PSE Coyote Recurve Bow Review

PSE produces a wide range of quality bows and accessories including the Coyote. This is the right-handed version of the Coyote Recurve Bow.


  • Bow Length is 60 inches
  • Draw Length is 28 inches
  • Draw weights of 40# up to 55# available
  • Made of machined aluminum
  • Lighter than compound bows
  • Improved limbs versus earlier versions
  • Manual/warranty card bundled with package


  • Powerful bow that’s great for hunting
  • Accurage shooting
  • Comes with accessories
  • Assembles in under 30 min
  • Comfortable to hold and stable in all draw cycle phases
  • Good value for price


  • Brace height could be a problem
  • Some features are not beginner-friendly
  • Not ideal over 28-inch draw

A Detailed Look at the PSE Coyote Recurve Bow 

A PSE Coyote Recurve Bow Review is needed before purchase.

Design and Construction


The PSE Coyote’s riser is made of machined aluminum and is quite sturdy in the world of archery bows. Meanwhile, the pockets are well-designed, and it’s easy to insert limbs into them since the attachment is tight/secure.


A key feature of the Coyote is the limbs have been upgraded with new materials. Any PSE Coyotes purchased after 2011 include these brand new limbs. They have good durability and functionality.


In terms of weight, the Coyote isn’t extremely heavy (or light). It’s common for recurve bows to have a weight of 2.5 lbs. or less so the Coyote’s 3 lbs. is a little higher than average.

The weight might feel light if you’re used to shooting compound bows. On the other hand, if you’re a new bow shooter with a small frame, it will take some time to get used to the weight.


The Coyote is generally quite comfy to hold. If you have a medium size hand, then the grip will fit well. You won’t really have to deal with grip torque or blisters after long shooting sessions. Another no-worry issue is the grip digging into any region of the palm.

Draw Length

If you have a draw length over 28 inches, you should think twice about the Coyote Recurve Bow. Here’s why. When you pass the 28-inch. mark with the Coyote there’s some stacking issues. This differs from other recurve bows that are easy to draw beyond the advertised 28-inch draw length.


If you have a draw length over 28 inches, you should think twice about the Coyote Recurve Bow. Here’s why. When you pass the 28-inch. mark with the Coyote there’s some stacking issues. This differs from other recurve bows that are easy to draw beyond the advertised 28-inch draw length.


When selecting arrows for this bow make sure to pick them based on your particular draw length and intended use. In the case you’re planning to hunt you should pick a little heavier arrow since they’ll offer more kinetic energy and thus better flesh penetration.

How about target shooting? A lighter arrow is a better option since it will fly straighter. This offers more accuracy for long distances. It’s advisable to research more about arrows so you can choose wisely.

Power and Accuracy

The coyote has a fairly short brace height of 6.25-in. vs. other recurve bows on the market. This boosts how far the string travels when it’s drawn and thus offers more power/kinetic energy when shooting the bow.

Keep in mind the power output you get is greatly based on the bow setup. You’ll get more power from a longer draw length, higher boundage, and heavier arrow.

The bottom line is the Coyote is quite a powerful bow, and you can use it comfortably for target practice at 50+ yards.

How about accuracy? The PSE Coyote is basically on par vs. other bows in its price range. There’s no noticeable grip torque, and the limbs are steady when releasing the bow’s string.

The bow’s accuracy mostly depends on your particular skill level.  If you have the know-how and skills, then you shouldn’t have any trouble making a dead-on shot.  


The Coyote is generally a good option for beginners. That’s because it’s easy to remove the bow’s limbs and swap in heavier ones when your strength/form improve.

If you’re a compound bow shooter then this bow’s 3.1 lbs. shouldn’t cause you any problems. There’s a caveat! If you’ve shot lighter recurves during the past, then you might need some time to get used to this slightly heavier unit.

The Coyote is well-designed for hunting if you pick the 45# model or heavier. Make sure to use arrows that are heavy enough (400+ grain) to deliver enough kinetic energy for hunting big game like deer and elk, for example.


This is a take-down bow so you’ll be required to use the bundled hex bolts to connect the limbs to the riser. Then you’ll have to string the bow, which is an easy process with the help of a stringer. A beginner can complete the process in under half an hour and possibly half that time.


The PSE Coyote Recurve Bow is great for many archery activities.


If you’re looking for an alternative to the PSE Coyote, you should consider the Takedown Recurve Bow by KESHES. It has an overall length of 6 feet (60 inches) with a weight of 40 to 60 pounds. It’s also available in right and left orientations, so you can use this bow even if you’re a lefty.

This bow is a good option for hunting trips and archery competitions. It starts with eye-catching aesthetics. The wooden limbs are covered with a layer of black fiberglass.

The KESHES bow is durable but requires more maintenance since it’s constructed of wood instead of other materials like aluminum. It’s easy to upgrade with pre-installed brass bushings. This adds more versatility since it’s a plus when recurve bows make it easier to upgrade to higher skill levels and activities.  

The product is bundled with the bow and high-quality accessories. This prevents the need to figure out which accessories you need for your hunting or target shooting. You also get Dacron bowstring and a stringing tool with the bow.

The Takedown Recurve Bow is also super-ergonomic. That features an easy-to-grip wooden handle and wooden riser w/ round edges. This makes the bow easier to grip and helps prevent slippage when shooting the weapon.  

The bow is also easy to assemble and carry. It’s bundled with accessories, which adds value to your purchase.


The PSE Coyote Recurve bow offers outstanding value for the investment you make. Some of the main perks include easy grip, high-end comfort, and shooting accuracy. 

It also features upgrades in the limbs to provide you with a better experience. So you’ll get a solid bow with a durable bowstring, and strong limbs.

If you’re a newbie bow owner, then the Coyote probably isn’t the best choice for you. That’s due to the skill level required to shoot accurately using the bow.

So what’s the bottom line? The Coyote Recurve Bow by PSE is a good overall bow and also excellent value for the price point. If you have a draw length over 28-inches or are a new hunter, you should probably shop around. Otherwise, the Coyote is ahead of the pack.

Don’t think the Coyote is not the right bow for you? You should check out our detailed list of the best PSE recurve bows available here!

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