HYF Takedown Recurve Bow Review

Whether you want a bow for shooting at targets or hunting, a recurve bow is a good choice. Out of four main types of bows, recurve, in my opinion, is the best. I am a firm believer that recurves make great first bows to get into archery. They are cheaper and more straightforward than compound bows. They shoot faster and more powerfully than longbows.

HYF Takedown Recurve Bow

HYF Takedown Recurve Bow Review – Value Standpoint

In archery, practice makes perfect. Even if you bought the most expensive recurve bow it wouldn’t magically improve your aim and results. Buying performance is impossible.

Still, the build, materials, and other features of a bow are worth paying attention to. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to get something flimsy that will break after few practices.

There are more advanced bows than the HYF Takedown Recurve Bow, but if you’re just a hobbyist and don’t plan on entering competitions, those options shouldn’t matter to you. HYF bow is more than enough to have fun in your free time. Laminated hard maple and black fiberglass limbs on this bow are very sturdy and have high levels of elasticity. On top of that, laminated limbs last much longer if you take care of them properly. The riser, which is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, is lightweight but extremely solid at the same time. It comes with inserts, in case you want to install a stabilizer, sight, or other accessories.

To sum up, HYF Takedown Recurve Bow is one of the best values on the market right now. Especially considering all the extras you get besides the bow itself. This is a list of extra bow accessories included in the package:

  • Replaceable field points fiberglass arrows – Not an extraordinary set of arrows, but more than enough for casual training. These arrows would cost you roughly 25$ if you bought them separately.
  •  Bow Sight – to help you shoot more accurately. Cost – around 20$.
  • Arm guard –useful accessory for beginners. It can prevent damages caused to your arm during the release. ~10$ Separately
  • Finger guard – protects your digits from the powerful force of a drawn string. ~10$ Separately
  • Arrow rest – Helps you make more consistent shots.
  • Tubes Arrow Quiver – Besides being practical for the storage of arrows, Arrow Quivers look very cool. Average cost: 15-20$.

There are many more accessories included. Specifically: Arrow puller, String wax, target paper, bow stringer. Very likely, you’ll need these tools, so HYF decided to take care of that and included them in the package.

Don’t forget, these accessories are just a cherry on top. The main value that you’re paying for is a beautiful, highly functional, and durable recurve bow. You can basically consider all of the accessories as free gifts from HYF.

HYF Takedown Recurve Bow Review from Beginner’s Perspective

When it comes to using recurve bows, the biggest challenge is picking a bow with a draw weight that you can handle. This metric tells you how much force you’re going to need to fully draw any particular bow. Draw weight of a recurve bow mostly depends on the features of the limbs.

The draw weight of HYF Takedown Bow varies. You can purchase one of the three options: 40, 45, or 50 pounds. Even 40 pound draw weight is high for beginners unless they are extremely fit. And even if you can physically handle 40 pounds, it’s better to practice with 25 or 30 pounds. To shoot recurve bows accurately, you need much more than brute strength. You need to practice drawing and release of the string. It’s much easier to practice with 30 pounds.

Some people decrease draw weight by changing the attachment of the limbs. I don’t recommend doing that, because it’s not a feature included in the design of the bow.

If you really like this bow but you’ve never drawn a bow before, I would recommend getting a 20-pound recurve and practicing with that one. Practice bows are really cheap, so you can buy HYF bow as well as a practice bow.


  • Easy to transport. This is a takedown bow, which means that it can be dismantled and put back together. Bows are quite long and awkward to store, so being able to dismantle them is convenient. It makes bows easier to transport.
  • Proper materials. This bow has a handle made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. That’s a very powerful material but at the same time, feels comfortable to hold. Bow limbs are made of maple wood and black fiberglass. This composition makes them very durable. Most importantly, limbs are laminated, which means they will remain like new for years, provided that you take care of them.
  • Design. This bow is designed to be both highly functional and look cool. Limbs are designed to transfer the maximum amount of power to the string, and therefore shoot the arrow more forcefully. HYF recurve is also distinguished by its beautiful look.  It is available in three colors: Black, Black with Camouflage and Forest Camouflage.
  • Value. As we’ve covered in detail, this kit has excellent value for the price. I love that arrows are included in the package.


  • Only for right-handed people. Unfortunately, HYF doesn’t design and sell left-handed versions of this bow. Just to be clear, the right-handed version is supposed to be held with the left hand, drawn with the right hand, and also aimed with the right eye. In my opinion, this is the biggest drawback of an otherwise perfect recurve bow.
  • Instruction Manual is Useless. If you’ve had takedown recurve bow before, this shouldn’t be a problem. All of these bows can be assembled the same way. But if this is your first time getting a recurve bow, then don’t put your hopes on the instruction manual. Looking for tutorials on how to assemble recurve bows is also an option. There are a lot of guides on YouTube.
  • High Draw Weight. Even the lowest draw weight option on this recurve bow is not suitable for total beginners. The manufacturer claims that they sell limbs with 30lbs draw weight separately, but I wish there would be an option to get those in this kit. This kit with an option to pick lower draw weight would be ideal for beginners.


HYF takedown recurve bow is a great value option. It is just as effective as some of the more expensive bows and it includes a lot of handy accessories. All takedown bows are easy to transport, so this HYF bow is perfect if you’ll be going away on hunting trips. Remember that it has a quite high draw weight. That’s why if I were a total beginner, I wouldn’t get this recurve bow unless I had at least some experience of drawing a bow before.

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