Best Arrow Rest for the Samick Sage Recurve Bow

The Samick Sage Recurve Bow is one of the most popular recurve bows available today. Unfortunately, the arrow rest the Samick Sage comes with is not the best. It works fine but it won’t last you more than a few 100 shots. Most get a new arrow rest as soon as their Samick Sage arrives.

There are hundreds of arrow rests that work on the Samick Sage. It can be difficult weaving through the garbage ones to find a decent arrow rest.

In my review of the Samick Sage, I go over why the arrow rest that comes with it works fine but will need to be replaced every few hundred shots. Skip to 3:05 to see what I’m talking about.

Arrow rests are incredibly important to the accuracy of your shot. A poorly made arrow rest can alter the trajectory of your shot. When I first got my Samick Sage, I thought for some reason I always shot left so I adjusted my shot. Only to realize after I changed the arrow rest that it was affecting my shot.

The moral of the story is to invest in a decent arrow rest or be prepared to change your arrow rest often. The good news is a sold arrow rest should not cost you more than $20.

Samick Sage Arrow Rest

Here are the best Samick Sage Arrow Rests I’ve used over the years of owning my Samick Sage.

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1. TRUGLO EZ-Rest Brush-Style Arrow Rest

Brush-style arrow rests are my favorite kind of arrow rests. They are both quiet and incredibly smooth. The Truglo EZ-Rest Arrow Rest is no exception. If you plan on taking your accuracy seriously or plan on ever going hunting with your Samick Sage, this is the arrow rest you’ll need.

The way the brush is set up on this arrow rest allows you to fire an arrow in any direction. The first thing I noticed when I switched to this arrow rest on my Samick Sage is how much quieter my shot was. I always planned on taking my Samick Sage hunting so this was a huge bonus. A loud bow can scare game before the arrow has a chance to get to them, messing up your shot placement. Every bow is going to make some noise but you’ll want to minimize it as much as possible.

The only issue I’ve run into with this arrow rest is that it does not do well with high-poundage bows. The one on my wife’s 45 lb Samick Sage has been working great for over a year now. On the other hand, the one on my 70lb recurve bow has bent brushes now. For context, I’ve taken approximately 2,000 shots with it.

Overall it’s the best arrow rest for archers using a recurve bow less than 60 lbs.

2. Standing Wolf Traditional Archery Hair Rest

If you are looking to keep things simple and/or are on a tight budget, you’ll want to check out the Standing Wolf Arrow Rest. This arrow sticks right onto your recurve bow allowing you to get smooth shots off without any real instilation.

Simply use the adhesive attached to the arrow rest to stick it on your Samick Sage. Takes two minutes to install and is actually more durable than other more advanced arrow rests. This arrow rest is perfect for instinctual archers.

Only two major drawbacks. The first being your shots can be kind of loud. The arrow is sliding against the hair rest causes a noise. If you don’t plan on taking your recurve bow hunting, who cares? The other is that it’s not easy to take off. If you decided to go with another arrow rests, it’s going to be a pain to get this one off.

3. HRCHCG 12pcs Black Plastic Arrow Rest

The arrow rest that comes with the Samick Sage is not that bad. If you get your nock in the right place, I’ve heard people using it up to 700-800 shots before they had to replace it.

Some people decided to get a package of the same arrow rests the come with the Samick Sage. This allows them to be able to switch out the arrow rest as soon as it starts affecting their shot. It’s also ridiculously affordable.

Personally, I believe if you want to take archery seriously you’ll need something better than this but if you just plan on firing shots off in the backyard every once in a while, this is the most affordable way to do so.

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