them out faster than field point tips. So if after a few hundred shots you start seeing early signs of wear and tear, that’s normal. Broadheads are made for slicing into whatever they hit, this includes targets.

Target Layout

The layout of the target is also important. Depending on what you want to use your bow for, different targets will be better for you. If you want to take your bow hunting, it’s probably best you use a lifelike target like the Shooter Buck 3D target.

On the other hand, if you are only concern about increasing your overall accuracy, a 6-sided block archery target would be your best option.


Archery targets on not cheap. Well, let me repeat that quality archery targets are not cheap.

If you want an archery target that’s going to be able to handle broadheads, you’re going to be spending between $100-$250 and this target. There’s no need for those $500 targets out there but if you are looking into a target that’s only $45, I’d be suspicious of its quality.

Final thoughts

Finding a high-quality archery target that can handle the punch of a broadhead is difficult. The three we’ve listed above are both affordable and can handle any kind of broadhead. If none of the 3 are what you’re looking for, check out our buyers guide for purchasing an archery target for broadheads.

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