Review of the Best Southland Archery Recurve Bows

When it starts with a passion for both the hunting and archery industries, you know that Southland Archery Supply (SAS) is going to create and deliver quality recurve bows. This company means business, and they have an 11,000 square foot facility located right in Southern California. SAS offers a complete line of outdoor sporting goods, and, since 2007, have focused on both hunting and target archery. In addition to recurve bows, you might have also seen their compound crossbows, traditional and compound bows, as well as their takedown bows.

The excellent recurve bows listed here are built for power, strength, durability, customization, and looks. The prices are also kept reasonable, so that anyone discovering this century old archery hobby can pick up a bow to try. Here are the best from their 2018 line of models. You’ll find something here for every archer and every style!

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SAS Spirit Recurve BowTakedownRecurve Bow​View On Amazon

Let’s look at a few of the latest recurve bows that Southland Archery proudly offers.

SAS Snake One Piece Recurve Bow

This sleek, lightweight, and excellent bow deservedly resembles its name. The Snake One Piece Recurve Bow is not a take down, so the limbs can’t be disassembled from the risers for storage or transporting. However, it has so many other interesting and amazing features. For one, it’s one of the few ambidextrous bows. That makes it great not just for left or right hand orientation, but for those who are just trying out a bow to see which one would make the best fit. It’s perfect for beginning archers at camps, as a gift, or for anyone who’d prefer a light one piece recurve bow.

The entire SAS Snake, including the riser and the limbs, is made of a plastic composite called polycarbonate. That makes it extremely durable, having been tested by Southland Archery Supply under all kinds of adverse conditions. That definitely is another reason it would be great for kids! They can drop it or accidentally bang it, and it won’t break. It’s silver in color. This recurve bow comes with two string nocks for stringing it up and two stick on arrow rests for each orientation – right and left hand.

It comes in three draw weight sizes, too, and uses 30” arrows. The polycarbonate keeps it lightweight and also keeps the draw weights down, so this wouldn’t be ideal for a hunting bow. It’s better for beginner archery and target practice. The SAS Snake doesn’t have any predrilled or preinstalled bushings to attach accessories, like a stabilizer or a bow sight. A youth version of this bow, which is smaller and with a lighter draw weight, is also available and listed here as well.

Draw Weights18#, 22#, 26#
Brace Height8 3/4″
AMO Lenght60″
Weight1.6 lbs (shipping)


SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow

This handsome takedown recurve bow from Southland Archery Supply is lightweight, inexpensive, and would make either a great beginner’s bow or a wonderful addition to an expert’s collection. The Spirit is a basic model that also has a really nice and beautiful design. You’ll enjoy using it due to both its looks and functionality. It comes with a 14 strand string, an owner’s manual, and a warranty card to redeem. This bow is recommended for shooters who are up to 6 feet in height.

You can choose from either right- or left-hand orientation, and from plenty of draw weights. Due to the lower draw weight sizes, this bow is recommended for target practice over hunting, which needs heavier draw weights. On the opposite end, for lighter draw weights and a youth version, the Spirit does come in a junior version that’s listed here as well.

This is a takedown bow, so it’s made to both easily assemble and disassemble. It comes with the limb bolts. You will want a stringer tool to help string it, since that’s not included. The riser is made out of three types of hardwoods, called Chuglam, Gmelina arborea, and Beech, while, the limbs are of strong and flexible fiberglass with maple wood laminations. The riser is predrilled with bushings required for accessory installation, like including a stabilizer, sight, or a plunger. Overall, the SAS Spirit is a handsome bow that shoots straight, true, and accurate towards the targets.

Draw Weights16#, 18# 20#, 22#, 24#, 26#, 28# 32#
Brace Height7″ – 7 1/2″
AMO Lenght66″
Weight2.8 lbs (shipping)


SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve Bow

This is definitely the expert’s recurve bow of choice from Southland Archery Supply, as it ends up on many ‘best of’ lists. It’s easy to see why since it has so many features and benefits at an affordable price. You get your choice of colors for the central metal riser present in this SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve Bow – either black marble or G1 camo.

The riser is made out of machined aluminum, which makes it lightweight, durable, and strong for both beginner and advanced target shooters. All of its holes are predrilled and fitted with brass, which is excellent news for bow fishing. The limbs are made of fiberglass and maple, which are able to be both flexible and bend well with each shot. They have reinforced tips. The draw weights make it great for target practice, although they fall short of the recommended hunting range. This Explorer Recurve Bow is right-handed only, so it’s not for those who need a left-hand orientation. It’s recommended for shooters up to 6 feet in height. At 66”, this is one of the longer bows. It fits either 30” or 31” arrows. The accuracy, stability, and range are all superior with this bow. It’s great for shorter ranges and can be fitted with a sight for a longer range. You’ll find this bow shoots smooth, and it is a pleasant piece of equipment you’ll enjoy using.

