How Mastering Survival Bow Hunting Could Save Your Life

There is something visceral about pulling on a bow and letting an arrow soar. The twang of a taut drawstring and the thunk of an arrow finding its target is satisfying in a way that’s difficult to communicate.

A gun, for instance, while a more efficient tool than a survival bow, lacks the same sense of intimacy. A gun is a complex tool that tries to disassociate you from the act of shooting, almost by design.

A gun is a complex tool that tries to disassociate you from the act of shooting, almost by design. It makes it as easy as possible, just point and pull the trigger.

A bow is more personal, an ancient tool that’s far more difficult to master but important to know how to use.

It might save your life one day.

Mastering Survival Bow Hunting

Advantages of a bow

First and foremost, a bow is a tool that can be built by yourself using materials that are easy to find. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy to make a bow from scratch.

But if you know what you’re doing, you can make one almost anywhere and in any situation.

Survival bows are also easily portable. Even if you own a large compound bow with a bunch of whirling parts, it’s not too difficult to break them down to something easier to carry.

Unlike a gun, a bow is also a silent assassin. If you need to be stealthy there are few tools as quiet and covert as a bow. If you retrieve your arrow, there will be no sign you or the bow were ever there.

Also you can actually build a bow out of wood. Check out this video.

Finding your survival bow

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your survival bow. You need to know how often you want to use the bow and for what reasons.

The lighter the bow, the easier it will be to carry around for long distances. You should also consider the amount of draw weight you want your bow to have.

If you’re just starting out as an archer, you will want to stick to around 25 lbs. for a recurve bow and 45 lbs. for a compound bow.

Another important step is to consider whether you want a recurve bow or a compound bow. Compound bows are a rather new invention that relies on the wheels on either end of the bow in order to make the bow easier to use.

A recurve bow is a more traditional version of the ancient weapon. It might be more difficult to use but it will give you more of that visceral feeling you want out of your survival bow.

How to use your bow

An effective shot always begins with your stance. Your body should always be perpendicular to the target you are shooting.

Next, lift your arm holding the bow so your elbow is locked. Keep your grip firm but not too tight. Pull back on the string with your other hand slowly, try to do this using your back muscles for a stronger draw.

Keep your head pointed at the target, close one eye for aim, and release your slowly fingers from the string. This will keep your shot straight.

Now you know the basics of a survival bow. A lot more research and practice are required to achieve true mastery.

But once you do you never know when these skills could be used to get you out of a life-threatening bind.

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