Collapsible Recurve Bows for Survival and Hunting

Shooting at targets with a recurve bow is a lot of fun. Still, you need a solid bow to shoot with and good arrows to fire. Collapsible recurve bows are fun because they’re easily transported, forceful, and don’t take a lot of time to set up. If you’re someone who values simplicity, collapsible recurve bows are just for you.

These are one of the simplest hunting weapons out there. They’re easy to carry and to shoot. Unlike other recurve bows, you can stick a collapsible recurve bow in your dugout bag and forget about it. It will be there when you need it. Survivalists value simplicity, so folding recurve bows are popular among them.

Collapsible vs Takedown recurve bows

Sometimes people confuse collapsible bows with takedown bows. In reality, they’re quite different. Takedown recurve bows have a traditional design: they have a riser and two limbs that can be unscrewed. Takedown bows can be easily transported when they are dismantled. Still, they’re not as portable as collapsible bows.

Foldable bows don’t have to be taken apart and put back together. When folded, these bows are reduced to a size that is easy to store and transport. They’re so portable that you can have one in your car at all times. It won’t take up much space. Collapsible recurve bows also tend to be much lighter than other kinds of bows. 

How to use a foldable bow

Collapsible bows usually have much fewer moving parts than other bows. In that regard, they’re quite similar to longbows. Collapsible bows also tend to be longer than normal recurve bows. However, their limbs are curved like those of a recurve bow. Despite the simple design, collapsible bows can produce powerful and accurate shots. They’re very portable, so you can carry one just in case you need it. 

A collapsible recurve bow doesn’t need to be assembled. Unlike recurve bows, the limbs and riser are one piece. The risers usually feature retaining bolts, which are used to hold the limbs in one place securely. To unfold a collapsible bow, first, you must turn the bolt. Then you must extend both limbs, and return the retaining bolt to its original position.

Once you’ve unfolded the recurve bow, it’s time to string it. The exact stringing process will depend on your choice of collapsible bow. As a rule of thumb, the procedure of stringing a foldable bow is very similar to stringing any recurve bow. It is very easy and can be done within minutes. 

Once you’re done stringing your bow, it’s time to shoot at targets. Do not ever dry fire your bow. It is dangerous for you and your bow.

Here is a simple video on how to put a folding survival bow together.

Keep in mind that most of the time, foldable recurve bows don’t have sights. You’ll have to shoot them instinctively. Most people aren’t used to shooting this way. If you’ve ever shot arrows instinctively, you won’t struggle to do it again with a collapsible bow. You can start with large targets and gradually improve your aim. If you’re into traditional archery, this might be a fun experience. 

Collapsible bows are consistent. Because of their simple design, most foldable recurve bows can be used by both – left-handed and right-handed shooters.

This type of bow can be unfolded and collapsed almost instantaneously. When folded, It is basically a 23-inch long stick. If you’re looking for a simple, easily transportable hunting weapon, look no further. A foldable bow fits the bill perfectly. As a cherry on top, it is capable of producing very powerful, accurate shots. 

Collapsable Recurve Bows Available for Sale

SinoArt 59″ Folding Bow

Power & Accuracy: SinoArt collapsible bow is designed for optimal accuracy and power of shots. Fiberglass limbs can store a lot of kinetic power and release arrows with 20% more efficiency. 55lbs version of this bow is more than enough for hunting. Still, make sure you have the physical fitness to use it. Otherwise, stick with a 35lbs version, which is a great option for beginners. 

Portable: Just like most foldable bows, the SinoArt bow is extremely easy to carry. Collapsed, it looks like a 23-inch stick. You can store it anywhere from your backpack to your trunk. The bow is very lightweight as well, so you can carry it if you plan on traveling long distances on foot. It takes very little time to set up a SinoArt bow. You can get it out of your backpack and get it ready to shoot within a minute. So if you’re going on a trip where you’ll have to occasionally use your bow, this might be a perfect weapon for you.

Value: It is unusual to find a collapsible bow made of an aluminum alloy at such an affordable price. Thanks to its effective design, this bow can produce very powerful shots that successfully hit the targets. Thanks to its many features and capabilities, this weapon will be a great addition to any survival bag or regular shooting gear. At least from a value perspective, the SinoArt folding bow is nearly impossible to beat.

SAS Limited Edition Recon Folding Survival Bow

Universal – Anyone who wants to use the SAS Recon survival bow can find the version that perfectly meets their needs. Depending on your level of fitness, you can choose between 40, 45, 50, or 55 draw weight options. Even the bows with 40 pounds of draw weight are great for hunting small game. If you’re going on a trip to the wilderness and you want to pack a folding recurve bow, SAS Recon is a great choice. It doesn’t come with a sight so you’ll have to rely on your instincts to aim and hit your targets. This is particularly difficult when you’re hunting moving animals. With enough practice, you can get used to shooting without a sight. 

Collapsible Recurve Bows

Easy to transport – Whether you’re traveling in your car or on your foot, you can easily carry this survival bow anywhere you go. It takes up very little space. When extended, the SAS Recon Survival bow is 63 inches long. When folded, it reduces in size to just around 24 inches long. You can also carry it in your backpack. The bow weighs only 1.1kg, which will be barely noticeable even if you’re traversing a long distance. 

Value – This bow is made in the USA by SAS – one of the most reputable brands in the business. SAS Recon foldable bow is highly regarded by most users. Its excellent craftsmanship is easily noticeable. For instance, unlike other similar bows, its rotating bolts are extremely sturdy. Unlike screwing bolts on other recurve bows, bolts on this bow don’t become loose after a little bit of use. 

Considering all these features, the SAS Recon folding bow alone is more than worth the price. On top of that, you also get a gorgeous camo bag for storage. This bow is a fantastic value. It is one of the best deals not only in its category but among all recurve bows.  


The technology behind foldable recurve bows is fascinating. Unlike traditional bows, these take much less time to set up and they’re just as effective. If you’re someone who likes simple, but powerful weapons, collapsible recurve bows are worth giving a shot.

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