PSE Razorback Jr Recurve Bow Review

The PSE Razorback Jr. is a smaller version of the Razorback Bow referred to as the Youth Recurve Bow. It is an excellent tool for small stature and newbies in the world of archery.

It is handsomely crafted with a layered handle of the highest quality of maple wood, oak or walnut. The bow is of great convenience regarding storage, a thread for cushioning the plunger and more so it is available for both right hand and left-hand users.  

The PSE Razorback Jr Recurve Bow Review is needed if you are planning to buy one.

The best thing about the bow is that it is designed for the younger generation who are not that experienced in archery. Since it is smooth and conveniently structured according to stature, then it means that there is enjoyment. This makes sure that the archer will not be injured in the process of having fun.

The Razorback Jr. has been chosen so as the best bow to be used to satisfy the hunting needs of an individual. Whether young or old, a beginner or not, as long as you can be able to use it, then it would be the best tool to use on hunting or for aesthetic value.

PSE Razorback Jr Recurve Bow Review

The recurve bow is manufactured Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) who have a wide array of archery accessories and equipment. The bow is available in both the left hand and right-hand orientations.


  • Length of 62 inches
  • Has a balanced weight to be easily handled by youngsters
  • Available for both right and left-handed archers
  • Easily transported and stored
  • Egonomic full wooden design with laminated limbs
  • Draw weights of 20#, 25# and 30# available
  • Ergonomically designed wooden reiser with round edges
  • Comes with a manual covering use and assembly


  • Affordable starter bow for most ages
  • Accepts accessories with predrilled holes
  • Limbs can be adjusted without an allen wrench 
  • Cushion plungers set at Berger button 
  • Very durable 
  • Risk free warranty
  • Easy to assemble, carry and store


  • Lacks power for hunting
  • Accessories need to be purchased separately

A Detailed Look at the PSE Youth Explorer Recurve Bow 

Design and Construction

The Razorback Jr. is one of the best recurve bows with an ergonomically designed handle to prevent slippage form palms when shooting. The equipment has a rounded wooden finish increasing its aesthetics. The bow is quite comfortable.

The riser grip is perfectly shaped and wide with the size of the handle, perfect for individuals with smaller grips. It is exceptionally comfortable more than expected for bows in that price range. The quality of materials used is of exceptional caliber. Hence it is not an item that would be damaged only after short-term use — an item for built for extreme durability.

The riser is manufactured with hardwood of oak, maple or walnut. The wood also has an extra laminated finish to give it that glossy look. The riser grip is wide and perfectly shaped.

It fits the hand perfectly and does not bore on the inside of an individual’s palms when drawn. The handle size is also perfect for smaller hands or palms. With just that characteristic, the tool can be considered as a family heirloom since it can endure generations and generations of family archers as they learn about archery.

The design allows for installation of stabilizers, a sight, quiver among others to make it as comfortable and as enjoyable to use as possible. However, these accessories come separately. Hence you will incur extra costs as you purchase them. The bests bit is that it is fit for both right hands and left-hand orientations.  

The Razorback Jr. package contains:

  • Riser with predrilled accessory holes
  • Limbs depending on your choice
  • Attachment bolts for limbs
  • Manual for assembly and use
  • A limited lifetime warranty
The PSE Razorback Jr Recurve Bow assembly is easy.


The bow requires assembly upon receiving, with the manufacture ensuring that the step by step instructions on attachment is provided. Attaching and assembling the bow is quite easy and efficient. The limb is connected to the riser using the supplied screws. These can be tightened either by use of hand or any other wrench.

A stringer is not provided in the package but to be purchased separately. However, it is vital for stringing. The bow can still be disassembled, easily packed and stored in a bag during adventures and movement.


The bow offers the ability to order depending on one’s hand orientation. This is vital since most of the bows in the market come with the option of right hand since most of the people are right-handed. A point to note is that about orientation, if you are right-handed, you need to hold the bow with your left hand and if you are left handed, you need to keep the bow with your right hand. It is essential to choose the right orientation when purchasing any bow.


Upon purchase, the pieces needed to assemble the bow will be in the kit. You will need to assemble and upgrade the archery equipment by yourself. The Razorback packaging includes a string. However, if you feel a need for an extra one, make sure you purchase a PSE Razorback string of AMO length of 62 inches. This is because the actual string length should be of 58 inches. The best string to buy for this recurve bow is the B-50 Dacron string.

You are provided with a riser-the bow but with no accessories. The packaging does not also include an arrow and practice points if not provided. Lack of provision of these items creates space for testing and choosing accessories that match you’re characteristics and tastes. Thus as an archer, you have the chance to experiment and decide the best accessories for yourself. This means.


As much as the razorback bow is not a powerful tool, the maximum draw weight is 30lbs. This is because it was designed mostly for learner individuals who are small framed women and youth. The Razorback Jr. is quite light with less than 2.2 lbs.

With no accessories installed. You feel very comfortable aiming for a long time without inflicting stress on the deltoid muscles and the shoulder. It is one of the best bows to perform target shooting with while familiarizing yourself with the sport. It is quite accurate as it ranges up to 30 yards. Beyond the 30 yards, you will discover that the arrow drops and it is no fun.

As much as the bow’s maximum draw weight is 30lbs, it is not the best tool for hunting. It is not one of the best recurve bows in the market you should consider using for hunting, even if for smaller game.


As seen in the review, the Razorback Jr. Recurve Bow is perfect for individuals who have a small stature. This includes kids, the teens and women. As much as it is not a hunting tool, it is extremely easy to assemble, comfortable, durable due to the type of material used for manufacture. It is also quite affordable despite its quality.

The bow is the best for target practice, especially for the beginners.  More so, the durability makes it cost efficient since it can be used and passed on form one archer to another as they introduce themselves to the sport.

The PSE covers a limited lifetime warranty. The condition of this agreement is that the string needs to be replaced at list once a year, otherwise the warranty will be considered null and void.

However, if you are not satisfied with the bow, we offer a 100% return policy. We believe that every customer should be contented and happy with their purchase.

Don’t think the Razorback Jr is not the right bow for you? You should check out our detailed list of the ​best PSE recurve bows available here!

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