Best Quiver for the Samick Sage Recurve Bow

Having dependable, high-quality equipment is a prerequisite for all outdoor activities, but even more so for archery. When talking about essential archery equipment, we can’t ignore quivers, which are used for storage and transportation of recurve bow arrows. Whether you’re shooting at static targets or animate objects, having your arrows easily accessible is extremely important for success. Quivers don’t have as much impact on your overall performance as the recurve bows themselves, so you should start gearing up by buying the bow itself. There are few great recurve bows out there, one of them is the Samick Sage Recurve Bow.

Best Quiver for the Samick Sage Recurve Bow

Best Quivers for the Samick Sage Recurve Bow

In this guide, we’ll look at which particular quivers work well with the Samick Sage recurve bow. We’ll also consider and compare the overall quality and convenience of three excellent options available to us on Amazon.

1. TOPARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Back Quiver

Because it is made by one of the most recognizable brands in the category, the quality of this quiver is recognizable at first glance. Unlike other quivers in the same price range, this one is made of authentic leather. It is impressive how the manufacturer managed to combine stylish looks and top-notch quality in one product and sell it for such a low price. There’s no denying that this is one of the best quivers to use with the Samick Sage recurve bow.

Why we like it

The use of high-end materials and quality craftsmanship are two apparent reasons why the TOPARCHERY traditional quiver is so popular among customers. Besides the obvious reasons, the fact that this quiver looks gorgeous certainly doesn’t hurt.

Stylish looks are not the only factor that makes this quiver stand out. If you consider the average price of other quivers that are made of leather, this one is surprisingly cheap and offers a great deal of value to the customer. Anyone who loves archery, regardless of their experience or skill level, would benefit from adding this product to their gear.  TOPARCHERY quiver is very lightweight, so the combined weight of arrows and the quiver won’t bother you. It can be used by both – left and right-handed archers, which gives you one more reason to pick it over dozens of alternatives if you’re a left-handed person.


  • Made of real leather
  • Stylish looks
  • Quality craftsmanship


  • Only one additional pocket

2. TOPARCHERY Archery Back Canvas Arrow Quiver

Despite being made of 900D polyester fabric material, the TopArchery Back Cavas Arrow Quiver still looks amazing and sturdy, thanks to its gorgeous design. Unless you have your heart set on buying a leather quiver, you won’t regret going with this choice, especially if you’re a beginner. Back Canvas Arrow Quiver costs much less than other comparable products, so you’ll be saving a significant amount of money while sacrificing little to no functionality.  It is a perfect choice for people who are just getting into archery because it requires very little investment and gets the job done. This quiver could work very well for seasoned experts as well.

Why we like it:

Despite the affordable price, this is a highly functional quiver capable of holding upwards of 30 arrows, regardless of their length. The quiver itself is 21 inches long, which is more than enough to hold any arrow. Additionally, if you carry a lot of recurve bow accessories with you, you can store them in the front storage pocket. The TOPARCHERY quiver will perfectly complement your Samick Sage recurve bow for any outdoors occasion: shooting targets, hunting, or anything else. It will allow you to have arrows readily accessible at any time, which is especially useful when you’re hunting. You can use this quiver either as a left-handed or right-handed person.


  • Roomy
  • Affordable
  • Storage Pocket


  • Doesn’t look luxurious

3. XTACER Heavy Duty Arrow Tactical Quiver

quiver for the samic sage recurve bow

With this product, XTACER proved that great quivers don’t have to be expensive. This one combines superb functionality, great looks, and most importantly, an affordable price tag. It is made of durable Double Oxford cloth material, which is outstanding in terms of longevity and doesn’t look cheap like other cloth quivers do. In this price range, it is unrealistic to expect leather or other luxurious-looking materials in a quiver. XTACER is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around, which is the prime quality for any product in this category. You can adjust the straps to ensure that you’re wearing the quiver comfortably on your back.

Why we like it

Because this is an affordable quiver, XTACER would have been justified to cut corners and make an average product, but they didn’t. This is a great quiver with a large capacity. It can hold upwards of 24 field point-tipped arrows of any length. All things considered, XTACER Tactical Quiver is a perfect option for beginners. It is a highly functional addition to your gear that doesn’t require too much investment. Because of the high-end features and ergonomic build, it can be a great temporary or even permanent quiver for experienced target shooters as well. Thanks to special webbing, you also get the opportunity to attach external pockets to the body of this quiver. If you like to use a lot of extra accessories with your Samick Sage recurve bow, this is the best quiver to use. The only significant design flaw of this quiver is that it can only be used by right-handed shooters. Perhaps that could be improved in future versions.


  • Room for extra pockets
  • Great Value
  • Large capacity


  • Only for right-handed

Factors to Consider When Buying a Quiver for your Samick Sage

  • Style – Looks shouldn’t be your priority when you’re choosing a piece of equipment, but quivers are the exception. It may be the influence of movies, but there’s something medieval and romantic about nice-looking quiver. This may not be the case for everyone, but for me, a stylish quiver can make the whole experience a lot more fun.
  • Material – The quality of the fabric that is used to manufacture the quiver significantly influences the overall quality of the product. Higher-end quivers are typically made of leather. Some quivers are also made of cloth/polyester, and they tend to be on the affordable side of the spectrum.
  • Compatibility – Some quivers aren’t compatible with certain types of arrows, so it’s recommended to determine whether quiver has such limitations before you buy one. Also, some quivers can’t be used by lefties, so if you are left-handed, that’s one more detail you should consider.
  • Room – before getting a quiver, it’s optimal to figure out how many arrows it can hold. Usually, you’re not going to use the full capacity of a quiver, but it’s still useful to know the upper limit.


When buying any single piece of equipment, deciding between few good options is very difficult. Ultimately, the right choice comes down to defining your needs and deciding which quiver best fits your needs. You can’t go wrong with any of the quivers on this list, but hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow down your choice and choose the one that’s perfect for your Samick Sage Recurve Bow.

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