5 Best Arrows for a 25lb Recurve Bow

Are you looking for arrows for a 25lb recurve bow? Then you are at the right place. 25lb pounds of draw weight is an effective bow capable of firing an arrow up to 100 feet (or more) per second. However, take note that not every arrow can meet that velocity. The arrow you are using will go a long way in determining how well your shot will go. 

Arrows for a 25lb Recurve Bow

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of arrows to choose from. You can’t just walk into an archery store and pick a random arrow as each arrow offers a different function. Some are great for fishing, some for hunting, and others for practicing.

Best Arrows for 25lb Recurve Bow

Spotting the perfect arrows for a 25lb recurve bow is tricky and only with trial and error can you identify, luckily I’ve been through hundreds of different arrows, so I’ve put together a list of the best arrows for a 25lb recurve bow.

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1. Pointdo Carbon Arrows

Just like the name implies, the Pointdo Carbon arrows are made from carbon. This makes it a great option if you are looking for a lightweight and durable arrow. Pointdo has over the years proven to be reliable arrow makers, Pointdo Carbon arrows is no exception. 

This arrow is designed to both serve as target practice and hunting arrows. The use of carbon fiber in designing the arrow’s shaft means it will last longer with no risk of splintering. 

It has a length of about 30 inches, its outer diameter sits at 7.8mm. Its spine measures 500 making it a perfect arrow for a 25lb recurve bow. It can also be used for bows up to 60lb.

Its shaft and fletching are fluorescent making it attractive and easy to spot after a shot. It has 2 yellow and 1 white with an easy-to-find 6pcs.

Its nock is not glued, which means that it can be easily adjusted for your bow. It also comes with a 12pcs O-Ring for Locking the screw tip.

The Pointdo Carbon arrows are well made. Designed specifically for target practice and hunting.

What stood out for me is its final packaging. It has a nice package that sums up its overall quality. 


  • Nocks can be freely replaced 
  • It has an amazing carbon fiber construction
  • Can be used even at night 
  • If you have issues, you can reach out to their customer service, they are responsive 
  • Designed from materials that are weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. 


  • It’s not a great option for hunting because of its bright illuminating color. 


This is another amazing arrow designed with topnotch, its carbon fiber offers durability, with straightness and target penetration that’s next to none.

It is a high-quality arrow designed to give you the needed confidence whether you are practicing or hunting. It also helps users hit their target with better precision. 

Its shaft length measures about 30 inches, a spine of about 400, and an inner diameter measuring about 0.244inch (6.2mm).

Every size and curve serves a purpose, its 3-inch quality vanes offer users better accuracy. The carbon arrows are perfect when you are in the field, it is already screwed in 100-grain field points.

The arrows can be adjustable for your bow by using a coin to rotate. 6 extra nocks are included for you to replace.


  • It has a nock collar in case the arrow point gets weak
  • The arrow tip is interchangeable and it alternative broadheads or target tips
  • It is known as a straight arrow with guaranteed quality 
  • Has a stiff spine which makes it good for high draw weights
  • High quality and it comes at an affordable price 


  • The arrows nocks are not fixed

3. Keshes Archery Recurve Arrows

The Keshes Archery Arrow’s shaft length is precisely 30 inch which is an ideal archery arrow shaft, it’s nock point length measures 31.5 inches and its outer diameter is 0.309 inch as well as an inner diameter of 0.244 inches. 

Other measurements include spine 500, GPI & weight 35 grams, grain 13. Every bit of the arrow was designed with precision in order to ensure stability and smoothness. The shaft is made up of 100% carbon material which means the arrow is rock-solid and durable. It comes with colored plastic this will help it remain pointed in the right direction when it is in the air. 


  • It has a natural look coupled with elegance 
  • It has a naturally grooved nock. 
  • The tips are easy to refit in case they come off.
  • It offers quality for a reasonable price 


  • Its nocks are detachable, expect it to come off any time 

4. GPP 28-inches Fiberglass Archery Target Arrows

This is essentially a practice arrow, so if you are thinking of hunting, you should go for other options on the list. 

The GPP 28-inches Fiberglass Archery Arrow is a durable arrow with a length of 28 inches. Its fiberglass shaft OD is 6.75mm, it also has a weight of 35 grams and a draw weight of up to 45 pounds. It has an amazing design that is perfect for all kinds of recurve bows.

It is designed to be used as a traditional and recurve bow only, used for other purposes will make the arrow inefficient. 


  • It has a sturdy construction. And all its parts fit tightly
  • As a practice arrow, its fluorescent lights will help recover arrows quite easily 
  • It’s a good arrow that serves its purpose perfectly, but the best part is that it is cost-effective
  • Its nocks are replaceable in case of wear and tear
  • It flies straight without losing direction.


  • It is not ideal for hunting

5. ANTSIR 30 Inch Carbon Arrows

ANTSIR carbon arrows come with removable tips for compound and recurves bow. It is a perfect choice for your 25lb recurve bow. 

Its length is about 31.5 inches with a shaft length of 30 inches, other measurements are, Shaft ID 0.244 inch, spine 500, Shaft OD 0.307 inch, GPI 13.0, weight 1.2 OZ. Overall this is a very quality arrow, it allows users hit their target accurately. 

It comes packaged with 12 PCS in a pack. It might not be a great hunting arrow, because it was designed specifically for practice. So if you are new to archery, you might want to consider the ANTSIR 30 Inch Carbon Arrows. It was designed specifically for practicing. 


  • It’s a Lightweight arrow with lower stiffness. 
  • It stands out for its flexibility 
  • It has a rolled carbon fiber shaft and steel arrowhead
  • The nock is not glued, it can be adjustable for your bow.
  • The arrows put in well packaged and the quality is very good


Final Thought – Arrows for a 25lb recurve bow

The right arrow helps you hit your target better, that is why before you go hunting, fishing, or practicing, make sure that the arrow you pick serves precisely that purpose.

You’ll go through arrows quite frequently, especially if you are new to archery. The goal is durable and cost effective arrows. These 5 arrows are perfect for lower draw weight recurve bows.

When choosing arrows for a 25lb recurve bow, you need to consider; durability, cost, and aesthetics. When you put all these factors into consideration, you will be a step closer to finding that perfect arrow for your bow.

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