Draw Weights16#, 18# 20#, 22#, 24#, 26#, 28# 32#
Brace Height7″
AMO Lenght66″
Weight2.7 lbs (shipping)


SAS Courage Hunting Takedown Recurve Bow

Southland Archery Supply has recently introduced one of its primary takedown recurve hunting bows: the Courage. The constructed wood riser is made of a combination of Bintangor, Makore, and Chuglam hard woods, which come from Asia. The limbs are also made of woods, which are both maple and Makore laminations. They are reinforced and faced with high strength fiberglass, which doesn’t add too much weight but does strengthen the bow for longevity.

You’ll also appreciate the greater comfort and stability that comes with each shot. Included with the bow is a 56” string, as well as all the assembly hardware and tools, including the limb bolts, that you’ll need. It does not have a bow stringer. Having a takedown bow for hunting is ideal since you’ll need to transport it out to the field.

The other great advantage for the Courage recurve bow is its heavier draw weights, making it ideal for hunting. You’ll get much more power, and the higher the draw weight, the bigger the game. This can go up to 60 pounds. It’s also very accurate, a necessity out in the field. Even without a sight, you can shoot well from around 20 to 30 yards. As of this time, it’s only offered in the right-hand orientation. Plus, the riser doesn’t have any bushings for accessories like a sight, a stabilizer, or a plunger. You can choose any arrows you wish, but carbon is recommended due to quality. This bow is the choice SAS model for the beginning hunter.

Draw Weights35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, 60#
Brace Height6″ – 7″
AMO Lenght60″
Weight3 lbs (shipping)


SAS Snake Youth One Piece Recurve Bow

Impressed with the Southland Snake Recurve Bow, but want in a smaller size? Then try this Snake Youth One Piece Recurve Bow. It’s just 48” tall, with a small draw weight of 15 pounds, making it perfect for children and teens. That makes it the best SAS model for youth camps, archery instructors, backyard target practice, and Christmas gifts for sons or daughters. Since this is a one-piece bow, it can’t be disassembled for easier portability or storage. However, it’s almost indestructible!

It’s made out of composite plastic, so there’s no wood to snap or splinter. The incredible durability, which has been company and field tested, is another reason why this is such an awesome youth bow. Even rambunctious little ones can’t break it.

The design of the SAS Snake means that it’s ambidextrous and can be used by younger shooters who have either a right- or left-hand orientation. It’s silver in color, making it easy to see at the target range. Just like the adult SAS Snake Recurve Bow, it comes with two string nocks, two stick-on arrow rests for right hand, and two stick-on arrow rests for left hand. No arrows or bow stringer are included, and it’s for smaller kids’ arrows. It’s very accurate, and youth archers will enjoy it. The recommended age is up to 14 years old for using this bow.

Draw Weights15#
Brace HeightN/A
AMO Lenght48″
Weight12 oz


SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow

While this bow may also be named the Spirit like the one above, it has both some similarities and some differences for that Southland Archery Supply model. It has many of the hallmarks of SAS recurve bows, including the well-designed risers, light limbs, detachable take down features, and it comes with a 14-strand string, as well as the limb bolts and tools needed to put it together. It’s really durably made, with the central riser being made of Chuglam, Gmelina arborea, and Beech woods, which gives it a striated and handsome appearance. The limbs are made of laminated fiberglass with maple and are made well for flexibility and strength. However, both the riser and the limbs are unfinished, so you might want to add a protective coat when out in inclement weather. You can choose from right- or left-hand orientations with this bow. It’s recommended for shooters who are up to 5’7” tall since it’s not a tall bow. The draw weights are lighter, so this is a target shooting bow and not a hunting bow. You’d need at least a 40 pound draw weight for that. It is very accurate, as well as being forgiving of beginner stance and technique.

Draw Weights22#, 24#, 26#, 28#, 30#, 32#, 34#
Brace Height~ 7″
AMO Lenght62″
Weight2.5 lbs (shipping)



There’s a recurve bow for every person in the family when you choose Southland Archery Supply. They have attractive, durable, and affordable bows that are sturdy enough for even the most enthusiastic or inexperienced archer. The youth bows, in particular, are built to stand up to rough use and frequent drops or spills. From the Courage hunting bow to the all in one purpose Spirit to the one piece Snake, Southland Archery Supply (SAS) bows should be in every archer’s collection.

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