Are Recurve Bows Ambidextrous?

The answer to the question is simple. No, recurve bows are not ambidextrous. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, but if we look at the most common form of Recurve bows, the Olympic Recurve, the Barebow and Traditional Recurve bow, we see that these bows are all handed. If we look deeper into …

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Are Recurve Bows Good for Hunting?

The recurve bow is a self-sufficient hunting bow with ties to the oldest form of hunting, dating back thousands of years. Mastering a traditional bow requires more artistry and technique than mastering a mechanical compound bow. It is, however, lighter and, as a result, more effortless to operate. But are recurve bows good for hunting? …

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How to Silence a Recurve Bow

Every bowhunter knows that there are two keys to success: a reliable weapon and silence. While a recurve bow is one of the most highly recommended type of weapon, as it shoots straight and fast arrows, thus allowing for more precise, accurate shots, there is a major downside: it can be quite loud. As the …

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