4 Best 20lb Recurve Bows Available Today!

If you like the idea of target practicing and working on your aim, then archery might be a good hobby for you. A lot of people want to participate in this sport, but they’re nervous about spending too much on high-end equipment. With the right 20lb recurve bow, you can become a quality archer at a low price.

The truth is, there are many affordable recurve bows on the market. Affordable equipment is perfect for getting your start in this sport. You’re not risking too much investment and there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have a lot of fun.

Recurve bows with 20lbs of draw weight are perfect for beginners. Let’s look into their advantages, disadvantages and any other factors that we should consider.

Best 20lb Recurve Bows

Advantages of Using Low Poundage Recurve Bows

Many experts agree that 20lbs of draw weight is a perfect starting point for total beginners. You need a certain level of strength to draw a recurve bow. The draw weight measures the force required to pull the string. If you’ve lost your fitness, or never had a very strong pair of arms, 20lbs recurve bows are a perfect choice for you.

Even if you are in decent shape, getting the fundamentals down is important in archery. Details like how to hold the bow properly at full draw are hard to learn if you’re struggling to hold the string back. You can always upgrade limbs when you are ready to increase your draw weight past 20#.

These bows also make great gifts for people interested in archery. Most of the time, the recipients can start using low poundage recurve bow almost instantly. It doesn’t require much training or other preparations. A beginner archer can fall in love with this hobby almost instantly.

If you intend to give one of these recurve bows as a gift, your only responsibility is to determine the recipient’s hand orientation. A left-handed archer will struggle with the right-handed bow.

The best way to improve your aim and other skills is to go out and start shooting at targets. Low-poundage 20lb recurve bows are perfect for doing precisely that. It allows you to go out and practice without too many distractions. Eventually, you’re going to start hitting targets that are quite far away. 

The great thing about these recurve bows is that they can be comfortably used by adults as well as teenagers. That’s why many experienced marksmen recommend that you start practicing with a recurve bow of 20lbs draw weight. It is going to be more than enough if you intend to play casually. If you have professional goals, you can still benefit from practicing with a 20lbs recurve bow. 

If you’re a total beginner, keep in mind that the bow is likely to include manuals on how to set it up. Stringing the bow may be a bit confusing at first but manuals should clear up the confusion. Also, there might be other accessories that you’ll need to install on your bow. 

The best value 20lb recurve bows

Recurve bows often include extra accessories. These add-ons are often very useful. For instance, installing a sight on your bow might improve your overall aim. Armguards can physically protect your body. Most importantly, some recurve bows also include arrows, which you can use to go out and start shooting at targets right away. 

When selling low-poundage recurve bows, manufacturers also include other accessories that the beginners might find useful. Sometimes, the entire package can be bought for a very small price. These sets often pack a lot of value. By getting the entire set, you don’t have to buy the accessories separately. You also save the time that you’d have to spend browsing different accessories.

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1. TIDEWE Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

The first 20lb recurve bow is the TIDEWE Recurve Bow and Arrow Set. This bow comes with a lot of accessories. The bow alone would be more than worth the price. It also includes the entire set of accessories like extremely useful 6 pcs of arrows. 

The riser is made out of wood. Thanks to the rounded edges and a finished handle, it feels great when you hold it. The TIDEWE bow is so comfortable that you won’t get tired from target practicing. Not only that, but the riser has a very stylish design. The powerful limbs are made of fiberglass and wood. 

Overall, the TIDEWE recurve bow is a great piece of equipment that will allow you to learn. The packaging includes instructions on how to set up this bow. The setup process is so easy that it takes no longer than few minutes. The bow also includes brass bushings for using various extensions.

2. TOPARCHERY Archery Takedown Recurve Bow

The next 20 pound recurve bow is the TopArchery Takedown Recurve Bow. The bow is 56” tall, which is the normal height for recurve bows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any arrows.

The riser is made of strong casting aluminum, and it is very stable. Besides providing the archer with consistently good results, the riser is also beautiful. The limbs on TOPARCHERY recurve bow has a fiberglass surface and a wooden core. It’s possible to change the draw weight of a recurve bow by switching to different limbs. Sometimes, you want to start with low-poundage recurve bows and upgrade whenever you need them. This bow allows you to use limbs with higher draw weight by purchasing new limbs.

The only drawback of this bow is that it is made only for right-handed archers.

3. KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow

The brand uses many different types of wood to build a riser for this bow. Because of this feature, KESHES takedown bow is one of the most comfortable recurve bows to hold. It is also easy on the eyes. Limbs are laminated, which makes them resistant to damage and extra powerful. 

20Lbs recurve bows won’t be very useful for hunting, but it will be a great starting point. Everyone has to start somewhere and this bow is great to start with. Eventually, you can upgrade your limbs to get a more powerful recurve bow. 

In case you want to use any accessories or extensions, the riser includes Brass Bushings where you can install them.

4. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Few other recurve bows can compare to the Samick Sage recurve bow in terms of quality. The manufacturer used imported maple wood to make the risers of the Samick Sage recurve bow. That’s why these bows are light as a feather and extremely durable at the same time. The handle is ergonomic design, so it feels great to hold. 

The bow allows you to install many extensions to improve its functionality. Limbs are interchangeable, so you can eventually get more powerful limbs for hunting or other activities.

Samick Sage brand is renowned for its quality. If you buy this bow, you can be confident that it will last for a long time. 


In this article, we’ve covered the best 20lb recurve bows on the market. All of these bows are great on their own. Choosing the best one depends on your particular needs. The most important thing is to know what you’re looking for from a recurve bow. Once you’ve decided, choosing the best option is easy.

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