OMP Smoky Mountain Hunter Recurve Bow Review

Originated from the Native American times, a recurve bow is invented as a hunting weapon. It is made of composite weapons and can be commonly seen during the Olympics Opening Ceremony. These days, people use recurve bow in competitive archery events. If buying a recurve bow is your first time, it can be strange and confusing if you do not know exactly what specialty you are looking for.

Recurve bows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Due to the vast availability, it is very important you do your research thoroughly to understand the product before making your purchase.

It is very crucial to customize the bow according to your body frame. Otherwise, you will not get an accurate shot without the accurate length. Chances of having an injury will also increase. To enjoy the fun of shooting arrows, you want to invest in a good quality bow. Before setting your eye on the suitable bow, here is a short review of a brand that can meet your needs regardless of your ability level. This brand is also suitable for anyone who is looking specifically for hunting

This recurve bow is manufactured by EBBQ, a company within the US that it is eligible for both international and local shipping. This company has a wide selection of accessories and equipment useful for archery purposes. Further, the special features of the October Mountain Products Smoky Mountain are:

OMP Smoky Mountain Hunter Recurve Bow Review


Archery comes from the Latin word ‘arcus’. Historically archery has been used for combat and hunting. Bows and arrows were historically invented in the Paleolithic times. It was also present in Egypt and gradually spread across other continents like Asia, Australasia, and America.

Other than recurve bow, there are also many other types of the bow in the market like a laminated bow, self-bows, and composite bows. According to Wikipedia, the most common form of an arrow is made of a shaft, an arrowhead in the front, and fletchings and knock at the end. There are two main methods of aiming.

One is the mechanical sight and the other is a fixed sight. Besides this, there is also instinctive shooting which is a style of shooting that includes the barebow aiming method that depends heavily on the subconscious mind for targeting. 

Design and Construction

October Mountain Products’ Smoky Mountain Hunter has a unique feature that is made with Hardwood Maple and Dymonwood material, alongside multi-laminated limbs of black fiberglass. Simple and also effective, this structure adopts the traditional approach when making. Users can find it easily adaptable when using and learning its functions.

This section functions as a support to the bow in order for it to be extremely durable for any strength of beating. On a scale of 1 to 10, the bow should be able to withstand that level of energy. Even it had dropped from a height of 10 feet, the bow can still be alright with its pieces held up as the original. Hence, it is very useful for hunting purposes. 

This bow comes together with a Dacron string. However, due to its limb tips, it can sometimes go with other kinds of strings like Fast Flight. The weight of the recurve bow is less than 3 pounds. It is barely noticeable as it is designed purposely to be transported with ease when hunters are in the woods and out of it.

The best part it, it is hardly noticeable as it is very silent when you release your arrow into the air. The smooth texture of the bow serves the purpose of trapping the prey within few seconds. This is because the vibration is very minimal and it can fly faster towards the target. 

Pros and Cons 

Though this bow may fulfill a lot of archery enthusiasts exploring thirst, there are a few features that can be a disadvantage for shooters. Despite the long term durability and string adaptability, it has not received much review and feedback from customers who bought it.

In simpler terms, customers could not gather much information about the experience of other customers using the bow. There are not many reviews given online. Hence, as a customer, you will need to take a leap of faith in purchasing the bow. There are only positive reviews given, therefore a comparison between the pros and cons is minimal and limited. 

bow arm


If you are not entirely satisfied with the OMP recurve bow, you can try out its competitor in the market which is the OMP Fin-Finder Sand Sharks Right Hand Recurve Bow. It is also great for both hunting and archery competitions. Though these two bows are from the same company, their versatility and functions differ in many ways.

In terms of aesthetic, it has a beauty and elegance admired by users due to its satin coating on the bow. Besides this, it has a three piece take-down design and it is extra durable due to its laminated purple heart wood construction. It is higher quality than the OMP Smoking Hunter.

Around the riser section, it has a stabilizer and plunger bushings are threaded into it. The draw weight is 35lbs with a higher brace height of 7.5 to 8.25. Durability is definitely on point. 


This bow is basically a win-win product between consumers and sellers. The price is relatively low and its function is comparable to expensive bows out in the market. An investment like this is definitely worth every of your penny.

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