OEELINE Airobow Takedown Recurve Bow Review

Many people choose to take a more traditional style of archery with a recurve bow. Recurve bows allow us to maintain the original design of a bow while still delivering quite a punch. The OEELINE Airobow Takedown Recurve Bow is no exception.

The great detail about this bow is you can use it no matter what kind of archer you are. Whether you enjoy target shooting or want a bow to take hunting with you, this recurve bow provides everything you need in one purchase.

Also, you get so much more than just a bow. There are a full list of accessories that come with this bow so that you are able to start target practice minutes after your package arrives.

OEELINE Takedown Recurve Bow Review

OEELINE Airobow Takedown Recurve Bow

OEELINE, one of the new manufactures of the recurve bow industry came out with a bang when they presented their OEELINE Takedown Recurve Bow.

The bow may not be perfect but it can be the most bang for your buck when shopping around for different takedown bows.


  • Brown Wood Riser
  • 25lb to 55lb draw weight options
  • Both right-hand and left-hand orientation
  • Come with a handful of accessories include string nocks, arm guard, and finger guard.
  • Fiberglass limbs with wood finishing
  • 12-Month manufacture guarantee
  • Pre-attached accessory ports
  • Takedown design with limbs and screws


  • Beautifully Designed Riser
  • Comes with a Variety of Accessories
  • Affordable Kit
  • Great for New or Experienced Archers
  • Both Left-Hand and Right-Hand Options
  • Easily Portable


  • Plastic Accessories

A Detailed Look at the OEELINE Airobow Takedown Recurve Bow

Here is a more in-depth guide to the new OEELINE Airbow Takedown Recurve Bow. We dive into every aspect of the bow starting with design and construction.

Design and Construction

This bow is beautifully designed with an array of different shades of brown for the riser and solid black limbs. This bow is not all show either. The finished wooden riser is specifically designed for a comfortable grip.

You could fire this bow for hours without complaining about any fatigue from holding the riser.

The limbs are made of thick fiberglass with wood covering giving it a sleek, simple, and durable design.

The riser also comes with preinstalled ports for you to add your accessories like recurve bow sights and arrow rest. This bow is designed for all around use.


As I just mentioned this is a great bow for a well-rounded archer. Whether you want to just target practice or you plan on hunting. This bow will do the job.

The draw weight you select is going to have a real impact on what you can use the bow for. If you just plan on target shooting 30 lb of draw weight is typically enough. If you want to take the bow hunting, you’ll need at least 40 lb of draw weight.


This bow, like most recurve bows, is fairly simple to assemble. You’ll need a bow stringer (which is included in this kit).

Here is a video walking you though step by step on how to string most recurve bows.

What It Comes With

One of the best details about this bow is that it comes in a full kit that is ready for use. Here are the accessories this bow comes with.

  • 1 Bow
  • 1 Bow String
  • 4 Bow Nocks
  • 1 Armguard
  • 1 Finger Tab

Other than arrows, you have everything you need to start using your bow from day one. If you had to buy these accessories separately, it would cost you another $100.


A great bow to compare the OEELINE Takedown Recurve bow to is the Samick Sage Recurve Bow. Although the Samick Sage is a much more popular bow, it is actually quite similar to OEELINE’s bow.

Samick Sage’s bow offers a draw weight of 25 pounds to 60 pounds of draw weight. OEELINE offers 25 pounds to 55 pounds. So unless you need a 60-pound draw weight, it won’t matter.

The biggest difference is that the Samick Sage Recurve Bow does not come with any accessories. Just the riser, limbs, and string. On the other hand, OEELINE offers a handful of accessories.

Other than that, the bows are nearly identical. They both offer left-hand and right-hand orientation. They also both offer a comfortable ergonomic design with beautiful brown risers.

Believe it or not, even though OEELINE has more accessories it is still cheaper than the Samick Sage Recurve Bow.

Although I personally love the Samick Sage Recurve Bow and own it. OEELINE’s Takedown Recurve bow is similar in quality but also comes with accessories that will save you money in the long run.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great bow that is going to last you years then you need to check out the new Takedown Recurve bow by OEELINE. Especially if you are a new archer, this kit provides everything you need to start enjoying recurve bow archery.

Although there are hundreds of recurve bows out there, this takedown recurve bow is among the top. For an affordable price, you can get a recurve bow and a starting set of accessories to go along with it.

Also, this is a fairly risk-free purchase. OEELINE offers a full 1-year manufacture guarantee. If you are not happy about the bow or change your mind, they will make it right.

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