Best One-Piece Recurve Bow Hard Case

Mobility has always been an important factor in archery, but it has never been as crucial as it is in the 21st century. Whether you’re a hobbyist or shooting at targets competitively, you’ll be traveling with your bow a lot. It is important to ensure the safety of your recurve bow when you’re transporting it around town.

That’s where one-piece hard cases come in.  They can protect your equipment from accidental damages, which may be incurred by drops or any other heavy impact. When you have a bow that is worth hundreds of dollars, getting the proper equipment to protect it is the right thing to do.

Best One-Piece Recurve Bow Hard Case

Besides acting like a protective layer, hard cases also help you with organizing a recurve bow and all of its accessories. If properly designed, hard cases usually have enough space to fit a recurve bow with all of its accessories like arrows and sight.

Best One-Piece Recurve Bow Hard Cases

Not all recurve bow hard cases are created equal. You’ll often see cases with an architecture that wastes valuable space inside. That’s why we made a list of one-piece recurve bow hard cases to help you choose the best one. We picked three best-performing hard cases for recurve bows, while also paying attention to the price.

1. Plano Parallel Limb Recurve Bow Hard Case

As far as customization options go, the Plano Parallel case is one of, if not the best recurve bow cases out there. Thanks to the customization possibilities, you are not limited by the model or make of a recurve bow, you can use any of them. The case is very spacious, measuring 41 inches X 17 inches X 7 inches on the inside. It has plenty of room for your bow and all the accessories. The Plano Parallel case is very competitively priced, which is why I was surprised to find out that it is made in the USA. Style is usually not the most important feature of a bow case, but the design of this case still deserves acknowledgment.

Why we like it

It’s impressive how roomy this case is and how you can adapt its functionality to your needs. There aren’t many separate compartments, but the Plano Parallel case allows you to get creative and design the interior however you want.  There are holes in a case, arranged in a grid pattern, which you can use to store bow accessories. There is also a possibility of adding Velcro straps for extra functionality. This recurve bow case comes with a comfortable handle, so it is easy to carry around.

This case closes tight, especially when locked. So I would recommend using this case for long-distance travel. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof, but considering everything, Plano Parallel is a great value and a fantastic case which you’ll use for years to come.


  • Roomy
  • Customizable
  • Portable


  • Not Waterproof

2. Plano Protector Compact Bow Hard Case

If you’re looking for a spacious case for your recurve bow but don’t want to pay big money for it, Plano Protector is exactly what you need. Because of its affordable price, it can be a great option case for your bow. If you’re not looking for high-end functionality, Plano Protector can be a great permanent option as well. When you’re spending a lot of money on a recurve bow and its extensions, it really doesn’t make sense to not have a professional case for transporting it. Ideally, you could have something better than Plano Protector, but considering its price and the fact that it is made in the USA, you’d find it difficult to find a better value.

Why we like it

Plano Protector includes everything you could possibly need to hold a recurve bow with all of its accessories. First of all, you have Velcro straps, which ensures that your bow is securely tied down. Inside the case, you’ll also find four solid latches which can be used for compact storage of accessories. There is the padding of one-inch foam on the inside so that your equipment isn’t scratched or in any other way damaged when it’s being transported. This hard case doesn’t try to be fancy, but it is very effective regardless. You can’t find a better solid hard case for a recurve bow in the same price range.


  • Great Value
  • Made in the USA
  • Extensions (straps, latches)


  • Handle design could be improved

3. DarkForest One-Piece Takedown Recurve Bow Hard Case

When choosing a hard case for your to recurve bow, you can’t go wrong with the DarkForest brand. The interior of this case is 34.7 inches long, 7.4 inches wide, and 4.6 inches tall. There is plenty of space for a recurve bow and all of the additional accessories. Foam padding and durable structure act as a protective layer for your archery equipment stored in the case. DarkForest BC-02 can be conveniently stored in a car or be carried around manually.

Why we like it

To me, the biggest perk of the DarkForest case is the fact that it is waterproof. When you use a waterproof case, there is no risk of your equipment receiving water damage.  Besides the bow itself, the case also has plenty of room for storing other accessories. It comes with a separate cell for the storage of arrows and a distinct pocket for accessories. It is very convenient to organize all your accessories when everything has its own designated space inside the case. DarkForest case also includes straps for holding the parts of your bow securely in one place. Overall, the case is very spacious, especially compared to other recurve bow cases in this price range. It doesn’t take up much space in the house and can fit inside the trunk of a car for easy transportation.


  • Waterproof
  • Spacious
  • Portable


  • None

Picking the Right One-Piece Recurve Bow Hard Case

Here are some details you’ll want to look out for when choosing the right recurve bow hard case to protect your bow.

Durability and Protection

The whole point of a recurve case is that it protects your recurve bow. Many people choose to get hard cases because they better protect your bow than the normal cloth ones. If you travel with your bow or store it for long periods of time, it is in your best interest to invest in a recurve bow hard case.

The level of protection you need is highly dependent on how long you want to keep your bow. The cases I have listed above or pretty affordable and are sure to protect your recurve bow for many years to come.


Keep an eye on what size hard case you need for your recurve bow. There is a wide variety of recurve bow sizes and you want to make sure your case is adequate. Most recurve bows are designed to fit these cases but if you have an XL model make for larger shooters, be sure to double-check the dimensions.


Not all hard cases are created equal and that’s reflected in the price. Cheaper hard cases tend to have less protection than others. I do believe there is a middle ground. The three bow cases in this article are going to be the most bang for your buck.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a recurve hard case. There are some decent ones at a surprisingly low price.


Quality is an important factor when choosing your case. Rather than just throwing all your stuff in, quality cases have compartments for your bow and all your accessories. Things like arrows and sights have a compartment to be placed neatly in your case.

Quality cases also have straps to hold the bow securely and safely in the case.


Choosing the right case for your recurve bow can be exhausting, but it pays off. There is nothing more assuring than having a case for the protection and organization of your archery equipment. Hopefully, we answered some of the questions that beginners might have about choosing a one-piece case for a recurve bow. 

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