Junxing Adult Archery Recurve Bow Review

Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in the popularity of archery. Many people attribute the rise in interest to Hollywood and the strong male and female characters that have been portrayed with a bow and arrow.

Whether you are inexperienced or experienced in using a bow, it’s still a good idea to know what you’re buying. Hence, we’ve taken a look at the Junxing Recurve Bow and gathered as much information as we could so you can make an educated decision when purchasing.

Junxing Adult Archery Recurve Bow Review

Junxing Adult Archery Recurve Bow

Manufactured by Junxing, this recurve bow has been generating a bit of buzz and has solid customer feedback so far. The brand is well-known for producing reliable bows and archery equipment that you can use, regardless of your archery activities.

While Junxing does manufacture other bows, this recurve bow focuses on ease and precision when aiming at a target.


  • Fiberglass limb
  • Maple laminations
  • Draw weight is at 28 pounds
  • Riser is made of hardwood material
  • Left-hand orientation
  • Brace height is from 7.75 to 9 inches
  • Maximum draw length is at 32 inches
  • Listed Weight: About 2.6 pounds
  • Comes with one riser, two bow limbs, one bowstring, one recurve bow sight, and one rest


  • Full package of accessories
  • Robust riser for all conditions
  • Great and adjustable sight
  • Lightweight


  • Does not come with a manual
  • Requires assembly
  • String and accessories are not of the highest quality
  • Exclusive for left-handed and ambidextrous individuals

What the Product is All About

Junxing put their best efforts forward when they engineered and developed this recurve bow. It has been designed with durable, fiberglass limbs that are made of maple laminations and have a lightweight feel.

The included camera system was also designed to endure all types of weather and has the proper covers to protect the cables so that you can focus more on your aim and performance. It has a right-handed orientation, which limits its use to ambidextrous or right-handed archers.

Many recurve bows come in a dissembled state, and the Junxing Recurve Bow is no exception to that rule. When you receive your package, you can expect to get one riser, an upper and a lower bow limb, one bowstring, one recurve bow sight and one rest.

Unfortunately, the product didn’t seem to come with any form of instructions which we found to be quite inconvenient. Mostly, recurve bows are easy to put together, but if it’s your first time working with a dissembled recurve bow, you might find yourself slightly confused when it comes to putting it together.

The benefit is that there are plenty of tutorials and guides available online that can teach you how to assemble the bow. For your convenience, we’ve included a YouTube video that explains how you can attach the upper and lower limbs to the bow, and how to string it using a bow stringer. Also, the video talks about measuring and adjusting brace height and finding the proper nocking point on your bowstring.

The Junxing bow also doesn’t come with any finger savers which is a recommended add-on. When it comes to performance though, this bow is sleek, quick, and definitely does the job well. The string is a little on the cheap side, so investing in a better one could be a good thing to keep in mind.


There are a variety of bows on the market but one of the most popular, especially over the past decade, is the recurve bow. Archers who use their bow for more recreational and traditional purposes instead of hunting tend to lean more towards the recurve bow because of the lightweight design. Like there are many types of bows on the market, there are also many variations of recurve bows.

With that said, the SinoArt 66’’ Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow is a great alternative for ambidextrous or right-handed archers. It has great customer reviews and a mid-range price point. When looking at everything that the SinoArt and the Junxing offer, we determined that the SinoArt might be the better way to go.

Not only does it offer a wide variety of draw weight, which make it a viable option for all types of archers and activities, but it also includes more accessories like a metal riser and detailed instructions. The SinoArt Metal Riser Recurve Bow was constructed to withstand any type of element and its lightweight design makes it easy to control. Thus, it is recommended for beginner archers who have yet to develop the back strength that’s needed to carry more substantial bows.


The company has clearly stated that the recurve bow is suitable and efficient for all experience levels, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best bow for every archery activity. When it comes to bows, something that you should always focus on is the draw weight.

It’s important to remember that the higher the draw weight, the higher the power behind the arrow that gets launched. However, the higher the draw weight, the more strength it requires in aiming and shooting the arrow.

The Junxing Adult Recurve Bow has a mid-range draw weight and low overall weight, which makes it perfect for those who haven’t developed the upper body strength to handle heavy draw weights, and for those who are using their bow for target practice, live action role play, and other archery activities outside of hunting. It also makes it the perfect bow for archers with smaller body weight.

After comparing the Junxing Recurve Bow to other takedown recurve bows that we’ve used in the past, and after looking at everything it does and doesn’t offer, we concluded that it’s a decent bow.

However, it’s not the best. The consumer reviews are there, as is the company’s reputation, but there are other bows out there that are suited to fit a wider variety of archers, as well as those that can grow together with your experience level.

Therefore, if you plan to invest in a bow that you aren’t going to outgrow as your experience and muscle mass builds up, we would recommend looking into another recurve bow such as the one mentioned in the alternatives.

Not sure what to look for in a recurve bow? Check out our recurve buying guide!

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