How to Use Your Recurve Hunting Bow

Person is shooting with recurve bow during an archery competition. Hand and bow only. Green bow.

Hunting and archery are becoming more popular forms of recreation. Many people choose to hunt game or simply shoot at targets. However, shooting a bow takes skill and practice in order to hit your target, whatever it may be.

If you’re a beginner bow hunter or have recently purchased a new hunting bow, you need to know the proper way to use it.

We’re here to help you. Read on to learn how to use your new recurve hunting bow.

Start with a proper stance

The key to shooting your recurve hunting bow is proper positioning. Simply standing and shooting won’t do the trick.

To properly position yourself, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your whole body, including your hips and chest, should be faced perpendicular to the area you’re shooting.

Your head should be facing the target head on.

Preparing for your shot

Once you mastered the perfect shooting stance, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the shot. You’ll start by lifting the bow to about your shoulder. The arm holding the bow should be perfectly straight, with your elbow locked.

Your hand should be holding the grip of the recurve bow firmly, but not tightly. Imagine that you’re holding a hammer. Keep your wrist and fingers relaxed.

Keep the following in mind as you’re preparing for your shot:

  • Your shoulders are down and not hunched.
  • Nothing is in the way of the string, for example, your elbow or the bow itself.
  • Your head is turned toward the target and the rest of your body is perpendicular. This will keep your aim accurate.

Once you’ve mastered the positioning and made sure that the surrounding area is safe, you’re ready to shoot the bow.

Shooting your recurve hunting bow

It’s important that while you’re shooting your bow, that you’re keeping in the same sturdy positioning. Once you’re set, pull the string of the bow backward. You should be pulling the string until it reaches your mouth. The hand pulling the string should be around your jawline.

When you’re pulling the string back, make sure to use as much of your back muscles as possible. This will give you a stronger pull.

Close one eye, and use the other to focus on your target. Once you believe you’ve aimed properly, release the string.

Releasing the string of the bow should not be immediate. You should gradually relax your fingers that are holding the string so it slowly releases. This will keep your aim. Should you quickly release the string your arrow will not fly straight.

After you’ve released the arrow, stay still for a few moments. This will prevent any jerking reactions you may have. It will also improve your aim if you stay still.


Archery and hunting are both great sports that help you focus on concentration and patience. Whether you’re hunting for game or shooting at a target, you’ll get a thrill from releasing an arrow from a bow.

Interested in purchasing a new recurve hunting bow? Take a look at our buying guide to help you wade through the many options out there!

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